Saw the new “Death Wish” remake and it was freakin’ GREAT! Definitely go check it out!

Earlier today, I decided to go to the mall for something to do and I wanted to go see the new, “Death Wish” remake w/ Bruce Willis. Turned out that I thought the movie was freakin’ GREAT like the title says. It’s definitely one of the best action thrillers I’ve seen in a long time.

Bruce Willis is finally back on the big screen after several years of making straight to video films. This is the Bruce Willis we all want to see, though. The bad ass Bruce Willis like how we all like to see him. This role will remind you of John McClane a little bit from the first two “Die Hard” movies.

Ya know how most remakes sucks nowadays? Well, we finally get a really good one here. As a matter of fact, I think the “Death Wish” remake w/ Bruce Willis was a lot better than the original which starred Charles Bronson. Even though both movies have pretty similar story lines, still though the films are pretty different. I’m glad the remake isn’t exactly like the original. The one with Bruce Willis is a modern day “Death Wish” film of what it would have been like today. That’s the whole point of it, I believe.

What I liked about this film is that this is an action thriller where you get to cheer on the hero and also get grossed out by the gritty scenes. There are a few scenes in this film that will make you want to look away from the screen. Eli Roth is the master of making gritty scenes since he is mostly known as a horror director.

I was very impressed with this film. Glad I went and saw it. It’s a good revenge movie. Bruce Willis haven’t been starring in that many great roles lately and the true Bruce Willis is finally back. This is not just a remake, I think it’s gonna be a reboot too ’cause this could be ongoing series. There’s probably gonna be a sequel.

The action scenes were a blast to watch and the entire cast did great on the acting too. It was good to see Elizabeth Shue in a movie again, though. I haven’t seen her in a movie since “Hollow Man” w/ Kevin Bacon. Remember Elizabeth Shue played Laruso’s love interest in the first “Karate Kid” movie and she was McFly’s girlfriend in “Back to the Future II and III”. She was also the leading star in “Adventures in Babysitting”.

The “Death Wish” remake kicked ass. If you’re a fan of action thrillers, definitely go see this one. I’m definitely getting the BluRay when it comes out for sure.


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