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James Cameron and Avatar films…

Well, it was expected that James Cameron had planned an “Avatar” trilogy but it’s now turning out that he’s doing three more “Avatar” films. So that’ll be a total of 4 “Avatar” films. I liked the first Avatar film. It was pretty good but I only watched a couple of times, I think. The story was alright but all the CGI and visual effects kind of gave me a headache. Cameron announced that he just hired the writer from the “Sarah Connor Chronicles” TV show to write the script for the sequels.

More on the story, here.

Why is he making three more Avatar films? Maybe he has more of a story to tell, I don’t know.

He is an interesting guy and a great film maker. He’s definitely one of the best but some people wonder is James a nice guy on set when working on film? From what I read from interviews of his cast mates over the years… I’ve heard he’s not such a nice guy at all. I read that he’s pretty demanding when working on film. In other words, he can be a bit of an asshole. If you make a mistake, he’ll probably scream and holler at you. If you mess up one of your lines or didn’t get a scene right, he’ll force you to do it over again until it’s perfect. Losing your temper and being demanding is worth it, though. It’s all about the “art”. If he wasn’t a demanding director then all of his movies in the past wouldn’t have been big. “Titanic” which earned him Best Picture and swept all the awards. All of his other movies such as the first two Terminators, True Lies, The Abyss, etc. They were all big money makers. Cameron maybe a bit of an asshole on set but he have to be that way in order to make his movies good. He’s a pretty serious guy. He’s doesn’t fuck around for sure! He takes his work very seriously!

I’ve noticed that Cameron likes to take a long time in between films. I guess whenever he’s ready to make a new film, when he has a new idea… he’ll get ready when he wants to.

It’ll be nice if he went back to the Terminator. It’ll be awesome if he directed the Terminator re-boot but I don’t see that happening anytime soon since it looks like he’ll spend a few decades of his life making Avatar films. Three more Avatar films is a lot of work. Will be a lot of money too. James is a rich guy. He’s made so much money from his earlier films so he can make any film he wants and when he wants. He is a master at technology and visual effects, that’s for sure. That’s one reason why I respect him so much.


BREAKING NEWS: James Cameron officially announces, “Avatar 2 & 3”!!!!!

Oh goody, goody! More 3D craziness! James Cameron announced today that his next two films will be none other than “Avatar 2 & 3” to complete the trilogy. He was going to work on “Cleopatra” with Angelina Jolie but he pulled out of that, to work on Avatar instead. The next two Avatar films are slated to be released in December of 2014 and 2015.

See the press release, here.

I wasn’t so crazy about the first “Avatar” and still stand by it. I don’t think the sequels will be any better.


Report: James Cameron starts feud with “Piranha 3D” producer over criticism of 3D…

James Cameron did an interview with “Vanity Fair” magazine, slamming the new “Piranha 3D” film that just came out. James says that horror films of today shouldn’t be in 3D, and compares “Piranha 3D” to classic 80’s horror like Friday the 13th. It didn’t take long for the film makers of “Piranha 3D” to respond, because producer, Mark Canton fires back at James Cameron in an open letter.

Mark’s letter wasn’t nasty, there were no name calling as you can see, it was nicely written and professional. It’s just a polite way of saying to Jimmy Cameron to stop being an ego-driven douche.

I agree with Mark totally that Cameron didn’t invent 3D film. Cameron only helped bring 3D films back into the mainstream.

I don’t see this being the end of this feud as Cameron would probably respond back in the next couple of days.


Report: Expect plenty more 3D videogames on the way…

Ubisoft video game company predicts that the future of video games will hit hard with 3D video games within two years. While 3D had hit movies with theaters really hard, it hasn’t yet came to the video gaming world. It will soon. The “Avatar” video game was in 3D, but didn’t sell very well. The video game industry will probably re-release old titles to 3D and upcoming new games in 3D as well. This will happen to all video game consoles: X-box 360, Ps3, and possibly the Nintendo Wii. I’ve been wondering if 3D videogames will come ’cause it will be cool to sit there playing videogames with 3D glasses on. Can’t wait for this to start happening!

