James Cameron and Avatar films…

Well, it was expected that James Cameron had planned an “Avatar” trilogy but it’s now turning out that he’s doing three more “Avatar” films. So that’ll be a total of 4 “Avatar” films. I liked the first Avatar film. It was pretty good but I only watched a couple of times, I think. The story was alright but all the CGI and visual effects kind of gave me a headache. Cameron announced that he just hired the writer from the “Sarah Connor Chronicles” TV show to write the script for the sequels.

More on the story, here.

Why is he making three more Avatar films? Maybe he has more of a story to tell, I don’t know.

He is an interesting guy and a great film maker. He’s definitely one of the best but some people wonder is James a nice guy on set when working on film? From what I read from interviews of his cast mates over the years… I’ve heard he’s not such a nice guy at all. I read that he’s pretty demanding when working on film. In other words, he can be a bit of an asshole. If you make a mistake, he’ll probably scream and holler at you. If you mess up one of your lines or didn’t get a scene right, he’ll force you to do it over again until it’s perfect. Losing your temper and being demanding is worth it, though. It’s all about the “art”. If he wasn’t a demanding director then all of his movies in the past wouldn’t have been big. “Titanic” which earned him Best Picture and swept all the awards. All of his other movies such as the first two Terminators, True Lies, The Abyss, etc. They were all big money makers. Cameron maybe a bit of an asshole on set but he have to be that way in order to make his movies good. He’s a pretty serious guy. He’s doesn’t fuck around for sure! He takes his work very seriously!

I’ve noticed that Cameron likes to take a long time in between films. I guess whenever he’s ready to make a new film, when he has a new idea… he’ll get ready when he wants to.

It’ll be nice if he went back to the Terminator. It’ll be awesome if he directed the Terminator re-boot but I don’t see that happening anytime soon since it looks like he’ll spend a few decades of his life making Avatar films. Three more Avatar films is a lot of work. Will be a lot of money too. James is a rich guy. He’s made so much money from his earlier films so he can make any film he wants and when he wants. He is a master at technology and visual effects, that’s for sure. That’s one reason why I respect him so much.


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