Report: Sigourney Weaver says “no” to Alien 5…

Sigourney Weaver spoke to MTV Movies blog and confirmed that Ridley Scott was interested in doing an “Alien 5” to direct the Alien series again, but Fox killed that opportunity because of a new “Alien Vs. Predator” series. So don’t ever expect another Alien movie coming with Weaver starring as Ripley again because I don’t see it ever happening. Weaver wants “Ripley to rest”.

MTV Movies Blog:

We may not see Ripley in “Alien 5” but could Ripley have a small role in “Alien Vs. Predator 3”? Sounds good to me. I doubt it will happen though.



0 thoughts on “Report: Sigourney Weaver says “no” to Alien 5…”

  1. I very much doubt Sigourney Weaver would want anything to do with a rubbishy AVP movie.

    AVP denigrates the whole Alien/Ripley Genre..

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