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Does this mean that the Die Hard franchise is dead???

So far, Bruce Willis made 5 “Die Hard” films in the franchise. A 6th Die Hard, it’s been trying to get into development for a long while and doing some reading on it, it’s still struggling to get made so it was dead anyways? I’m not sure what’s going on with “Die Hard 6” but the original idea was that Bruce wanted it to be the final one to close out that franchise. It’s looking like a cancelled project due to all the setbacks and due to the poor reviews Die Hard 5 got.

I saw all the Die Hard movies. Although, I would say that the first two were the best ones… yeah, I thought “Die Hard 2: Die Harder” was freakin’ awesome but the first one will always be a masterpiece. The first one was incredible, greatest action flick of all time… I did like “Die Hard 3: with a Vengeance” (the one he did with Sam Jackson).

I also remember seeing 4 and 5 in theater when they first came out and hated both of those. Probably ’cause of bad writing, too much CGI… I thought it was the CGI that ruined it.

Given with the latest news of Bruce about that disease, it’s looking like the Die Hard franchise is dead for good ’cause they can’t go on without John McClane.

I would have liked the last Die Hard movie to be an all-out violent action movie like the first two were and I want McClane swearing his head off.

I think they should kill this franchise but they probably won’t. If they reboot then that would be silly. Only Bruce as McClane is “Die Hard”, that role belongs to him and him only.

From what I read Disney owns the Die Hard franchise now since they own 20th Century Fox. I’m okay with a “spinoff” or a “prequel”, though, just don’t reboot it.

We’ll see what goes on.


The A-Team is returning to the small screen in a new reboot…

20th Century Fox just announced that they are doing a new version of the old-school, “A-Team” TV series. The original “A-Team” series starred George Peppard, Mr. T, Dwight Schultz and Dirk Benedict. The new version of the show will have a more contemporary feeling meaning taking place in our present time. Chris Morgan who wrote the “Fast and Furious” movie will be the executive producer along with Tawnia McKiernan who is the daughter of Stephen J. Cannell the creator of the original series.


Some of you may ask, what happened to the big screen “A-Team” movie that starred Liam Neeson, Brad Cooper, Sharlto Copley, and Rampage Jackson, the one that was directed by Joe Carnahan? You’ve all probably seen that one and wondering why a sequel never happened. It’s simply because the first one didn’t make enough money. Carnahan said he would have done a sequel but the first movie bombed in the box office so he didn’t bother making the sequel. It didn’t sell very well in DVD and Blu Ray sales. Since the first one didn’t make enough money, Carnahan decided it was best not to make a sequel. Carnahan did start working on the script for the sequel, he had a 15 page opening but decided not to make the film.

Why is the A-Team headed back to TV? Probably ’cause since the Carnahan film flopped, it’s a pretty good idea not to bring the A-Team back to the big screen. I’m sure 20th Century Fox thought about starting a new big screen reboot but they probably thought it would be better for TV.

I’m a big fan of the A-Team. Love the old-school series and the Carnahan film. It’s too bad the Carnahan film with Neeson and the guys wasn’t a hit when it should have been. While it was a fun movie, it could have a better script though.


Mega Man will get his first live-action movie…

Now that Nintendo has finally given Hollywood the green light to start making movies based on their games again, Hollywood wasted no time to move forward with a major Nintendo game character who is already set to get his first big screen live-action movie. That character is Mega Man. The Megan Man will get made by 20th Century Fox and will get produced by Peter Chernin.


This is pretty cool ’cause I used to play Mega Man games on the original NES all the time when I was young.

I wonder who they’re gonna get for the Mega Man character? I would think the character Mega Man would have to be played by a little person or a dwarf ’cause the Mega Man character is tiny. So I would say give the Mega Man role to Peter Dinklage please. Perfect casting, in my opinion!!!

The movie will indeed be full of CGI and action, though.

I’m glad Nintendo finally gave Hollywood the okay to make movies again. What other Nintendo games should get made into movies? They already tried Super Mario Bros. but they failed at that but they would probably try Mario again in a re-boot.

My top 5:

– Legend of Zelda
– Castlevania
– Contra
– Metroid
– Ninja Gaiden

A “Double Dragon” movie already happened in 1994 but that film flopped in the box office too.


Will Sigourney Weaver reprise her role as Ripley for Neil Blomkamp produced “Alien” film???

20th Century Fox has officially closed a deal with “District 9” and “Chappie” director Neill Blomkamp to develop the next “Alien” film. Blomkamp is not set to direct, he’s just the producer. Fox is still making the “Prometheus” sequel with Ridley Scott but it is not yet known if Scott will come back to direct the next “Alien” movie.


It is not yet known whether or not Ripley will be in the next movie but Sigourney Weaver says she’s open to reprising her role that made her famous if Blomkamp will be directing it:


It is also not yet known if Blomkamp’s “Alien” movie will be a continuation from the earlier series or will it be another re-boot? I hope this isn’t another reboot and I’m hoping this will be an “Alien 5” continuing the story after “Alien: Resurrection”. We’ll have to wait and see.

I’m a huge fan of the Alien franchise. Love all 4 movies. I hope Sigourney reprises her role as Ripley ’cause I won’t see it if she doesn’t return.

