Jack Posobiec goes to Stephen King’s home in Bangor, Maine…

Jack Posobiec, a popular twitter personality and author goes to Stephen King’s home in Bangor, Maine. Everybody knows that Bangor, Maine is where Stephen King lives. Yes, the home seen in the video is really Stephen’s home ’cause it’s got the gargoyles on the fence for proof of it.

Stephen King got blocked by President Trump on twitter so Posobiec decides to go to Stephen’s home and read him the latest Trump tweets to help keep Stephen updated. Then Jack slipped his book that he wrote and published under King’s fence as a gift for him.

The question you have to ask yourself is, would it be considered trespassing for going to King’s home without permission? No. As long as you don’t get past King’s fence then you’re fine. It’s okay to stand in front of the fence and have a look. King doesn’t mind his fans coming by to check out his home. If King caught you jumping the fence then he’ll probably take action but as long as you stand outside of the fence, you’re good.

Stephen King lived in that home for most of his life and he still lives there today with his wife Tabby. All his kids don’t live there with him anymore ’cause they’re all grown up and moved on.

Anyway, it is interesting how King seems to be upset getting blocked by Trump when King hates him so much. It’s no secret that S.K. is a pretty liberal guy. I just wish S.K. would shut up about politics and just write, ya know? King is a great writer and I’m a huge fan too but he needs to realize that he has conservative fans too including me. This is why celebrities needs to shut up about politics ’cause it alienates their fan base, know what I mean?

I’m with this Posobiec guy… I too have seen “The Dark Tower” movie which I thought was pretty good and I’m looking forward to the new “IT” movie. Yeah, S.K. is a liberal and anti-Trump but who cares, I’ll still support his work anyways ’cause he’s a hero and inspiration to my own writing. No doubt, King is a bit of an egomaniac and kind of douchy but he’s still a great writer. I just wish he would stick with writing and shut up about politics ’cause he doesn’t realize it’s hurting his career.

It is hilarious though that King is upset that he got blocked by Trump. S.K. probably didn’t think Trump was reading his twitter… well, King thought wrong. King won’t quit the Trump bashing. If he’s intentionally trying to get a liberal-only audience well he’s succeeding at that which to me is sad.



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