Cool Video: It’s Bill O’ Reilly vs. Mr. T!!!!!!!!

In this video, Bill O’ Reilly and Mr. T are going at it! Mr. T. recently just did a new Snicker’s commercial where he goes back to playing his iconic role of B.A. Baracus from the A-Team. The Snickers commercial was pulled in the UK because of it’s controversial content, they saw it as either Mr. T being homosexual or a gay bashing commercial.

O’ Reilly invites Mr. T to speak on TV to defend himself, O’ Reilly is just smiling and laughing at him throughout the whole thing. O’ Reilly is lucky that he and Mr. T are not in the same studio together ’cause notice they are in seperate screens. Mr. T would have lifted O’ Reilly over his head and throw him across the studio. I guess that’s why Bill didn’t invite him in the studio, they talk via sattelite instead.


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