Report: Sacha Baron Cohen is no longer presenting at the Oscars, the Academy bans Borat star too…

“The Hurt Locker’s” producer, Nicolas Chartier, is not the only person banned from the Oscars, Sacha Baron Cohen is too. He was robbed from hosting, now he’s robbed from presenting. Why? Because Sacha was going to come out dressed up as the blue Na’vi creatures from the “Avatar”film and the Academy thinks he will offend James Cameron. They’re worried that it might upset James Cameron and might leave the show.

More on it here:

Oh come on, I think James Cameron will find it funny and would laugh. This goes to show that the Academy is afraid of Sacha’s controversial humor. Bunch of cowards. If the Academy knew James well enough, I don’t think he’ll get offended over something small and silly as this. He would know it’s just for humor.


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