Report: John Mayer defends James Cameron on his blog…

Rock and blues musician, John Mayer, wrote on his blog, defending director James Cameron. Spoke about the controversy at LAX airport about the asshole verbal dispute against the fan that wanted his “Avatar” poster signed.

The world of fame can be fun but can be a tough life. If celebs don’t want to be noticed in public, then why be out in public? James went to the airport showing his face for the whole world to see, so of course he was going to get bombarded by paps and fans.

John Mayer is just as delusional as James Cameron is. Is John a celebrity or a musician? It seems he is trying to plug himself as a media celebrity, more than a musician. He’s a talented guitar player, he’s very good…but John’s going to kill his music career if he keeps getting caught in this celebrity gossip. In fact, John’s career has already been dead.


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