Report: Healthy and unhealthy snacks at the movies…

If you’re a bodybuilder or simply trying to lose the weight, you have to be careful what you eat everywhere you go when not at home. Including when you go to the movies. If you’re a fitness and health person that enjoys going to the movies on a regular basis like myself, you must stay away from popcorn completely. Popcorn is your enemy as they are high in calories and high in fat too.

Probably the most healthiest snacks to eat from the snack bar at Regal’s movies would be a pretzel. I never really eat snacks when I go to the movies since the food there is very pricey, but if I felt like it, I would probably go for a pretzel. If I was in the mood for chocolate, Kit Kat bars are probably the most healthiest candy bars out there. Swedish Fish, is also a healthy snack that is good for ya. Swedish Fish, them chewy red fishes that are all tasty and stuff.

I’m trying to keep my nutrition plan, as strict as possible. Only eat healthy stuff during the week, and I just eat what I want on the weekends. When I go grocery shopping, I always find myself looking at every nutritional labels, making sure if it’s good or not good.

I like to eat what I want on the weekends only ’cause I was reccomended that it is okay to still put some calories on ya when bodybuilding. Not too much calories but some.

Read this interesting article here for you movie buffs:


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