Report: “Mad Max 4” to start production in summer of 2010…

George Miller announced that, “Mad Max 4” will begin filming in the summer of 2010. No casting has been made, but George says Sam Worthington will be the first in line if Mel Gibson turns it down. They are still interested in reprising Mel.

Mel has turned this down once before, but that was back when he claimed he was done with acting in leading roles and he was going to concentrate on directing more.

Now that Mel Gibson is starting to work on leading roles again, which his next movie is the action/thriller, “Edge of Darkness” and he will next star in Jodi Foster’s, “The Beaver”…who knows, maybe good ol’ Mel, will change his mind about “Mad Max 4” and might agree to star in it?

I seriously hope Mel won’t turn this down. I won’ t see another “Mad Max” movie if Mel doesn’t star in it, so I’m crossing my fingers that he will say yes in returning. There can’t be a Mad Max movie without him!

More on it here:


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