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The A-Team is returning to the small screen in a new reboot…

20th Century Fox just announced that they are doing a new version of the old-school, “A-Team” TV series. The original “A-Team” series starred George Peppard, Mr. T, Dwight Schultz and Dirk Benedict. The new version of the show will have a more contemporary feeling meaning taking place in our present time. Chris Morgan who wrote the “Fast and Furious” movie will be the executive producer along with Tawnia McKiernan who is the daughter of Stephen J. Cannell the creator of the original series.


Some of you may ask, what happened to the big screen “A-Team” movie that starred Liam Neeson, Brad Cooper, Sharlto Copley, and Rampage Jackson, the one that was directed by Joe Carnahan? You’ve all probably seen that one and wondering why a sequel never happened. It’s simply because the first one didn’t make enough money. Carnahan said he would have done a sequel but the first movie bombed in the box office so he didn’t bother making the sequel. It didn’t sell very well in DVD and Blu Ray sales. Since the first one didn’t make enough money, Carnahan decided it was best not to make a sequel. Carnahan did start working on the script for the sequel, he had a 15 page opening but decided not to make the film.

Why is the A-Team headed back to TV? Probably ’cause since the Carnahan film flopped, it’s a pretty good idea not to bring the A-Team back to the big screen. I’m sure 20th Century Fox thought about starting a new big screen reboot but they probably thought it would be better for TV.

I’m a big fan of the A-Team. Love the old-school series and the Carnahan film. It’s too bad the Carnahan film with Neeson and the guys wasn’t a hit when it should have been. While it was a fun movie, it could have a better script though.


Cool Video: The A-Team trailer…

Well, here it is, the first teaser of the “A-team” movie. My thoughts? It’s look great, count me in the theater for this one definitely as I am a massive fan of the TV show. My only complaint is Rampage Jackson being Mr. T when I agree with everyone else, B.A. Baracus can only be played by Mr. T and no one else. Quinton Jackson just doesn’t work and he’s not the right fit. Other than that, I’m happy with the rest of the cast. Liam Neeson is perfect for Hannibal. Bradley Cooper is perfect for Faceman and Sharlto Copley is perfect for Murdoch which all three are an exact match. Nobody can copy Mr. T though. The film overall looks good. Looks like a fun action ride. Definitely excited for this one!


Thought: Will “Mr. T” cameo in the A-Team remake???

Since Rampage Jackson replaced Mr. T in the upcoming “A-Team” remake, will Mr. T cameo in a different role in the “A-Team” remake? There were no reports saying that Mr. T himself would have a cameo in it. So I’m guessing they are keeping it quiet for a surprise. I think Mr. T will have a small role, in the “A-Team” remake, it would be a mistake if they didn’t have him in some way.

Maybe even Dirk Benedict will have a cameo as well.


First look at the A-Team remake…photos…

The A-Team has finally started filming with cast members. See how the characters are just an exact match from the original TV series. Liam Neeson looks exactly like George Peppard as Hannibal as I expected. Rampage Jackson looks exactly like Mr. T, Bradley Cooper is an exact match to Faceman Peck, and Sharlto Copley as Murdock.

See the rest of the pics here:


Very cool.

Maybe the A-Team movie would actually be promising and it’s getting better looking at the photos.


Report: Pics of the new “A-Team” van has surfaced the web!!!

Coming soon has a pic of the new A-Team van. The van looks very similar to the classic van from the TV series.

From ComingSoon.net:


I know this film is getting a lot of negativity, they don’t want to see the A-Team remade of course, but I actually think it’s kind of cool.

I think they’re gonna make a good A-Team movie and I for one, am looking forward to seeing Liam Neeson as Hannibal. I think Liam can nail that character perfectly.


Thought: More on the reason Liam Neeson was picked for Hannibal…

Like I said before, it’s the face of both Liam Neeson and George Peppard which are almost an exact match! Not only that, their speaking voices are very similar too!

Why didn’t they pick Bruce Willis or George Clooney? Probably ’cause their face didn’t match George Peppard and they found that Liam is a perfect fit.

Liam is going to be awesome as Hannibal. You may not think it, but like it or not, Liam is perfect for the role. With the great acting skills that Liam has, I think he’ll nail down the Hannibal role, dead on, just you wait! As a matter of fact, Liam’s character in the action flick “Taken”, reminded me of Hannibal of the A-Team.

I can definitely see Liam lighting up his cigar and saying the famous catch phrase, “Get yourself a team”. George Peppard died of cancer in real life, so doing this A-Team remake would be a nice tribute for George. Liam is a great pick for honoring the man!


Report: Bradley Cooper to play Faceman Peck in “A-Team” movie?

Woah! Now what a perfect choice for Faceman Peck? HELL YEAH! I’d say get him! Bradley Cooper is dead on with the Faceman looks! Amazing!!!! Lets hope Twentieth Century Fox confirms the news that Bradley is in!!!

Glad that FOX finally started casting for the “A-Team” movie.

MTV Movies Blog reports:


I don’t agree with Kurt Russell as Hannibal though. Stupid MTV.

Take a look at Hannibal’s picture from the series:

Take a good look at his face and see what celebrity actor reminds you of? It don’t have to be the same hair color ’cause Hollywood can always change an actor’s hair color to the same as Hannibal’s. The actor has to match his face.

I think the perfect candidate for Hannibal is ….





*drum roll please*




Dennis Quaid…

Perfect teeth, the smile is kind of similar… Dennis would look great in that white hair and big cigar in his mouth. He’s my pick.


Report: Joe Carnahan to be John Singleton’s replacement for “The A-team” remake…

Twentieth Century Fox has recruited film maker, Joe Carnahan, to helm, “The A-Team” remake. Director John Singleton was attached to direct the film ever since this project was first announced, but Singleton suddenly dropped out. Ridley Scott is set to produce, his brother Tony Scott is executive producing.

Carnahan and the Scott brothers plan to use the original premise from the TV series into the film and will be an action packed movie. In the original series, it is about four Vietnam vets convicted of armed robbery, they escape from a military prison to become mercernaries. They will use that similar plot to the film. They plan to avoid the campy nature of the series and make this a serious action movie. Carnahan wants the film to be emotional and real, without being a cheesy comedy flick.

Variety Reports:


Wow, this sounds way better than John Singleton’s idea!!!! Now I’m glad that Singleton’s been replaced with a better director!!! Yeah, bring it on!

If they can still get Mr. T as B.A. Baracus, that would be fuckin’ awesome. Mr. T is still playing the B.A. character on TV commercials all the time, so I think Mr. T is still capable of acting in a film. Really, I think the “A-Team” movie would bomb without Mr. T and I remember reading an article once, that Mr. T himself wasn’t too happy when Singleton didn’t think of him for the film.