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John Mayer quick to respond to Jason Becker’s Ice Bucket Challenge…

While I’m not a big fan of John Mayer’s pop songwriting, I’m not ashamed to admit that he’s a great guitar player, though. Before John Mayer dumped water on his head, he played guitar along to one of Jason Becker’s songs. It can’t be denied that John is a great lead guitar player as you can see here. John can really play. In John’s playing here, you hear the passion and confidence in his playing. John really shows his passion in guitar playing too which you don’t see much in guitar players.

I wish John would quit writing pop songs and just make instrumentals. I think he would make a great instrumental album.

Lets see if EVH and David Lee Roth would respond to it. I’m sure they will and they will make it entertaining, I’m sure.

I would like to play one of Jason Becker’s songs myself but I’m not that kind of guitar player yet. I’m working my way up there, though.


Sarah Palin just did her Ice Bucket, why did she have to rip off George W’s idea???

Come on, Sarah, can you come up with something original? While it looked like at first Sarah wasn’t gonna get water dumped on her head and write a check at first… of course, someone dumped water on her head at the end of the video… kind of like the George W. Bush one.

Did she really challenge Hillary Clinton? I am also 100% positive that when Hillary does her ice bucket, that video will go viral and get the most views.

This is what’s gonna look like when Hillary does the ice bucket…




Patrick Stewart finally did his ice bucket challenge and he did the best one, I think…

Patrick Stewart who is famous for Cpt. Picard and Professor X just did the best ice bucket. Just like with Charlie Sheen, Patrick is another one who just gave the message that you don’t need to dump water on your head in order to donate.

While I do think dumping water on your head is funny, I don’t think I’ll do it either. I’m just gonna make a quick video giving a shout-out to Jason Becker, that’s all I’m gonna do, I think.


Ron Howard does the Ice Bucket at the Abbey Road crosswalk…

Film director, Ron Howard, is signed on recently to direct a documentary about, The Beatles. Here is Ron Howard himself in London at Abbey Road studios. Then he takes a little walk over to the legendary crosswalk where the Beatles crossed the street to shoot the cover for their album, “Abbey Road”.

Then he makes a few challenges to his longtime collaborator, Tom Hanks and his former co-star, Henry Winkler. Remember, Ron started out as an actor for the TV sitcom, “Happy Days” in which he played Archie Cunningham and then he gave up acting to direct movies instead.

I like Ron Howard. He’s a great film-maker. He’s made a lot of great movies. The latest movie I saw of his was the race car movie, “Rush” and it was a great film. You should check it out.


While the media is obsessed with the ice bucket challenge, everyone ignores musician Jason Becker (who is currently suffering ALS)…

Jason Becker is a shred-guitar virtuoso who is currently suffering of ALS. While the media is obsessed with the Ice Bucket Challenge and trying to raise awareness to the ALS disease, the media ignores musician Jason Becker. I haven’t seen one celebrity or famous musician give a shout-out or some kind of tribute to Jason Becker have you?

Jason was diagnosed with ALS at the early age of 20. Just before he was diagnosed with ALS, Jason joined David Lee Roth’s solo band. In the early days, Jason was given 3 to 5 years to live but Jason fought on… he’s a fighter so he’s still alive. Due to ALS, Jason can’t move his body and lost his ability to speak. Even if he can’t speak, he is still able to communicate with people with a technology system developed by his father. Although, Jason can’t play guitar anymore… he is still making music. He is still making shred instrumentals and releasing albums ’cause he’s probably really good with music theory and stuff like that.

I’m thinking that instead of me dumping ice over my head on video… I would do a tribute video to Jason Becker. I’ll get to work on that today.

Here’s to you, Jason Becker. \m/


Here’s George W. Bush’s ice bucket, check it out, this will give you the LOL’s too!!!

I know George W. isn’t everyone’s favorite but in reality he is a very good man. He also has a very good sense of humor too and he does give people some laughs. Ever watch him give interviews for late night TV? The guy’s sense of humor is great! You can see he still has that great sense of humor. This video looks like it would be on Saturday Night Live or something. This one had me crackin’ up!