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Film Review: Terminator Salvation

Starring: Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Anton Yelchin, Helena Bonham Carter, Moon Bloodgood

Directed by: McG

Yep, so I finally went and saw “Terminator Salvation” on this great day of Memorial Day this afternoon. Here is my review…

Plot/synopsis: This is a prequel set in the future, the story set before the earlier Terminator films if this makes sense. In, “Terminator Salvation” it is set in the year 2018. A full grown John Connor is on a mission in a resistance group, to stop the terminator machines against Skynet from creating the blast, known as “Judgement Day” (a nuclear blast the machines use to eliminate humans off of planet Earth). Connor teams up with another terminator machine named Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington) to battle against these machines, while a young Kyle Reese (Anton Yelchin) joins to help ’em.

It wasn’t all that bad as I thought it would be. It was a pretty fun and exciting movie, just like a typical Terminator movie. The action was fun and exciting. It was good sci fi, it reminded me of “Mad Max: The Road Warrior”.

I thought Sam Worthington made a badass Terminator machine, he was great. Anton Yelchin was a great choice for a young Kyle Reese ’cause Anton looks like a young Michael Biehn.

The Arnold appearance was really cool, although I wish they gave him just a little more screen time. Even though it was a CGI Arnold, I’m glad they gave him some action like Terminator fans would want.

McG did a good job staying true to the earlier Terminator flicks. It ain’t the best Terminator movie but I did like it. I thought it was a pretty good one. The most I was impressed with the movie is the sounds effects, this movie is going to sound awesome on a 5.1 Surround Sound system.

I’m glad to hear Linda Hamilton’s voice overs in the flick too. McG did a good job making a Terminator movie but there could be more improvements. Hopefully Arny will agree to return as the leading role for T5 when his governor run is over.

Score for “Terminator Salvation”: *** (3 stars as in “good”)


Report: “Terminator Salvation” didn’t do well in the box office and it’s no surprise!!!

“Terminator Salvation” only made $43.0 million this Memorial Day weekend, while Ben Stiller’s sequel to “Night at the Museum” makes even more.

More on it here:


It’s no surprise to me. I guess the only reason that Terminator didn’t do well in the box office is that simply….no Arnold Schwarzenegger in the leading role.

If Arnold starred the leading role in this film throughout, then it would be a gaurunteed box office record breaking smash, no matter how bad the storyline is.

This is just proof that Terminator can not be successful without Arny. When Arny gets done being governor, lets hope he does the smart thing, get back into shape with his fat body, agree to star in “Terminator 5” so he can save the franchise.

I am agreeing with everyone else, that I can’t see a Terminator movie without Arny. I’ll still see “Terminator Salvation” this week sure, hopefully either tonight or tomorrow.


Report: Schwarzenegger talks “Terminator Salvation” cameo, hints at returning to acting after he’s through with being governor…

The Governator speaks on his “Terminator Salvation” cameo, he says he’ll only be in the movie very briefly, and also says that Arnold himself, will actually not be in it, his cameo will be computerized aka CGI.

The good news is, that Schwarzenegger hints at returning to acting in Hollywood full time after he’s finished with his governor of Californy-ah run. He also hinted that he is interested in returning as the leading role for Terminator 5.

More on it here:



Cool Video: New “Terminator: Salvation” trailer with a lot more footage…

Very cool, “Terminator: Salvation” trailer here. Looks amazing, I’m dying to see this flick now. You see, just because McG did the first two “Charlie’s Angels” movies, does not mean he will ruin Terminator. 🙂 I think McG is a fine film maker. I actually enjoy the two “Charlie’s Angels” flicks too.

Enjoy the new T-4 trailer here:


Definitely looking forward to this one.


BREAKING NEWS: McG finally confirms Arnold appearance in “Terminator: Salvation” at NY Comic Conn!!!!

FUCK YES!!!!!!!!!! While everyone knew that Arnold will possibly be in the new “Terminator: Salvation” flick, McG announced at the NY Comic Con, that Arnold as the Terminator will indeed have a small role. Arnold as the Terminator will be in action too. Ever since T-4 has been announced, McG kept quiet on the Arnold cameo, I guess he figures the NY Comic Con is the perfect time to confirm the news.

MTV Movies Blog reports:


Hopefully when Arnold is done being governor, he’ll agree to return to the leading roles in Terminator 5 and 6.

