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Thought: Should Rampage Jackson join WWE full time???

UFC star, Rampage Jackson’s apperance on WWE last night was a huge hit with WWE fans that, I’m seeing a lot of ’em want Rampage Jackson to join WWE full time. I agree, Rampage did a great job performing and he looked like a WWE superstar like I said. Will Rampage Jackson join the WWE full time in the future? Possibly more occasional appearances? Maybe not a full time run, but Rampage making occasional appearances to feud with Roddy Piper would be pretty cool.

Some of you may think that Rampage would not work for WWE, but if you knew about his personality and his ego, Rampage is clearly about the money. If WWE wants him, of course, I think he’ll go for it. Rampage almost quit UFC ’cause he claimed he wasn’t making enough money so he went to movies instead. After doing the “A-Team”, Rampage is back in UFC again. If Rampage leaves the UFC again in the future, who knows, maybe he will join WWE.

That was a good angle between Roddy Piper vs. Rampage last night. I hope WWE keeps that feud going.

I am still in shock from last night’s RAW. I’ll repeat, it was the best RAW in years. I see John Cena forming his own group so he can help battle the NXT guys for an 8 vs. 8 ppv match in the future. Who do I think should join John Cena’s 8 man group to fight the NXT guys? At the top of my head I predict: Randy Orton, Triple H, Evan Bourne, Kane, R-Truth, David Hart Smith, and Tyson Kidd.


Thought: Will “Mr. T” cameo in the A-Team remake???

Since Rampage Jackson replaced Mr. T in the upcoming “A-Team” remake, will Mr. T cameo in a different role in the “A-Team” remake? There were no reports saying that Mr. T himself would have a cameo in it. So I’m guessing they are keeping it quiet for a surprise. I think Mr. T will have a small role, in the “A-Team” remake, it would be a mistake if they didn’t have him in some way.

Maybe even Dirk Benedict will have a cameo as well.


Cool Video: Rampage Jackson humps Heather Nichols, a sports news reporter…

UFC fighter, Rampage Jackson, is a playa’ around the women and he wants to show the world to prove it!!! In an interview with a sports news reporter, Heather Nichols, who is a young woman probably around her 30’s, gets dry humped by, Rampage Jackson.

Even though she says, “cut”, the camera kept rolling, while Rampage is humping her between her legs.

She is obviously enjoying it and loving it. If you don’t see her slapping Quinton across the face and threaten him to call the police for sexual assault, she must like to get banged by random men as well.

He just wants to prove that he is not just a fighter, he is a lover too! It also wouldn’t surprise me if Quinton already banged her for real before this.

Here’s hoping when I get the fit and buff bod, maybe the ladies wouldn’t mind me doing the same thing Quinton is doing here in  this video?