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I finally saw the first bad movie of 2019… Sorry “Terminator: Dark Fate”…

Well yesterday afternoon, I went to the mall so I can get a haircut and I decided to see a movie just to kill some time. Since I’m a pretty big Terminator fan and seen most Terminator films in theater, I decided to see the new “Terminator: Dark Fate” since there was nothing else interesting playing. The “Joker” movie stopped playing in theaters now so I’m gonna have to wait for BluRay release on that one.

So far, I loved all the Terminator movies… yes I even thought “Terminator: Salvation”, “Rise of the Machines” and “Genisys” were all great but finally they made a Terminator film that I absolutely hated so much. Yup, “Terminator: Dark Fate” was terrible. The first Terminator film that I thought was garbage and a piece of trash. Yes, it was that bad.

Why was “Dark Fate” terrible? Well for starters they overdid the CGI with this one and it felt like I was watching a cartoon. Yes, the previous Terminator films were loaded with CGI but the earlier films did a good job with CGI and made it realistic looking. The CGI was pretty bad in “Dark Fate”. I also thought the writing and the script was a complete mess and the acting was terrible.

It may seemed exciting that Linda Hamilton came back to reprise her role as the original Sarah Connor but even Linda played the character so badly. Linda is almost 65 and she hasn’t done a movie for the big screen in many years from what I remember. I don’t think she has the acting talent anymore and I thought she was boring in the film.

And of course, we didn’t get much of Arnold either… he only did a few big action scenes and that was it.

Another big reason it sucked so much is that it’s another feminist movie. It screamed “feminism” all over it absolutely. This “Dark Fate” movie had women all over it and all it did was make men look bad. No wonder people has been turning away from Hollywood ’cause the movie industry is so obsessed with feminism and ramming it down our throats.

I know Terminator movies over the years keep getting negative to positive reviews but finally I gave in and thought the latest Terminator film sucked hard. It’s such a shame ’cause I’m a big Terminator fan and the franchise was a big part of my childhood.

The first two films: “The Terminator” with Linda and Michael Biehn and “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” will always be classic films. Those two films are masterpieces and essentials. No other Terminator film will top them. James Cameron definitely ruined Terminator and it’s sad. It’s hard to make a great Terminator film and I think they should hang up the series for good.

I don’t think I’ll buy this one once it comes out on BluRay.


Linda Hamilton is reprising her role as Sarah Connor…

Linda Hamilton, who played Sarah Connor in the first Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day, is officially returning to the Terminator franchise… the role that made her famous. Linda hasn’t played the character again for about 25 years. T-2: Judgement Day was released in 1991.

James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger are involved in the new Terminator film. The new film is gonna be directed by Tim Miller. How is Cameron being involved? Well he is producing, of course. Cameron will also be involved in writing duties. While the plot and synopsis of the movie are being kept secret, Cameron hints that he wants a young 18 year old female to be the big star of the film. Hamilton and Schwarzenegger would be the co-stars, it looks like.


Looks like the next Terminator film is not gonna have anything to do with Terminator: Genysis. I bet the next film is gonna be some kind of continuation of T-2: Judgement Day. The next film could be a nice third installment of the original trilogy, ya know? It’ll be cool if they could get Ed Furlong back as John Connor if they can and I’m sure they’re gonna try to get him. I’m sure John Connor will still be the vital part of the story.

I’m a huge Terminator fan. Loved all the movies. Yes, I even thought T: Salvation and T: Genisys were great films. I thought Emilia Clarke made a great Sarah Connor; it’s kind of a shame that she doesn’t want to come back to the role.

I’m glad Linda is finally coming back, though. Linda is 60 years old now and that’s how you can tell it might be a continuation after T2: Judgement Day. I’m sure Linda as Sarah Connor will still be the badass tough woman kicking the bad guys asses like she was in Judgement Day. I’m sure Linda can still play the Sarah Connor character well after all these years; I’m sure she still got it!


James Cameron and Avatar films…

Well, it was expected that James Cameron had planned an “Avatar” trilogy but it’s now turning out that he’s doing three more “Avatar” films. So that’ll be a total of 4 “Avatar” films. I liked the first Avatar film. It was pretty good but I only watched a couple of times, I think. The story was alright but all the CGI and visual effects kind of gave me a headache. Cameron announced that he just hired the writer from the “Sarah Connor Chronicles” TV show to write the script for the sequels.

More on the story, here.