I’ll always be a huge fan of the first two Alien flicks. 3 and 4 were good but 1 and 2 were the best.


Cool Photo: Your first official photo of “The Wolverine”!!!

Pretty cool photo of Hugh Jackman as, “The Wolverine”, see it, here. Many would accuse that photo of being photoshopped and airbrush, of course, it was, but I’m sure Hugh Jackman is jacked in real life, though. They just make him look ripped like that for the movies. Hope this film will be better than the crap, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”.


Report: We’ll have to wait even longer for the big screen “24”, will this movie ever happen???

Earlier this year, Kiefer kept hinting through interviews that the big screen, “24”, could start shooting this Spring. Well, not anymore. Like the ticking clock is forcing us to wait even longer. It’s being pushed back for a few reasons: One, Kiefer is not happy with the payment of the movie. Two, Kiefer and the film crew don’t want to rush the film. Three, Kiefer’s new show “Touch”, is getting in the way with it.

Deadline, reports.

I guess waiting longer is okay with me. Take your time to make the movie real good, if it ever happens. Most of the shows beloved characters like David Palmer and Bill Buchannan were killed off, so they won’t be able to return to the film at all. The only characters that could return are Chloe and Tony.

The Jack Bauer story can continue. If Kiefer no longer wants the film, there can’t be a replacement ’cause Jack Bauer can only be played by Kiefer, no one else.


BREAKING NEWS: “24” big screen movie confirmed to start production in Spring of 2012!!!

This is great news for “24” fans, like myself! Look like the “24” big screen movie is definitely going to happen after all, because Mark Bomback, a screenwriter for “The Wolverine” and “Shadow Divers” will hand in the final script for 20th Century Fox. Since Tony Scott dropped out of the project, the studio has about 5 different directors in mind. So as soon as a director is hired, the studio plans to get the “24” movie in production very quickly, soon to be starting in, April of 2012.

Deadline, reports.

I see a late 2013 release date for this movie. I’m so glad that Kiefer is on board to playing Jack Bauer again. I’m still halfway through the show on Netflix, I still need to start Season 5 which I will tonight. At least, I have plenty of time to catch up with the show before the big screen movie comes out!

This is exciting news. I’m sure the rest of the characters will return. I’m sure the movie will have a great plot and lots of non stop action. Just think what  “24” big screen movie would be like. While the TV show can get violent and graphic, the movie is an opportunity for a hard R rating. The “24” movie needs to be an epic action movie. I hope they don’t give it a PG-13 rating ’cause “24” is certainly not family friendly. I remembered the show was aired late at night on FOX.

I hope they don’t do the Bin Laden plot and I hope they leave 9/11 out of it ’cause that would be silly. Jack Bauer going after terrorists in Afghanistan is fine though.



Happy Star Wars day!

Every year on May the 4th, Lucasfilm will always release something new that has something to do with Star Wars. This year, it has something to do with the long awaited “Star Wars” movie on Blu Ray. Yes, all 6 Star Wars films are coming out on Blu Ray later this year.

Today, the Star Wars website, revealed what the cover box art is going to look like. You can either buy the original trilogy or the prequels separately or buy all 6 of them in one box set. I plan to buy them both separately.

See the video here, it’s nothing but art and images from the movies, plus the covers of the Blu Ray boxes. To see the extras on the Blu Rays, click here.

The Blu Rays hits stores on Sept. 16th. I’ll be sure to save up some money before then ’cause I’m definitely getting this.


BREAKING NEWS: Darren Aronofsky drops out of directing, “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” sequel!!!

First Darren Aronofsky drops out of the “Robocop” reboot, next he drops out of the “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” sequel. Him and Hugh Jackman seemed very excited and pumped for the project, but Darren no longer wants to do it. Why? Because he thinks filming the movie would keep him out of the USA for too long. He doesn’t want to be away from his family for a long time.

For your information, “Wolverine 2” will be filming in Japan, where the movie will be taken place.

See the full story at, the Hollywood Reporter.

That really is too bad. I was really looking forward to Darren’s take on Wolverine too. The film will suck who ever takes over now. Darren would have made it a great movie too. Sad. 😦


Report: “Die Hard 5” director found, Noam Murro will helm the next John McClane installment…

Deadline reports, that an unknown director, I’ve never heard of, Noam Murro, have been confirmed to direct, “Die Hard 5”. Of course, Bruce Willis will reprise his longtime role of John McClane. Noam Murro directed only one movie in his career, which is a comedy called, “Smart People” that starred, Dennis Quaid and Sarah Jessica Parker. Do you think Noam will have what it takes to direct an action film? The reason they hired him is because FOX were impressed with his work for the “Halo” video game, so they thought he would be a good fit for the next Die Hard flick.

See the report here, at Deadline.

Well, all the Die Hard movies had a mix of action and comedy. Even the first one had a lot of comical scenes in it. Hopefully the next Die Hard flick will be a Hard R. “Live Free or Die Hard” the 4th one wasn’t a bad movie, I liked it, but it didn’t feel like a Die Hard movie. Probably because the last one was PG-13, no swearing, not as violent, and no blood. The last Die Hard flick was a family friendly movie. Hope they go back to the roots where the next one feels like the first one.