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John Mayer jamming with “Dead & Company” is great! WOW!!!!

This performance is fucking amazing. I was never a big John Mayer fan. I actually liked John Mayer playing with the Dead. Good stuff. I’m not a big fan of John’s solo career but he can find a good side project when he wants to. Even though I’m not a fan of John Mayer, I do agree that he is a great guitar player. I’ve always respected his guitar playing, I just never liked his songwriting. He’s great with the Grateful Dead and I think John should stick with this type of music instead of the pop/mainstream stuff John is known for. Kudos John.

Makes me wanna see “Dead & Company” live myself. As a matter of fact, “Dead & Company” with John Mayer already played here in Albany not too long ago… I wanted to go to that show but couldn’t afford it. Yeah, I love the Grateful Dead!



John Mayer joins the surviving members of the Dead for Madison Square Garden show…

The surviving members of the Grateful Dead has formed a new band but under a different name called, “Dead and Company”. They are booked for one show at Madison Square Garden for Halloween night of this year. When the Grateful Dead used to be around, they used to play MSG all the time. John Mayer, guitarist & singer/songwriter will be joining the Dead for that night.

It looks like Phil Lesh isn’t gonna participate for this show


I may not be a big fan of John Mayer but the only thing I like about him is his lead guitar playing. His lead guitar playing cannot be denied. I’m just not a big fan of his songwriting ’cause he’s too pop for me. He is a great blues guitar player, though, I’ll give him that.


John Mayer quick to respond to Jason Becker’s Ice Bucket Challenge…

While I’m not a big fan of John Mayer’s pop songwriting, I’m not ashamed to admit that he’s a great guitar player, though. Before John Mayer dumped water on his head, he played guitar along to one of Jason Becker’s songs. It can’t be denied that John is a great lead guitar player as you can see here. John can really play. In John’s playing here, you hear the passion and confidence in his playing. John really shows his passion in guitar playing too which you don’t see much in guitar players.

I wish John would quit writing pop songs and just make instrumentals. I think he would make a great instrumental album.

Lets see if EVH and David Lee Roth would respond to it. I’m sure they will and they will make it entertaining, I’m sure.

I would like to play one of Jason Becker’s songs myself but I’m not that kind of guitar player yet. I’m working my way up there, though.


Report: Billy Corgan thinks John Mayer is destroying his career…

Billy Corgan speaks out saying that he thinks, “John Mayer is destroying his own career”. Just by saying a bunch of stupid shit in Playboy, creating a public backlash and being a “celebrity” isntead of an actual “musician”, is what’s killing his career. Billy has nothing negative against John Mayer ’cause Billy says John is very talented musically, he says it’s hard to watch a talented musician burn their career to the ground. Billy says he knows from his own experience as he almost came close to burning the Smashing Pumpkins to the ground at one point.

More on it here:


I’m siding with Billy as always. He brings up a valid point. Honestly though, I think Billy is just trying to defend his friend, Jessica Simpson. Be honest, Billy, you’re totally in love with that woman. He just haven’t admitted to it in public yet.


Sorry, John Mayer but apologies for being a racist homo pig don’t work…

John Mayer may have apologized on twitter for being a flat out disgusting racist gay moron, but it doesn’t change anything.  There is nothing wrong with white men not having a sexual attraction with black women, but if you’re going to be open and honest about it, try not to sound like a racist. It is not you, it is how you say it. It doesn’t make a white man racist for not having sexual attraction with black women however, it does make you racist when you use the “N” word, and when you say offensive things like your dick is a white supremacist.

Then he goes on to talk about Jessica Simpson’s personal life and goes on to rant about his boyfriend, Perez Hilton.

John is no stranger to controversy in the gossip world as he done things like this before, but this time he crosses the line. If John ever comes out of the closet someday which he probably will, that will probably be all over the news for months and months as well. Perez is all over John on his site. I can understand it ’cause John probably went to the club on New Year’s Eve to kiss Perez for publicity, as a ploy to get Perez going on his site. John claims he hates Perez, but I don’t buy it, since he admits he looks at his site and just did a make out session with him.

I was never a fan of John’s music, but I’ll admit that he is a killer guitar player, he’s an excellent guitarist. If John wants to be known as a music artist, he’s going to be known as a gossip celebrity forever if he don’t knock it off.

I mean, when I get back to making music and get myself a band one day, I’m probably gonna quit my entertainment blogging to focus on getting known as a music artist. If you’re a musician or a band, you got to be careful on how you promote yourself. More on that some other time.


Report: If you dump Jennifer Aniston, then you’re the biggest idiot on the planet…

I don’t do celebrity couples too much but I gotta blog this one. John Mayer revealed the real reason why he broke up with former “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston in the new issue of, Rolling Stone. He claims he did it because he can’t see himself being that type of guy the rest of his life. Then he admits that he would rather get the shag on with women that aren’t famous and would rather fuck women that he already fucked.

More on it here:


Mayer is officially a delusional idiot. Turning down Jennifer Aniston, who is smoking hot and has a hot body, plus Jennifer is a much bigger star than he is. I think he’s insane to turn down that. Of course, he can’t get over her. How can you not? She’s Jennifer Aniston, that’s why. One of TV’s biggest stars.

He’s feeling guilty that he turned her down and that’s good. I think he used her for more publicity for his music.


Report: John Mayer defends James Cameron on his blog…

Rock and blues musician, John Mayer, wrote on his blog, defending director James Cameron. Spoke about the controversy at LAX airport about the asshole verbal dispute against the fan that wanted his “Avatar” poster signed.


The world of fame can be fun but can be a tough life. If celebs don’t want to be noticed in public, then why be out in public? James went to the airport showing his face for the whole world to see, so of course he was going to get bombarded by paps and fans.

John Mayer is just as delusional as James Cameron is. Is John a celebrity or a musician? It seems he is trying to plug himself as a media celebrity, more than a musician. He’s a talented guitar player, he’s very good…but John’s going to kill his music career if he keeps getting caught in this celebrity gossip. In fact, John’s career has already been dead.


Report: Jennifer Aniston to present award at the Oscars? John Mayer too?

So, guitarist John Mayer may present an award for “Best Song” category and Jen Aniston might present something in the film categories of the Oscars this Sunday? John and Jen said they are going, so they must be part of the Oscars somehow, although this article didn’t confirm why they are going. They weren’t nominated for anything, so they must be award presenters as well.

More on it here:



Confirmed: John Mayer to host his own prime time TV show for CBS…

John Mayer famous musician, singer/songwriter and guitarist is confirmed to host his own TV variety show for CBS. Mayer the man himself, exclusively broke the news to TMZ. The show will come on the air on CBS sometime in 2009. It is said to be mostly a variety music show, like live performances and interviews with other famous musicians, etc.

Mayer did a video with TMZ making fun of himself as a celebrity in the streets of NYC where Mayer currently resides. See the video in the link below and it’s actually kind of entertaining.

TMZ reports:


Noticing celebrities in the streets of NYC is very hard to spot. When I was in NYC just last weekend, I didn’t spot any celebrities walking around. Famous people is very hard to spot out in public. They do walk around NYC very often, it’s just that a lot of celebs walk around the city wearing hats and sunglasses so they wouldn’t get recognized. Some celebrities don’t disguise themselves though but still there is so much people in NYC.

If you want to run into an actual celeb in person, you have to really know what they look like. Meeting celebs out in public isn’t easy, when regular people like myself runs into a famous person in the streets it mostly happens by accident.

I don’t think Mayer’s TV show will last long, he should stick with the music ’cause he is a great guitarist although I don’t really care for his songwriting.