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BREAKING NEWS: James Cameron officially announces, “Avatar 2 & 3”!!!!!

Oh goody, goody! More 3D craziness! James Cameron announced today that his next two films will be none other than “Avatar 2 & 3” to complete the trilogy. He was going to work on “Cleopatra” with Angelina Jolie but he pulled out of that, to work on Avatar instead. The next two Avatar films are slated to be released in December of 2014 and 2015.

See the press release, here.

I wasn’t so crazy about the first “Avatar” and still stand by it. I don’t think the sequels will be any better.


Film Review: Clash of the Titans

Starring: Sam Worthington, Gemma Arterton, Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes

Directed by: Louis Letterier

So I’ve just seen the “Clash of the Titans” remake earlier tonight. I saw the 2D version, didn’t see it in 3D. I didn’t buy anything, didn’t do any shopping, just saw a movie today, that was it.

On with my review:

Plot/Synopsis: The story has a similar plot idea from the original but it is slightly different. In this version, Persues is raised as a fisherman who is about to go to war that killed his family. Hades is the one that killed his family and Persues wants to kill him for revenge. Persues tries to get an army together to try and destroy the Kraken monster.

I will never forget that post I made about “War of the Gods” vs. “Clash of the Titans”, saying that “Clash of the Titans” remake should never be touched and “War of the Gods” look better (not the video game adaptation). I was right. I knew right from the start, that “Clash of the Titans” remake was going to suck…and it did. It sucked hard. It possibly the worst remake ever made. I’ve seen many remakes over the years, but I like most of them. “Clash of the Titans” was just pure shit. It was that bad.

The reasons? For starters, Sam Worthington is a terrible choice for a leading actor for Persues. Sam Worthington is a bad actor. I don’t like him too much. I would prefer Paul Walker, Christian Bale or Vin Diesel to play Persues over Sam Worthington. The film was a whole mess all around. Yes it did have action like the original. It did have family humor like the original. It had a mix of scary and dark scenes like the original. It even had a bit of romance like the original.

The few main things that upset me the most in the film were Medusa and the film having no, Bubo the Owl. Why Medusa? If you’ve seen the 1981 original film with Harry Hamlin like I’ve had, the original Medusa is supposed to be very scary looking. As a kid, when I used to watch the original so many times, I used to get scared by the Medusa in the original. That’s it, she’s supposed to be scary as HELL. I didn’t find the new Medusa in the remake, scary one bit. She was almost like a cartoon character. They totally ruined the Medusa scene in the remake.

About Bubo the Owl, if you’ve seen the original, that character was the most important part of the story. Bubo helped Persues along with his adventure. Bubo is that metal owl character you seen in the original. You guess that right, Bubo wasn’t in the remake. Which is probably one of the main reasons I hated the remake. No Bubo, No Clash of the Titans. End of story.

The Kraken was actually kind of cool looking in the remake though, but the scene wasn’t that long. The only good thing about the movie though, is Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes playing in the same scenes together. They stoled the show. The last movie Neeson and Fiennes starred together was Spielberg’s “Schindler’s List”. It was good to see them together again. My question is, why is this movie such a hit? So many people are wasting their $10 on a crapfest remake and I which I can get my $10 back.

Score for “Clash of the Titans” = * (1 star as in “poor”)


Film Review: Avatar

Starring: Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Zoey Saldana

Directed by: James Cameron

Just got back from seeing Cameron’s “Avatar”, here is my review:

Plot/Synopsis: Sam Worthington plays a former U.S. marine named, Jake Scully, who is paralyzed from the waist down. He is stuck on a wheelchair for life. Jake is selected to participate in a science experiment that was held by the Marines, in the Avatar program, to replace his twin brother Tony, whose Avatar is compatible with him too.

Jake was ordered to travel to planet Pandora which is a planet that is full of unique life forms. On it, are these blue colored people called, the Na’vi, which are controlled by actual humans by experiment.

Instead of following orders of the Avatar experiment by the Marines, Jake becomes obsessively attracted with these Na’vi people and becomes part of them himself. He falls in love with a female, Na’vi named, Neytiri (Zoey Saldana). Now that Jake had betrayed the Marines…the Marines decides to destroy Pandora and it’s people, while Jake does his best to help the Na’vi people survive.

When movie critics and fans say that this movie is like a “live action video game”, I’m going to have to agree with them. It does seem like a “live action video game”, indeed. Pretty much the whole movie felt like a video game. When it comes to the action scenes, the hero needs to survive like a video game, when the action scenes get over with, it goes to a cut movie scene like a video game. It’s like that throughout the whole movie.

Especially the final fight scene at the end of the movie when Col. Quaritch (the film’s villain played by Stephen Lang) fights Jake Scully at the end of it. Quaritch gets into this huge robotic machine to fight Jake as the Na’vi. The robotic machine felt like it came from “Transformers” or the, “Metal Gear Solid” video games.

Is James Cameron a big video gamer himself? It seems that he is, ’cause it seems like he is borrowing a lot from action/adventure type of games. I felt like this movie was too much, “Terminator”, it definitely had a lot of “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” in it, and too much, “Metal Gear Solid”.

