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Neill Blomkamp’s “Alien” film may take place after “Aliens” (Alien 2), yes, this film will be for Sigourney to return as Ripley…

Neill Blomkamp gave us some pretty exciting news that his Alien film may take place after the second one which was directed by James Cameron. This film is gonna completely ignore “Alien III” and “Alien: Resurrection”. Blomkamp’s Alien film will be written for Sigourney to return as Ripley but it’s supposed to be a proper ending to that character so I take it they’re planning on killing Ripley off? HA! Way to give it away a little early, right?

Anyway, I’m looking forward to this film ’cause I’m such a huge fan of the Alien franchise.



Will Sigourney Weaver reprise her role as Ripley for Neil Blomkamp produced “Alien” film???

20th Century Fox has officially closed a deal with “District 9” and “Chappie” director Neill Blomkamp to develop the next “Alien” film. Blomkamp is not set to direct, he’s just the producer. Fox is still making the “Prometheus” sequel with Ridley Scott but it is not yet known if Scott will come back to direct the next “Alien” movie.


It is not yet known whether or not Ripley will be in the next movie but Sigourney Weaver says she’s open to reprising her role that made her famous if Blomkamp will be directing it:


It is also not yet known if Blomkamp’s “Alien” movie will be a continuation from the earlier series or will it be another re-boot? I hope this isn’t another reboot and I’m hoping this will be an “Alien 5” continuing the story after “Alien: Resurrection”. We’ll have to wait and see.

I’m a huge fan of the Alien franchise. Love all 4 movies. I hope Sigourney reprises her role as Ripley ’cause I won’t see it if she doesn’t return.

I’ll always be a huge fan of the first two Alien flicks. 3 and 4 were good but 1 and 2 were the best.


BREAKING NEWS: Ridley Scott’s new “Alien” project finally revealed, it’s no prequel or a sequel but…

…it’s simply a standalone film. The name of the film is “Prometheus”, and this will be Ridley Scott’s first science fiction film since, “Blade Runner” starring Harrison Ford. In, “Prometheus”, Swedish actress Noomi Rapace is attached to star, Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron are in negotiations to play the leads as well. It’s an original story taken place in the same universe where the first “Alien” movie is in. Ridley hints that the film will be about the Alien’s DNA. Look like they are keeping the plot under wraps for now. Will we get a Sigourney Weaver cameo appearance?

See the report at, Deadline.


BREAKING NEWS: “Alien” prequel is officially greenlighted, Ridley Scott is confirmed to return!!!

Ridley Scott and Sigourney Weaver have both been talking to the internet for months now about bringing the “Alien” franchises back to the big screen. It looks like it’s actually happening for real this time! Twentieth Century Fox has greenlighted a prequel to the first “Alien” film, with Ridley Scott officially attached to direct. Ridley Scott was the director of the very first “Alien” film that starred Sigourney Weaver which became the most famous sci-fi/horror film of all times.

The story to the prequel is set before the first movie of course. It will be about a crew of people towing a ship back to planet Earth…then sent to investigate a signal near a planetoid.

Although Sigourney Weaver have spoken to online movie news websites about bringing the “Alien” franchises back, it is not known if she will return as the leading character of Ripley.

Variety Reports:


Since this is a prequel, they would need a younger actress to play Ripley, and not Sigourney. Makes sense, to me. They can make Sigourney as Ripley as a small cameo, I would think. As long as they don’t make Sigourney’s cameo CGI, I’m all for it.

I wouldn’t support an “Alien” return to the big screen if anybody else directed it, but as long as Ridley is still doing it, I’ll be the first in line to see it in theater! Ridley is one of my favorite film directors. Love the guy’s work.


Report: Sigourney Weaver is game for another “Alien”…

Several months back “Alien” and “Ghostbusters” star Sigourney Weaver denied reports of her wanting to do an “Alien 5” because of the new “Alien vs. Predator” franchise. After thinking about it, she says she wants to do one last “Alien” movie reprising the role of Ripley. What made her change her mind? Simply because of the successful returns of Rocky, Rambo, and Indiana Jones that just made comebacks to the big screen. She said that Sylvester Stallone and Harrison Ford inspired her to do another “Alien”.

She’ll agree to do an “Alien 5” if Ridley Scott can direct it or find a director similar to Ridley Scott and if the story is right.

More on it here:


I’ve said it once and will say it again, they should really have Sigourney as Ripley in “Alien vs. Predator 3”, think about it.


Report: Sigourney Weaver says “no” to Alien 5…

Sigourney Weaver spoke to MTV Movies blog and confirmed that Ridley Scott was interested in doing an “Alien 5” to direct the Alien series again, but Fox killed that opportunity because of a new “Alien Vs. Predator” series. So don’t ever expect another Alien movie coming with Weaver starring as Ripley again because I don’t see it ever happening. Weaver wants “Ripley to rest”.

MTV Movies Blog:


We may not see Ripley in “Alien 5” but could Ripley have a small role in “Alien Vs. Predator 3”? Sounds good to me. I doubt it will happen though.