Report: If you dump Jennifer Aniston, then you’re the biggest idiot on the planet…

I don’t do celebrity couples too much but I gotta blog this one. John Mayer revealed the real reason why he broke up with former “Friends” star Jennifer Aniston in the new issue of, Rolling Stone. He claims he did it because he can’t see himself being that type of guy the rest of his life. Then he admits that he would rather get the shag on with women that aren’t famous and would rather fuck women that he already fucked.

More on it here:

Mayer is officially a delusional idiot. Turning down Jennifer Aniston, who is smoking hot and has a hot body, plus Jennifer is a much bigger star than he is. I think he’s insane to turn down that. Of course, he can’t get over her. How can you not? She’s Jennifer Aniston, that’s why. One of TV’s biggest stars.

He’s feeling guilty that he turned her down and that’s good. I think he used her for more publicity for his music.


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