Why is he making three more Avatar films? Maybe he has more of a story to tell, I don’t know.

He is an interesting guy and a great film maker. He’s definitely one of the best but some people wonder is James a nice guy on set when working on film? From what I read from interviews of his cast mates over the years… I’ve heard he’s not such a nice guy at all. I read that he’s pretty demanding when working on film. In other words, he can be a bit of an asshole. If you make a mistake, he’ll probably scream and holler at you. If you mess up one of your lines or didn’t get a scene right, he’ll force you to do it over again until it’s perfect. Losing your temper and being demanding is worth it, though. It’s all about the “art”. If he wasn’t a demanding director then all of his movies in the past wouldn’t have been big. “Titanic” which earned him Best Picture and swept all the awards. All of his other movies such as the first two Terminators, True Lies, The Abyss, etc. They were all big money makers. Cameron maybe a bit of an asshole on set but he have to be that way in order to make his movies good. He’s a pretty serious guy. He’s doesn’t fuck around for sure! He takes his work very seriously!

I’ve noticed that Cameron likes to take a long time in between films. I guess whenever he’s ready to make a new film, when he has a new idea… he’ll get ready when he wants to.

It’ll be nice if he went back to the Terminator. It’ll be awesome if he directed the Terminator re-boot but I don’t see that happening anytime soon since it looks like he’ll spend a few decades of his life making Avatar films. Three more Avatar films is a lot of work. Will be a lot of money too. James is a rich guy. He’s made so much money from his earlier films so he can make any film he wants and when he wants. He is a master at technology and visual effects, that’s for sure. That’s one reason why I respect him so much.


James Cameron and the Mariana Trench, the man proves he is still king of the world!

You can love him or hate him, but the man has got balls ever since the days he released, “Titanic”. He was pretty ballsy releasing the movie, “Titanic”. Then he came out with the two Terminator movies, which helped out his career even more. Then he brought back, 3D to the mainstream with the release of, “Avatar”.

Cameron takes a break from fiction, and is now focusing on something real. He is filming a 3D documentary which he gets to go down deep in the, Mariana Trench, in the Pacific Ocean. How deep is the Trench? It’s pretty much almost to the center of the Earth. If you think it’s safe going down there, think again. It’s extremely dangerous, if something happens, you’re dead.

I was never really a fan of James Cameron, but I am now after this. He just got some more respect from me. Who knows? Maybe he’ll want to make an actual fictional movie down in the Mariana Trench sometime in the future. “The Abyss 2”??? LOL!!!!

More on the story, here.


Terminator 2: 3D @ Universal Studios will give you deep insight on how Skynet all started…

Since I’m a huge Terminator fan and a huge Arnold fan, the first thing I wanted to make sure I see when I went to Universal Studios, is the “Terminator 2: 3D” thing. Yes, I did exactly that, as soon as I arrived at Universal, you will see footage of that too. I do not film inside the theater where they showed it at ’cause it might be considered, illegal bootlegging, so I kept my camera inside the camera bag while I’m watching the film inside.

As I walk through the doorway of the Terminator 3D theater, it was almost like a real movie theater, except the inside of the place, all had metal walls and metal floors to give it a Terminator feeling. It made you feel like you were on the set of a Terminator movie. As I wait in line with hundreds of other people waiting to get in, the security finally allowed us in theater after a half hour of waiting for more people to show up. The lights go dark, I put my 3D glasses on as did everyone else.

A commercial comes on the movie screens. We had to stand up for the first part since there were no chairs in the first room. Up above was a small stage, where a young woman appeared in front of a microphone. An actress wearing on orange Cyberdyne uniform. She starts talking saying she’s the president or CEO of Cyberdyme, a Cyberdyme commercial appears on the  movie screens in fancy 3D images. Suddenly, the commercial gets interupted with Sarah and John Connor (played by Linda Hamilton and Edward Furlong) trying to warn this woman talking on stage, of what she’s doing is dangerous and trying to warn her about Skynet. After all that gets over with, the woman takes the audience to another room, a huge theater with chairs this time. The Cyberdyne woman stands in front of the mic, talking and talking about Cyberdyme, then she introduces new Terminator machines, which Terminator models pop up on both sides of the stage. The movie starts on the screen, and an actress looking like Sarah Connor runs to the stage where the woman was talking behind the mic. Sarah Connor held a fake machine gun pointing it at the woman, and the Terminator machines will start shooting their machine guns.