More on it here:



Report: Sacha Baron Cohen is no longer presenting at the Oscars, the Academy bans Borat star too…

“The Hurt Locker’s” producer, Nicolas Chartier, is not the only person banned from the Oscars, Sacha Baron Cohen is too. He was robbed from hosting, now he’s robbed from presenting. Why? Because Sacha was going to come out dressed up as the blue Na’vi creatures from the “Avatar”film and the Academy thinks he will offend James Cameron. They’re worried that it might upset James Cameron and might leave the show.

More on it here:


Oh come on, I think James Cameron will find it funny and would laugh. This goes to show that the Academy is afraid of Sacha’s controversial humor. Bunch of cowards. If the Academy knew James well enough, I don’t think he’ll get offended over something small and silly as this. He would know it’s just for humor.


BREAKING NEWS: Nicolas Chartier banned from the Oscars!!!

One of the producers of “The Hurt Locker” is banned from attending the Oscars this Sunday. Why is this you may ask? For simply talking trash about “Avatar” in an e-mail to Academy voters. Nicolas may have apologized and said he’s still attending the Oscars but not anymore. Sounds like the Academy doesn’t accept his apology. People have the right to be opinionated when it comes to film, yes, but when it comes to Oscar voting time, it is not allowed. It’s against the rules.

This Nicolas Chartier has been creating controversy in the media as of late. I don’t think this will hurt the chance of “The Hurt Locker” winning, so don’t worry about it.

Variety Reports:



Report: James Cameron buries the hatchet with fan…


Remember the fight James Cameron got into with the fan at LAX airport? Where they shouted at each other and calling each other “assholes”? Well Cameron spotted the guy hanging at the Beverly Hills Hotel and decided to make peace with the fan that wanted an autograph. Although they seem to be friends now, I think the only reason Cameron did it was that he was too excited for his big Golden Globe win for “Best Director/Best Picture” of “Avatar”. He wanted to show some heart.

I think a director like Cameron, sometimes he’s on his good days and he’s on his bad days. Maybe back at the LAX airport incident, he was just having a lousy day which he didn’t feel like dealing with fans that night. His Golden Globe wins made Cameron a happier guy.



Another thought about the James Cameron vs. The Fan controversy…

I jus thought of something else, about the James Cameron vs. The Fan controversy at LAX. Even if the fan was going to sell the poster on E-bay or whatever for extra money, so what. That’s not that big of a deal either. Whether or not it’s a die hard fan or just an autograph hound out to make money, James should still be flattered and sign the autograph anyway. Even if the poster gets  sold on E-bay or whatever, it still should be flattering that your work is being appreciated.

I mean, if I was a famous person, I know I’m not, but if I was, I would sign any autograph that people shove in my face. Even if it gets sold on e-bay, it’s still good appreciation and good promotion of yourself and your work. Whether the poster guy was a fan or not, it doesn’t make him an asshole for begging for an autograph. Famous people deal with that all the time, everywhere you go. What makes James an asshole is that his huge ego got in the way, he thinks he’s more famous than signing his name on merchandise.

The poster fan guy had every right to ask a celebrity for an autograph ’cause this is a free country. When celebrities show themselves in the public it gives the public the right to pursue them for an autograph. When celebs refuse to sign, it makes them a rude person. Period.


Not A Cool Video: James Cameron gets into a verbal dispute at LAX airport…

TMZ just posted an incredible video of James Cameron at LAX airport in Los Angeles. A fan somehow knew that James Cameron was getting off a plane at LAX so he decided to wait for him with an “Avatar” poster for him to sign. As Cameron walks by the fan, the fan simply asks him for an autograph in a polite tone, but Cameron refused.

Cameron started swearing at the fan, so the fan stuck up for himself by saying he works hard for his day job to see his film, making a clear point that fans help make celebrities rich.

See the video here:


If anybody finds Cameron being an asshole a surprise, then why are you surprised? This is Hollywood. Every movie star or director are different people. Not every famous person is going to be nice.

Why do celebrities act very nice and polite on TV interviews and yet they are mean pricks in public? It’s because it’s the celebs job to keep their profesionalism on public TV. Just because famous people are an icon and so famous, doesn’t mean they’ll be nice and friendly.

Do you think Steven Spielberg is always a nice guy? No, definitely not. Steven Spielberg is also difficult with autographs and photos with fans. What about Clint Eastwood? I’m sure Eastwood doesn’t fuck around with anybody on the director’s chair and he can be mean on the job too.