During the Christian Bale tirade, maybe this was the emotional scene they were talking about, it was the Arnold cameo that caused Christian and the film makers to flip out.


Report: McG speaks on the Christian Bale tirade at NY Comic Con!!!

At the NY Comic Con, McG, the director of “Terminator: Salvation” did a Q&A session with Terminator fans at the convention. Of course, he was asked about the Christian Bale controversy.

McG explains the incident was taking out of context, he also says that entire film crew were fired up, not just Christian. They were all angry, pissed off, and stressed out after long hours of work.

That’s the name of the game in film making folks. At the end of the discussion, McG, heard the Christian Bale remixes in youtube and said they were pretty hot, with a crowd cheer after.

More on it here:


In my opinion, Christian didn’t need to apologize publicily. I think he only did it ’cause he was nervous that his tirade were going to turn off “Terminator” fans and he was worried that the film would flop because of the tirade. Trust me, with this being a “Terminator” film, everyone will see it anyway ’cause it’s Terminator. So Christian don’t have anything to worry about the film bombing ’cause of his temper.

We all have tempers. Everyone has ’em once in a while. Even I do sometimes. That’s how this world works. There are assholes everywhere in this society. So please people, get over Christian’s tirade ’cause there are more important things in life to worry about.


Report: Christian Bale not too friendly when being messed with while filming…

TMZ posted an audio clip of Christian Bale on a temper tantrum, screaming at film makers while filming “Terminator: Salvation”, swearing and threatening them with violence and everything.

Click here to listen:


Me thinks, Christian hasn’t been the same since Heath Ledger died, I think he’s still upset over the death of Heath.

On top of that, I think the film makers of “Terminator: Salvation” deserved the smackdown by Christian 100%. Sounds like they were giving Christian a hard time, being a bunch of dicks to the actor (you can hear the crew laughing at him in the background).

This is why Hollywood film makers shouldn’t piss off their actors. The actors are worth a lot of money being paid over $20 million for just one film. Honestly, Christian isn’t doing anything wrong here, sounds to me the crew provoked him and he lashed out in return.

Nice job Christian, show them shady Hollywood film makers that you aren’t to be messed with!!!


Report: Danny Elfman to score music for “Terminator: Salvation”…

McG just signed iconic music composer, Danny Elfman, to score for “Terminator Salvation:  The Future Begins”. Those who don’t know who Danny Elfman is, he has scored for many of Tim Burton’s flicks such as “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure”, “Edward Scissorhands”, “Batman” (w/Michael Keaton), “Batman: Returns”, etc.

Elfman says the music for “Terminator Salvation” will be different than the first three flicks. That means we won’t be hearing that classic loud drumming sound we usually hear through them, but Elfman says he will leave a door open for an apperance on that classic drumming .

From MTV News:


Very cool. Eflman’s one of my favorite movie composers and he’ll do a good job at this. He won’t dissapoint. I always thought his best musical score was the work he did with “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure”, while that’s not everyone’s favorite movie, the music is really good in it though and that’s what makes me a big fan of that film, seriously. The music of “Pee Wee’s Big Adventure” really draws people into it whether you like this Pee Wee character or not. That’s how amazing of a score composer Danny really is. The guy is a legend.


Report: Mystery character for “Terminator: Salvation”???

McG, the director of the new Terminator film “Terminator: Salvation” announced there is a mystery character called the T-RIP, as a mystery name as of now.

A new set of merchandise of 5 characters will be released, merchandise of the young Kyle Reese, Blair Williams, the T-600, and Marcus Wright. In the link below, there is a fifth character but it is blacked out for you to figure out. It is a mystery character in “Terminator: Salvation” that McG is not revealing until May 6th. It was immediately speculated that it could be Arnold or John Connor as a Terminator but McG said no to both of them.

See it here:


Hmmmm, carefully looking at the blacked out picture, it is obviously a shape of a Terminator machine. Looking at the name “T-RIP”, it is obviously a Terminator from the earlier 3 Terminator films. If you look at the right arm, it is halfway torn off. Does this fifth Terminator rings a bell yet?

Could it be the T-800 from the first Terminator film? The original machine that Arnold once played? No, because McG denied anything that has to do with Arnold. My other guess it could be the Robert Patrick – Liquid Terminator, the T-1000.