The A-Team is returning to the small screen in a new reboot…

20th Century Fox just announced that they are doing a new version of the old-school, “A-Team” TV series. The original “A-Team” series starred George Peppard, Mr. T, Dwight Schultz and Dirk Benedict. The new version of the show will have a more contemporary feeling meaning taking place in our present time. Chris Morgan who wrote the “Fast and Furious” movie will be the executive producer along with Tawnia McKiernan who is the daughter of Stephen J. Cannell the creator of the original series.

Some of you may ask, what happened to the big screen “A-Team” movie that starred Liam Neeson, Brad Cooper, Sharlto Copley, and Rampage Jackson, the one that was directed by Joe Carnahan? You’ve all probably seen that one and wondering why a sequel never happened. It’s simply because the first one didn’t make enough money. Carnahan said he would have done a sequel but the first movie bombed in the box office so he didn’t bother making the sequel. It didn’t sell very well in DVD and Blu Ray sales. Since the first one didn’t make enough money, Carnahan decided it was best not to make a sequel. Carnahan did start working on the script for the sequel, he had a 15 page opening but decided not to make the film.

Why is the A-Team headed back to TV? Probably ’cause since the Carnahan film flopped, it’s a pretty good idea not to bring the A-Team back to the big screen. I’m sure 20th Century Fox thought about starting a new big screen reboot but they probably thought it would be better for TV.

I’m a big fan of the A-Team. Love the old-school series and the Carnahan film. It’s too bad the Carnahan film with Neeson and the guys wasn’t a hit when it should have been. While it was a fun movie, it could have a better script though.


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