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Joe Carnahan’s “Stretch” was a very good film, you should check it out…

Over the weekend, I saw this movie called, “Stretch” written and directed by Joe Carnahan. You probably know that name from somewhere, right? Joe Carnahan is the director who is most famous for making films such as “The A-Team” and “The Grey”. You’ve probably seen both of those movies too. Well here’s Joe’s latest movie, “Stretch” which stars Patrick Wilson. This film wasn’t a theater release… it was released exclusively for the internet so technically this is a “straight to internet” movie. It was released for Itunes and Amazon back in Oct. Now it’s made streamable for Netflix and I watched it last night.

It was a funny and entertaining as hell film. Probably Joe’s best film, in my opinion. Stretch is a pretty bad ass character. There is also surprise cameo appearances by David Hasselhoff, Ray Liotta and Norman Reedus. This movie is more of an action, comedy, and thriller. There’s a lot of violence and swearing throughout the movie but it tells a good story. I’m probably gonna end up watching it again this week. This movie is worth a watch. You’ll be addicted to it. The film was only an hour and a half long but wished it could have been longer.

Why was this movie released straight to the internet instead of the big screen? Well, Joe did try to give this film a big screen release but Universal didn’t want to release it. The film’s producer tried to shop for other studios to buy it but nobody was interested. So I guess, the major Hollywood studios thought the film was garbage but I didn’t think so. I thought the film was great and it should have gotten a big screen release. The studios may have thought the film was garbage but the film have gotten mostly positive reviews from movie fans. Joe tried really hard to get the film a big release but since nobody wanted to release it, they released it for the internet ’cause he really wanted us to see it.

You really should give the film a watch. You might like it yourself.


Film Review: The Grey

Starring: Liam Neeson

Directed by: Joe Carnahan

Today, I decided to hit the mall to check out, “The Grey”, finally. I’ve been looking forward to this film for a long while and it’s finally here. Before the film, I went to shop around. I picked up three movies on DVD, they are: “Drive”, “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark”, and “Warrior”. I also picked up the first two “Walking Dead”, books from the Comic Depot store. Since I’ve been watching the “Walking Dead” religiously on AMC, I figure it’s time to finally start reading the books.

On with my review of, “The Grey”:

Plot/synopsis: John Ottway (Liam Neeson) is a wolf hunter, who works in Alaska. An oil drilling team is threatened by the wolves. On the last day of the job, John gets ready to fly back home with the drilling team, and Alaska is in the middle of a huge blizzard. The plane tries to fly through the blizzard and crashes in the middle of nowhere. The team must try their best to survive, from a dangerous pack of wolves that are all over the place. 

I did like this movie a lot. It was fun, entertaining, thrilling, and scary, all at the same time, however, there were a few little disappointments. I’ll explain that a little later in this film review, but I want to talk about what I liked about it first. Liam Neeson was the only big name star in this film. The rest of the cast were unknown actors. I thought the cinematography was brilliant, it was a very dark movie. I thought the film was acted by the cast very well. The film was also action packed, violent and can get gory at times too.

It’s a survival movie. It will remind you of the movie, “Alive”, big time. When I was watching this movie, at times, I thought I was watching that movie, “Alive”, that starred Ethan Hawke. Back to “The Grey”, the film had different emotions and feelings. It had a little bit of comedy and enjoyable stuff to lighten up the audience after the dark stuff going on. Plus, there are some emotional and sad scenes too, mixed in with the scary & dark scenes.

Liam Neeson’s acting is great like always. I’ve admired his acting for years and been a fan of his for a long time. Ever since Liam’s wife, Natasha passed away, the guy kept working on films like crazy. He’s a workhorse for sure, and the man is on fire. This is his best new role, yet!

What I didn’t like about the film? Well, the film was a bit too predictable, especially the ending. I saw the ending happening ever since the movie started. I won’t spoil it for you, but you’ll probably figure it out anyway. Ask yourself this, does the film end with a happy ending?

Another thing, is this story line with the wolves. In real life, I’m sure the wolves don’t attack people and eat people alive. Wolves are actually afraid of people. In this film, they made the wolves look like evil monsters, when in real life, they are actually innocent animals. It’s just a movie, I guess. The wolves were done in CGI, of course. If they made the wolves a little more realistic and not make them like monsters, then the film would have been a little better.

Other than that, I did like the film a lot, there were just a few little things in it that should have been better.

Score for “The Grey” = *** (3 stars as in “Good”)


Report: Joe Carnahan to be John Singleton’s replacement for “The A-team” remake…

Twentieth Century Fox has recruited film maker, Joe Carnahan, to helm, “The A-Team” remake. Director John Singleton was attached to direct the film ever since this project was first announced, but Singleton suddenly dropped out. Ridley Scott is set to produce, his brother Tony Scott is executive producing.

Carnahan and the Scott brothers plan to use the original premise from the TV series into the film and will be an action packed movie. In the original series, it is about four Vietnam vets convicted of armed robbery, they escape from a military prison to become mercernaries. They will use that similar plot to the film. They plan to avoid the campy nature of the series and make this a serious action movie. Carnahan wants the film to be emotional and real, without being a cheesy comedy flick.

Variety Reports:


Wow, this sounds way better than John Singleton’s idea!!!! Now I’m glad that Singleton’s been replaced with a better director!!! Yeah, bring it on!

If they can still get Mr. T as B.A. Baracus, that would be fuckin’ awesome. Mr. T is still playing the B.A. character on TV commercials all the time, so I think Mr. T is still capable of acting in a film. Really, I think the “A-Team” movie would bomb without Mr. T and I remember reading an article once, that Mr. T himself wasn’t too happy when Singleton didn’t think of him for the film.