Like usual, there is also a bit of romance in this movie ’cause everyone knows Cameron is a romance nut too.

I was most impressed with the film’s special effects and cinematography. I also loved the musical score and the action scenes were kind of fun. I must say that Christmas time was a bad time to release this, ’cause this was more of a summer movie. It is definitely a popcorn action fest.

Is it worthy for “Best Picture” of the Oscars? Definitely not. The writing needs to be better ’cause the plot was kind of cheesy. The acting of the cast was ok, but I am glad that Sigourney Weaver and Cameron reunited. This isn’t a cameo for Signourney, she is pretty much part of the lead, she was in the movie throughout. Michelle Rodriguez had a small role in the flick which was entertaining.

I can see this film winning Oscar awards for Special Effects and the Cinematography categories definitely. Other than that, the film was pretty good, exceptionally entertaining. It doesn’t make my top 5 best films of the year for 2009 though, I can tell ya that. This is nothing I would see again or buy on DVD. I did like the film though.

Cameron plans to make this a trilogy as he already confirmed for us online. It will definitely be a trilogy ’cause the ending left open for another film. I hope the sequels will be better.

Score for “Avatar” – *** 3 stars as in good


Cool Video: “Clash of the Titans” movie, I once trashed this remake, now I’m looking forward to it!!!

I remember I keep trashing this movie, saying that there is no need for a “Clash of the Titans”, remake since the original is so good. Now I say, bring on the remake! The trailer surfaced the internets. Here it is. Enjoy. I fuckin’ loved the trailer. Felt goosebumps. The movie looks freakin’ sweet and now I’m excited to see this. Consider me at the theaters for this film, definitely!

This film looks way better than the overrated, “300” movie.


Report: “Mad Max 4” to start production in summer of 2010…

George Miller announced that, “Mad Max 4” will begin filming in the summer of 2010. No casting has been made, but George says Sam Worthington will be the first in line if Mel Gibson turns it down. They are still interested in reprising Mel.

Mel has turned this down once before, but that was back when he claimed he was done with acting in leading roles and he was going to concentrate on directing more.

Now that Mel Gibson is starting to work on leading roles again, which his next movie is the action/thriller, “Edge of Darkness” and he will next star in Jodi Foster’s, “The Beaver”…who knows, maybe good ol’ Mel, will change his mind about “Mad Max 4” and might agree to star in it?

I seriously hope Mel won’t turn this down. I won’ t see another “Mad Max” movie if Mel doesn’t star in it, so I’m crossing my fingers that he will say yes in returning. There can’t be a Mad Max movie without him!

More on it here:



Thought: “Clash of the Titans” remake is looking like a remake of “300” so far…

Here is Sam Worthington as Persues in the “Clash of the Titans” remake…

Notice the similarities of the other Greek film, “300”, that starred Gerard Butler.

I know “300” is a popular movie, and a lot of people like it, sorry to say, but I didn’t like it too much. “300” felt like too much of a video game to me, and it looks like “Clash of the Titans” remake is heading to that same root.

I’ve been saying from day 1 that “Clash of the Titans” remake is a bad idea, and I still stand by it. The only reason I would go see it, is to just see Liam Neeson and Ralph Fiennes playing in the same movie together again, that would be the only good reason to see it.


Film Review: Terminator Salvation

Starring: Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Anton Yelchin, Helena Bonham Carter, Moon Bloodgood

Directed by: McG

Yep, so I finally went and saw “Terminator Salvation” on this great day of Memorial Day this afternoon. Here is my review…

Plot/synopsis: This is a prequel set in the future, the story set before the earlier Terminator films if this makes sense. In, “Terminator Salvation” it is set in the year 2018. A full grown John Connor is on a mission in a resistance group, to stop the terminator machines against Skynet from creating the blast, known as “Judgement Day” (a nuclear blast the machines use to eliminate humans off of planet Earth). Connor teams up with another terminator machine named Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) to battle against these machines, while a young Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin) joins to help ’em.

It wasn’t all that bad as I thought it would be. It was a pretty fun and exciting movie, just like a typical Terminator movie. The action was fun and exciting. It was good sci fi, it reminded me of “Mad Max: The Road Warrior”.

I thought Sam Worthington made a badass Terminator machine, he was great. Anton Yelchin was a great choice for a young Kyle Reese ’cause Anton looks like a young Michael Biehn.

The Arnold appearance was really cool, although I wish they gave him just a little more screen time. Even though it was a CGI Arnold, I’m glad they gave him some action like Terminator fans would want.

McG did a good job staying true to the earlier Terminator flicks. It ain’t the best Terminator movie but I did like it. I thought it was a pretty good one. The most I was impressed with the movie is the sounds effects, this movie is going to sound awesome on a 5.1 Surround Sound system.

I’m glad to hear Linda Hamilton’s voice overs in the flick too. McG did a good job making a Terminator movie but there could be more improvements. Hopefully Arny will agree to return as the leading role for T5 when his governor run is over.

Score for “Terminator Salvation”: *** (3 stars as in “good”)