Report: Joe Carnahan to be John Singleton’s replacement for “The A-team” remake…

Twentieth Century Fox has recruited film maker, Joe Carnahan, to helm, “The A-Team” remake. Director John Singleton was attached to direct the film ever since this project was first announced, but Singleton suddenly dropped out. Ridley Scott is set to produce, his brother Tony Scott is executive producing.

Carnahan and the Scott brothers plan to use the original premise from the TV series into the film and will be an action packed movie. In the original series, it is about four Vietnam vets convicted of armed robbery, they escape from a military prison to become mercernaries. They will use that similar plot to the film. They plan to avoid the campy nature of the series and make this a serious action movie. Carnahan wants the film to be emotional and real, without being a cheesy comedy flick.

Variety Reports:

Wow, this sounds way better than John Singleton’s idea!!!! Now I’m glad that Singleton’s been replaced with a better director!!! Yeah, bring it on!

If they can still get Mr. T as B.A. Baracus, that would be fuckin’ awesome. Mr. T is still playing the B.A. character on TV commercials all the time, so I think Mr. T is still capable of acting in a film. Really, I think the “A-Team” movie would bomb without Mr. T and I remember reading an article once, that Mr. T himself wasn’t too happy when Singleton didn’t think of him for the film.


0 thoughts on “Report: Joe Carnahan to be John Singleton’s replacement for “The A-team” remake…”

  1. I would love to see Mr. T back as BA. Nobody else will be able to as good as a job as he can. I have Mr. T as the voice on my GPS. I got it from a site called Navtones and I love going for a drive having Mr. T telling me where to go. Bring back Mr. T!

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