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Could Mr. T Reprise his role as Clubber Lang for “Creed III”???? The Fans want it to happen but ya never know, we can only hope….

It’s now been confirmed that Creed star, Michael B. Jordan is set to star and direct “Creed III”, the third installment to the Rocky spin off series. This was confirmed by the “Creed” actress Tessa Thompson who plays Adonis’s lover in the films. The script for “Creed III” is still being worked on but the story and plot that continues on after “Creed II” is not yet known.

A lot of Rocky & Creed fans dream is that they are hoping and begging Mr. T to reprise his role as Clubber Lang for “Creed IIII”… wanting Clubber’s son to fight against Adonis. Kind of a similar plot to Ivan Drago’s son.

I like this plot idea for Clubber return in this article, though. They shouldn’t go for the son idea ’cause why repeat the same story, ya know? It should be just Clubber.

Read this:


Not sure if the script is being written for Clubber to come back but man, I feel that no one other than Mr. T should play that character. That role belongs to him only. It would be a joke if they got someone else to play Clubber ’cause the movie would bomb if that happened. If they’re going to bring Clubber back then everybody will expect Mr. T to reprise that role.

Bringing Clubber back is a nice idea and a nice dream but it’s all up to Mr. T. himself if he wants to reprise the role. He’s kind of a retired actor, I think? He hasn’t had a big screen role in many years. His real name is Lawrence Tureaud and as you can see in the pic of him walking the street in sweats, he still has that mean and tough guy look even though he’s 68 now.

If Mr. T came back as Clubber, I’m sure he still got it and would knock it out of the park.

As far as Rocky played by Sylvester Stallone, it’s not yet known whether or not Sly is coming back as his iconic character once again. Ever since Creed II, Sly maintained that will be the last and final time he’ll be playing Rocky in a Creed film but ya never know. Sly could change his mind. I thought Sly retired the character for good but in his online Q&A sessions he kept saying that he’s open to playing Rocky again, always that back and forth thing, he can’t make up his freakin’ mind. So fingers crossed for now.

If Clubber and Rocky are both not coming back at all and if Creed III is gonna go for a totally different plot, I’m sure they’ll find a way to make die-hard Rocky fans happy. They’ll figure something out.

I think in Creed III, it be pretty cool if Adonis could start a friendship with Rocky’s son Robert (played by Milo Ventimiglia), that could be a big possibility too remembering how Creed II ended.


Thought: Will “Mr. T” cameo in the A-Team remake???

Since Rampage Jackson replaced Mr. T in the upcoming “A-Team” remake, will Mr. T cameo in a different role in the “A-Team” remake? There were no reports saying that Mr. T himself would have a cameo in it. So I’m guessing they are keeping it quiet for a surprise. I think Mr. T will have a small role, in the “A-Team” remake, it would be a mistake if they didn’t have him in some way.

Maybe even Dirk Benedict will have a cameo as well.


Report: Joe Carnahan to be John Singleton’s replacement for “The A-team” remake…

Twentieth Century Fox has recruited film maker, Joe Carnahan, to helm, “The A-Team” remake. Director John Singleton was attached to direct the film ever since this project was first announced, but Singleton suddenly dropped out. Ridley Scott is set to produce, his brother Tony Scott is executive producing.

Carnahan and the Scott brothers plan to use the original premise from the TV series into the film and will be an action packed movie. In the original series, it is about four Vietnam vets convicted of armed robbery, they escape from a military prison to become mercernaries. They will use that similar plot to the film. They plan to avoid the campy nature of the series and make this a serious action movie. Carnahan wants the film to be emotional and real, without being a cheesy comedy flick.

Variety Reports:


Wow, this sounds way better than John Singleton’s idea!!!! Now I’m glad that Singleton’s been replaced with a better director!!! Yeah, bring it on!

If they can still get Mr. T as B.A. Baracus, that would be fuckin’ awesome. Mr. T is still playing the B.A. character on TV commercials all the time, so I think Mr. T is still capable of acting in a film. Really, I think the “A-Team” movie would bomb without Mr. T and I remember reading an article once, that Mr. T himself wasn’t too happy when Singleton didn’t think of him for the film.


Cool Video: It’s Bill O’ Reilly vs. Mr. T!!!!!!!!

In this video, Bill O’ Reilly and Mr. T are going at it! Mr. T. recently just did a new Snicker’s commercial where he goes back to playing his iconic role of B.A. Baracus from the A-Team. The Snickers commercial was pulled in the UK because of it’s controversial content, they saw it as either Mr. T being homosexual or a gay bashing commercial.

O’ Reilly invites Mr. T to speak on TV to defend himself, O’ Reilly is just smiling and laughing at him throughout the whole thing. O’ Reilly is lucky that he and Mr. T are not in the same studio together ’cause notice they are in seperate screens. Mr. T would have lifted O’ Reilly over his head and throw him across the studio. I guess that’s why Bill didn’t invite him in the studio, they talk via sattelite instead.