Report: Kid Rock wins another lawsuit dismissal…

I’ve said it once before and will say it again, if you’re Kid Rock, you can win against anything. Kid Rock once again wins another lawsuit dismissal. A 29 year old woman named Kelly Ann Kozlowski filed lawsuit against the rap country rocker accusing him of shoving her in the snowbank when she said “no” to sleeping with him. She called police but police did not press charges, so she filed lawsuit.

Kid Rock’s side of the story was different. Kid Rock invited the Kozlowski woman into the studio as a guest (not for sex) but Kid Rock kicked the woman out after she got rowdy and she was drunk that night. He never attacked her.

The judge dismissed the lawsuit after learning that Kid Rock was out of town promoting his new album or busy performing concerts that he is not able to testify in court.

More on it here:

My question is, why is Kid Rock such an easy target in getting sued all the time or getting into fights? There is nothing wrong with Kid Rock. He is just an innocent man that just wants to play his music that he always enjoyed doing.

I think people wants to attack him out of jealousy ’cause he was once married to Pam Anderson.



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