The Terminator 3D movie, “Battle Across Time” starts”. You know how in the actual, “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” movie, they never showed the resistance leader sending Terminator Arnold back to 1996 to protect John Connor? Well this film shows all that. It also shows the beginning of Skynet which got it’s start from Cyberdyne.

You’ll see lots of crazy special effects on the screen and live in the theater, you’ll see smoke machines, the robotic Terminator machines on the stages shooting their machine guns, toward the end water will spray down from the ceiling so you will get a little wet while watching this. Toward the end of the film, Arnold was fighting some creature that was seen in the film. As you see Arnold destroy the creature, when it blows up, your seats in the theater will do a thunderous LOUD thump. Seriously, you’ll feel your seats do a quick bounce that will scare the living hell out of you.

Terminator 2: 3D was quite an experience. I’m glad I got the opportunity to see it. It was very cool. I really miss seeing Arnold on the big screen, even though this film was old, it was still badass to see Arnold on the big screen again. T:2 3D was badass. You’ll see more than just a movie on a theater screen, there are actors doing theatre in it too. It’s a blast to see. Check it out if you ever go to Universal Studios someday.


BREAKING NEWS: James Cameron officially announces, “Avatar 2 & 3”!!!!!

Oh goody, goody! More 3D craziness! James Cameron announced today that his next two films will be none other than “Avatar 2 & 3” to complete the trilogy. He was going to work on “Cleopatra” with Angelina Jolie but he pulled out of that, to work on Avatar instead. The next two Avatar films are slated to be released in December of 2014 and 2015.

See the press release, here.

I wasn’t so crazy about the first “Avatar” and still stand by it. I don’t think the sequels will be any better.


Report: James Cameron starts feud with “Piranha 3D” producer over criticism of 3D…

James Cameron did an interview with “Vanity Fair” magazine, slamming the new “Piranha 3D” film that just came out. James says that horror films of today shouldn’t be in 3D, and compares “Piranha 3D” to classic 80’s horror like Friday the 13th. It didn’t take long for the film makers of “Piranha 3D” to respond, because producer, Mark Canton fires back at James Cameron in an open letter.

Mark’s letter wasn’t nasty, there were no name calling as you can see, it was nicely written and professional. It’s just a polite way of saying to Jimmy Cameron to stop being an ego-driven douche.

I agree with Mark totally that Cameron didn’t invent 3D film. Cameron only helped bring 3D films back into the mainstream.

I don’t see this being the end of this feud as Cameron would probably respond back in the next couple of days.


Report: See? What I tell ya? James Cameron is all cool with Sacha!

Well, well, well, look at what we have here! It didn’t take long for James Cameron to respond to the Academy on banning Sacha Baron Cohen for making fun of Avatar. Guess what? James is all cool with it! You see, James has a sense of humor.

Lets hope the Academy does the smart thing and change their mind about banning Sacha now that James spoke out! That’s great for James to stick up for the guy, wow! 🙂

More on it here:



Report: Sacha Baron Cohen is no longer presenting at the Oscars, the Academy bans Borat star too…

“The Hurt Locker’s” producer, Nicolas Chartier, is not the only person banned from the Oscars, Sacha Baron Cohen is too. He was robbed from hosting, now he’s robbed from presenting. Why? Because Sacha was going to come out dressed up as the blue Na’vi creatures from the “Avatar”film and the Academy thinks he will offend James Cameron. They’re worried that it might upset James Cameron and might leave the show.

More on it here:


Oh come on, I think James Cameron will find it funny and would laugh. This goes to show that the Academy is afraid of Sacha’s controversial humor. Bunch of cowards. If the Academy knew James well enough, I don’t think he’ll get offended over something small and silly as this. He would know it’s just for humor.


BREAKING NEWS: Nicolas Chartier banned from the Oscars!!!

One of the producers of “The Hurt Locker” is banned from attending the Oscars this Sunday. Why is this you may ask? For simply talking trash about “Avatar” in an e-mail to Academy voters. Nicolas may have apologized and said he’s still attending the Oscars but not anymore. Sounds like the Academy doesn’t accept his apology. People have the right to be opinionated when it comes to film, yes, but when it comes to Oscar voting time, it is not allowed. It’s against the rules.

This Nicolas Chartier has been creating controversy in the media as of late. I don’t think this will hurt the chance of “The Hurt Locker” winning, so don’t worry about it.

Variety Reports: