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Bruce Willis has 8 more movies coming out that he already finished filming… after they’re released, that’s it…

These are all “straight to VOD” movies of course and they’re probably gonna get released through “On Demand” and various streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max or wherever. Yup, this is it. After these last movies get out, you’ll see Bruce disappear from Hollywood.

Kind of sad. I was hoping Bruce would give us one last big screen blockbuster or another Die Hard film as a positive sendoff, a way to go out but that’ll never happen.

Ah well, that’s life, I guess. We can appreciate the years of entertainment he gave us over the years ’cause whether you want to admit it or not… we all grew up watching his films.

Not all of his straight to VOD movies are bad, some of it’s actually pretty good. I would agree that he gave us the best movies in his earlier years, though.

Yeah, I liked him in “Die Hard 1 & 2” and he was great in other movies like “Fifth Element”, “12 Monkeys”, “Sixth Sense” and “Unbreakable” were some of my other favorites. I also liked “Hudson Hawk” a lot and he was good in “Sin City”.

I’ve been hearing in the news that Bruce’s “condition” is nothing new. He had it for years and it’s looking like he’s already gotten worse that he can’t work anymore. I’m sure he was gutted about it and it broke his heart ’cause he really loved making movies. He certainly didn’t do it for the money at all.

People really need to realize that actors are “real” people. They’re just like us and they’re gonna have all kinds of problems just like us.


Does this mean that the Die Hard franchise is dead???

So far, Bruce Willis made 5 “Die Hard” films in the franchise. A 6th Die Hard, it’s been trying to get into development for a long while and doing some reading on it, it’s still struggling to get made so it was dead anyways? I’m not sure what’s going on with “Die Hard 6” but the original idea was that Bruce wanted it to be the final one to close out that franchise. It’s looking like a cancelled project due to all the setbacks and due to the poor reviews Die Hard 5 got.

I saw all the Die Hard movies. Although, I would say that the first two were the best ones… yeah, I thought “Die Hard 2: Die Harder” was freakin’ awesome but the first one will always be a masterpiece. The first one was incredible, greatest action flick of all time… I did like “Die Hard 3: with a Vengeance” (the one he did with Sam Jackson).

I also remember seeing 4 and 5 in theater when they first came out and hated both of those. Probably ’cause of bad writing, too much CGI… I thought it was the CGI that ruined it.

Given with the latest news of Bruce about that disease, it’s looking like the Die Hard franchise is dead for good ’cause they can’t go on without John McClane.

I would have liked the last Die Hard movie to be an all-out violent action movie like the first two were and I want McClane swearing his head off.

I think they should kill this franchise but they probably won’t. If they reboot then that would be silly. Only Bruce as McClane is “Die Hard”, that role belongs to him and him only.

From what I read Disney owns the Die Hard franchise now since they own 20th Century Fox. I’m okay with a “spinoff” or a “prequel”, though, just don’t reboot it.

We’ll see what goes on.


Bruce Willis quitting acting due to getting diagnosed with aphasia… sucks but prayers to him…

More shocking news… it’s looking like iconic action star, Bruce Willis is getting forced to retire from acting due to getting diagnosed with aphasia. Aphasia is a condition that robs you the ability to communicate. Meaning you won’t be able to speak well and won’t be able to understand others.

I’m sure Bruce is fine now and “aphasia” is kind of starting to kick in a little bit but he’s probably gonna get way worse sometime later on. Some of you may ask, is “aphasia” treatable? For some you can recover from it but it’s mostly permanent from what I read so it’s looking like Bruce’s acting career is gonna be done for good.


While it’s sad news, Bruce had a great career run. The movie “Die Hard” was his breakthrough role, the very first one, the film that made him a box office megastar. He was an actor before that film ’cause he had several other film roles before that one and he got his start in the TV show “Moonlighting”.

After that film, he went on to star in even more box office blockbusters like “Look Who’s Talking”, “Hudson Hawk”, “Death Becomes Her”, “Pulp Fiction”, “Armageddon”, “The Sixth Sense”, “Unbreakable”, “12 Monkeys”, “The Fifth Element”, “The Last Boy Scout”, “The Jackal”, “Mercury Rising”, “Sin City”, “The Expendables” etc.

Over the past several years, it seems Bruce stopped doing blockbuster movies and just doing mostly straight to VOD movies ’cause he’s got a bunch of those too through Netflix and Hulu or where ever else you stream movies.

I’m sure he’s got more Straight to VOD movies coming even though he’s quitting and after they get released, that’s it.

Being an actor requires being able to speak and understand others so he can’t act if he’s gonna get this disease, ya know?

This sucks. Most Hollywood actors are terrible but there’s a few good movie stars left and Bruce is one of them. I’ve always been a fan of his. Speaking of Bruce, I’ve been re-watching a lot of his old movies lately. He’s a phenomenal talent too. He wasn’t just an action star, he tried every genre and was good at it.

This sucks but I wish him well. He was another actor who loved acting and saw it as a passion which is why he kept working film after film nonstop. Now it’s looking like he won’t be able to do it anymore.

Be well, McClane and prayers!


Saw the new “Death Wish” remake and it was freakin’ GREAT! Definitely go check it out!

Earlier today, I decided to go to the mall for something to do and I wanted to go see the new, “Death Wish” remake w/ Bruce Willis. Turned out that I thought the movie was freakin’ GREAT like the title says. It’s definitely one of the best action thrillers I’ve seen in a long time.

Bruce Willis is finally back on the big screen after several years of making straight to video films. This is the Bruce Willis we all want to see, though. The bad ass Bruce Willis like how we all like to see him. This role will remind you of John McClane a little bit from the first two “Die Hard” movies.

Ya know how most remakes sucks nowadays? Well, we finally get a really good one here. As a matter of fact, I think the “Death Wish” remake w/ Bruce Willis was a lot better than the original which starred Charles Bronson. Even though both movies have pretty similar story lines, still though the films are pretty different. I’m glad the remake isn’t exactly like the original. The one with Bruce Willis is a modern day “Death Wish” film of what it would have been like today. That’s the whole point of it, I believe.

What I liked about this film is that this is an action thriller where you get to cheer on the hero and also get grossed out by the gritty scenes. There are a few scenes in this film that will make you want to look away from the screen. Eli Roth is the master of making gritty scenes since he is mostly known as a horror director.

I was very impressed with this film. Glad I went and saw it. It’s a good revenge movie. Bruce Willis haven’t been starring in that many great roles lately and the true Bruce Willis is finally back. This is not just a remake, I think it’s gonna be a reboot too ’cause this could be ongoing series. There’s probably gonna be a sequel.

The action scenes were a blast to watch and the entire cast did great on the acting too. It was good to see Elizabeth Shue in a movie again, though. I haven’t seen her in a movie since “Hollow Man” w/ Kevin Bacon. Remember Elizabeth Shue played Laruso’s love interest in the first “Karate Kid” movie and she was McFly’s girlfriend in “Back to the Future II and III”. She was also the leading star in “Adventures in Babysitting”.

The “Death Wish” remake kicked ass. If you’re a fan of action thrillers, definitely go see this one. I’m definitely getting the BluRay when it comes out for sure.



Bruce Willis wanted a bigger payday for “EXP3” but I’m still siding with him…

The reason Harrison Ford replaced Bruce Willis is ’cause Bruce wanted a bigger payday. Sly and the film crew offered him $3 million for four days; however, Bruce ended up wanting $4 million so that’s $1 million a day. That’s a high payment that Sly and the film crew couldn’t afford.

More on the story, here.

To be honest, I can totally respect Bruce’s decision. I don’t see how he’s “greedy” and “lazy” for wanting to be paid more, ya know? Bruce is the world’s most famous actor. Well-known for the “Die Hard” movies which is what he is most famous for. He also had many other major roles such as “Pulp Fiction”, “12 Monkeys”, “The Fifth Element”, “The Sixth Sense”, “Armageddon”, “Red”, etc. Bruce is more iconic and famous than Stallone/Arnold and all the other actors in the Expendables cast. So I think he deserves to get paid more ’cause of his legendary status. I think that’s a huge part of why he wants to get paid more. If other film makers can afford to get Bruce, then Sly and the crew could probably afford him. So I think Sly is the one being “greedy” and “lazy”. Sly’s a rich man. He can absolutely afford the $4 million payment Bruce asked for.

Don’t blame this all on Bruce. All actors have different views and feelings on how they want to get paid. Bruce is a big name so I can blame him.


Is Sly losing credibility when trying to cast for, “The Expendables” movies??? I would say yes…

While I do like and appreciate Sly Stallone, I’m slowly starting to lose my respect for the man. I think the guy is kind of delusional and messed up a little bit. For the first two Expendables movies, Sly has tried to confirm many different cast members and then they denied about being casted. For example, Sly has done this to Nicolas Cage a couple of times. Other actors/actresses such as Brittany Murphy, Sigourney Weaver, Sandra Bullock, Carl Weathers, Kurt Russel, Steven Seagal, and most recently Mel Gibson.

I felt that Bruce Willis didn’t deserve that attack by Sly on twitter. It was pretty uncalled for. Willis didn’t deserve to be called, “Greedy”, and “Lazy”, when Sly is pretty much the same thing. Sly has hypocrite written all over his face. Maybe Bruce bailed out ’cause he had his own reasons? Maybe Bruce had other film commitments? Maybe Bruce exited out of the EXP3 ’cause of creative differences? Maybe Bruce wanted to get paid more? Before Sly hired Jean Claude Van Damme to star in “EXP2”, Sly and JCVD had a bit of public feud going on. Then they quickly reconciled and Jean Claude is officially in “EXP2” as you can see.

If Sly keeps up his bullshit, I’m probably gonna lose my respect for the man for good. I’ll admit, he is a bit of a whack job at times. I’ll sell all of his movies on DVD/Bluray that I own in my collection if he keeps it up, I’ll be done with him, I’m serious. I’ll give him another chance, though.

Sly needs to show respect for the actors who work for him. No wonder him and Arnold haven’t gotten along over the years before they reconciled ’cause Sly’s a bit of an egomaniac himself.

Sly wants to be the leading star in all of the Expendables movies and have the most screen time more than the other actors, and he always wants his photo front & center on the posters/DVD/Bluray covers. It’s all about Sly.

To be quite honest with ya, Sly wouldn’t have been back in the mainstream again if it weren’t for The Expendables movies. That’s the reason he wants to have films full of iconic stars ’cause he knew that it would help make his career big again. When Sly tries other movies such as “Bullet to the Head”, it flopped in the box office pretty much. Sly can’t do anything else outside of action movies and tough guy actors. That’s why he continues to stay in that genre.

Maybe that one reader is right, that it’s time for Sly to hang it up and retire. I’ll admit that half of his movies over the years are pretty much garbage. “Judge Dredd” was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen. So was “Driven”, “Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot”, “Oscar”, “The Specialist”, etc. I just respected Sly for his work for Rocky and Rambo like most fans. Honestly, that’s all he’ll ever be good at. I will also admit that Sly is not the best director and screenwriter in the world either.

I honestly have more respect for Arnold than Sly, really. Think I’ve about had it with Sly. He’s getting really weird and his twitter shows it. If you’ve noticed, I haven’t been posting about Sly all that much as I used to.


Sly and Bruce Willis not getting along? That’s why Harrison Ford was brought in for “EXP3”???

Sylvester Stallone, revealed some shocking news that Bruce Willis is out of the Expendables 3 and Harrison Ford is taking his place. Then Sly publicly slammed Bruce on twitter by calling him, “Greedy” and “Lazy”. So something must be going on between the two.

Check out Sly’s twitter page, here.

Sly and Bruce have been friends for many years. They run Planet Hollywood chains together. It’s looking like they aren’t getting along anymore. Well, that’s what you get when you make movies that are full of iconic stars. Ego’s will get in the way and that’s what it’s all about, in my opinion. I do love Sly and all but sometimes I feel he can be a bit of a dick to his stars. I’ll never forget how he treated Van Damme before they reconciled. Sly has a bit of an ego problem himself sometimes.

It is good news that Harrison is on board for the next EXP’s film, though. I always wanted to see him and Sly star in a movie together.

I wonder what Bruce will have to say about this. I’m sure he’ll respond soon when the media bugs him about it.


Cool Video: “A Good Day To Die Hard” trailer #2 makes me sold to the film now…

Man, I really hope this film doesn’t suck. The last film, “Live Free or Die Hard”, was one of the worst films I’ve ever seen, so I really hope they redeem themselves with this one. The thing with movies is, that all the trailers want to make the films look good, but when you go see the actual film itself, it turns out to be a bad film. Lets hope that’s not the case with this movie. “Good Day to Die Hard” does look like an action packed ride, though. I’m just skeptical of the plot. The plot might suck. There’s tons of movies out there with great action but terrible story. Lets hope the new Die Hard is a good one overall.


Cool Video: He’s baaaackkkkk, John McClane that is…for reals…

The trailer for Die Hard 5, “A Good Day to Die Hard”, dropped out of no where today, yahoo exclusive. While I never cared for Die Hard 3 and 4, I thought 1 and 2 were great flicks. Especially, the first one which is a classic and it’s an essential film. I’ll admit that this trailer here, gave me goosebumps. So I’m praying this will be a good movie. It looks to be an action packed ride. I’ll be in the theater for this one, sure.


Cool Video: “The Expendables 2” trailer is finally here with an introduction by Sylvester Stallone!

I’m hoping, the sequel to the “Expendables” will be much better than the first one, like everyone else. I did like the first, “Expendables” movie, but I’ll admit that the first film did have some problems. Hopefully, the sequel will be an improvement. What I enjoy most about the “Expendables”, is the character of Dolph, he’s probably my favorite character out of the group. Dolph does the best acting out of the cast, in my opinion, I just want the movies to do more with him. Hopefully, the sequel will have more Dolph screen time.

The trailer is full of 80’s action stars I grew up watching over the years. Arnold made an announcement in the trailer saying, “I’m back”, which is what he means that he’s back in the movies. This is Arnold’s first big screen movie since after his governor run.

While I’m a huge fan of Sly, I don’t like his look in this movie though, the mustache kind of bothers me. I’m hoping this film will be good. I’m pretty excited about the film, but I’m more excited to see, “The Avengers”, and “The Dark Knight: Rises”.