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Report: Bradley Cooper to play Faceman Peck in “A-Team” movie?

Woah! Now what a perfect choice for Faceman Peck? HELL YEAH! I’d say get him! Bradley Cooper is dead on with the Faceman looks! Amazing!!!! Lets hope Twentieth Century Fox confirms the news that Bradley is in!!!

Glad that FOX finally started casting for the “A-Team” movie.

MTV Movies Blog reports:


I don’t agree with Kurt Russell as Hannibal though. Stupid MTV.

Take a look at Hannibal’s picture from the series:

Take a good look at his face and see what celebrity actor reminds you of? It don’t have to be the same hair color ’cause Hollywood can always change an actor’s hair color to the same as Hannibal’s. The actor has to match his face.

I think the perfect candidate for Hannibal is ….





*drum roll please*




Dennis Quaid…

Perfect teeth, the smile is kind of similar… Dennis would look great in that white hair and big cigar in his mouth. He’s my pick.