Every famous person is different. Some can be very nice and friendly, some can be assholes.

So if you’re a big fan of a famous person’s work and idolize them as a huge die hard fan, if you’re dying to meet your hero in person, don’t always expect them to be nice.

Hell, I’ll admit that Sylvester Stallone just might be an asshole, but I know he’s not. I know he’s very good with his fans. As he actually replies to his fans through fan websites such as Stallonezone and Aint It Cool News. Plus, Sly is very good with autographs and photos with fans. I’ve never met Sly in person yet but from the looks of him on the internet, he seems like a very nice guy. What about Arnold? Do you think Arnold is a nice guy? The Governator may seem like it, but he can be a very difficult person too. Every hollywood celebrity is different. They’re humans just like us. They all have different emotions and feelings.

So if you meet a celebrity and if they turn out to be a huge DICK to you over an autograph or a photo, don’t take it personal. I personally think it would be awesome to get yelled at by a famous person.

I give the fan kudos for sticking up for himself against James Cameron. James tried to make the fan look like he was a little kid, but the fan stepped up and made James look like an idiot in front of everyone. Merry Christmas, James. NOT. You’re the king of the nobodies.


Film Review: Avatar

Starring: Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Zoey Saldana

Directed by: James Cameron

Just got back from seeing Cameron’s “Avatar”, here is my review:

Plot/Synopsis: Sam Worthington plays a former U.S. marine named, Jake Scully, who is paralyzed from the waist down. He is stuck on a wheelchair for life. Jake is selected to participate in a science experiment that was held by the Marines, in the Avatar program, to replace his twin brother Tony, whose Avatar is compatible with him too.

Jake was ordered to travel to planet Pandora which is a planet that is full of unique life forms. On it, are these blue colored people called, the Na’vi, which are controlled by actual humans by experiment.

Instead of following orders of the Avatar experiment by the Marines, Jake becomes obsessively attracted with these Na’vi people and becomes part of them himself. He falls in love with a female, Na’vi named, Neytiri (Zoey Saldana). Now that Jake had betrayed the Marines…the Marines decides to destroy Pandora and it’s people, while Jake does his best to help the Na’vi people survive.

When movie critics and fans say that this movie is like a “live action video game”, I’m going to have to agree with them. It does seem like a “live action video game”, indeed. Pretty much the whole movie felt like a video game. When it comes to the action scenes, the hero needs to survive like a video game, when the action scenes get over with, it goes to a cut movie scene like a video game. It’s like that throughout the whole movie.

Especially the final fight scene at the end of the movie when Col. Quaritch (the film’s villain played by Stephen Lang) fights Jake Scully at the end of it. Quaritch gets into this huge robotic machine to fight Jake as the Na’vi. The robotic machine felt like it came from “Transformers” or the, “Metal Gear Solid” video games.

Is James Cameron a big video gamer himself? It seems that he is, ’cause it seems like he is borrowing a lot from action/adventure type of games. I felt like this movie was too much, “Terminator”, it definitely had a lot of “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” in it, and too much, “Metal Gear Solid”.

Like usual, there is also a bit of romance in this movie ’cause everyone knows Cameron is a romance nut too.

I was most impressed with the film’s special effects and cinematography. I also loved the musical score and the action scenes were kind of fun. I must say that Christmas time was a bad time to release this, ’cause this was more of a summer movie. It is definitely a popcorn action fest.

Is it worthy for “Best Picture” of the Oscars? Definitely not. The writing needs to be better ’cause the plot was kind of cheesy. The acting of the cast was ok, but I am glad that Sigourney Weaver and Cameron reunited. This isn’t a cameo for Signourney, she is pretty much part of the lead, she was in the movie throughout. Michelle Rodriguez had a small role in the flick which was entertaining.

I can see this film winning Oscar awards for Special Effects and the Cinematography categories definitely. Other than that, the film was pretty good, exceptionally entertaining. It doesn’t make my top 5 best films of the year for 2009 though, I can tell ya that. This is nothing I would see again or buy on DVD. I did like the film though.

Cameron plans to make this a trilogy as he already confirmed for us online. It will definitely be a trilogy ’cause the ending left open for another film. I hope the sequels will be better.

Score for “Avatar” – *** 3 stars as in good