Joe Carnahan’s “Stretch” was a very good film, you should check it out…

Over the weekend, I saw this movie called, “Stretch” written and directed by Joe Carnahan. You probably know that name from somewhere, right? Joe Carnahan is the director who is most famous for making films such as “The A-Team” and “The Grey”. You’ve probably seen both of those movies too. Well here’s Joe’s latest movie, “Stretch” which stars Patrick Wilson. This film wasn’t a theater release… it was released exclusively for the internet so technically this is a “straight to internet” movie. It was released for Itunes and Amazon back in Oct. Now it’s made streamable for Netflix and I watched it last night.

It was a funny and entertaining as hell film. Probably Joe’s best film, in my opinion. Stretch is a pretty bad ass character. There is also surprise cameo appearances by David Hasselhoff, Ray Liotta and Norman Reedus. This movie is more of an action, comedy, and thriller. There’s a lot of violence and swearing throughout the movie but it tells a good story. I’m probably gonna end up watching it again this week. This movie is worth a watch. You’ll be addicted to it. The film was only an hour and a half long but wished it could have been longer.

Why was this movie released straight to the internet instead of the big screen? Well, Joe did try to give this film a big screen release but Universal didn’t want to release it. The film’s producer tried to shop for other studios to buy it but nobody was interested. So I guess, the major Hollywood studios thought the film was garbage but I didn’t think so. I thought the film was great and it should have gotten a big screen release. The studios may have thought the film was garbage but the film have gotten mostly positive reviews from movie fans. Joe tried really hard to get the film a big release but since nobody wanted to release it, they released it for the internet ’cause he really wanted us to see it.

You really should give the film a watch. You might like it yourself.


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