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Kiefer Sutherland was horrible to work with according to Freddie Prinze Jr…

Freddie Prinze Jr. just attacked “24” star Kiefer Sutherland in an interview saying that Freddie almost retired from acting ’cause Kiefer was difficult to work with.


I’m sure “24” fans are calling Freddie’s claims bullshit and attacking him but ya never know. Freddie could be right. Actors make be big and iconic — they maybe rich and famous but that doesn’t mean they are easy to work with while filming. There’s a lot of actors and actresses out there who are very difficult to work with.

On top of that, Freddie wasn’t the first actor from “24” to say that Kiefer is difficult to work with… check this out:


So Freddie might be onto something. Why would actors lie about something like this, ya know???


Kiefer Sutherland delivers entertaining speech at SDCC…

At the “24: Live Another Day” panel, Kiefer delivers an entertaining as hell speech in front of 24 fans. While Kiefer’s speech is inspiring and interesting at the same time, he’s like a comedian too. He got the audience laughing pretty hard. Kiefer seems like a really cool dude to hang out with and to talk to.

I thought “Live Another Day” was the best 24 season. Kiefer was badder, tougher, and meaner.

I’m a really huge 24 fan. One thing to keep in mind though that “Live Another Day” isn’t the last of 24. They left it open for more so we might get another season or a big screen movie possibility.


“24: Live Another Day” off to a very STRONG start…

Yes, I did watch the premiere of “24: Live Another Day” last night and it was amazing. Fuckin’ incredible! It was intense and thrilling as expected. Most of the characters from the old series are back and there are some new faces.

Jack is badder and meaner than ever. The show kept the same filming style. Split screens, ticking clock, Bauer voice overs, etc. The show still has the intense violence and action scenes. You want to see plenty of gun shooting, explosions, and fighting? You’ll get all that. The show picked up from where the last season back in 2010 left off. Continues the story in real time.

They also made Chloe hotter as hell looking this season. Dark-hair and make-up… they made her sexy looking.

This new season looks to be more darker and more intense than the earlier seasons.

Such a great show. I’m happy it’s finally back!



Jack Bauer returns tonight, “24: Live Another Day” premiere…

New season of “24” starts tonight at 8 and I’m pretty stoked! I fuckin’ love “24”. It’s one of my favorite shows ever. I’m sure the new season won’t disappoint at all and it’ll be just as good as the original series. I’m sure tonight’s premiere will be action-packed and exciting.

I’m really looking forward to Jack Bauer’s return to the small screen. It’s been a few years since he’s been gone and I’m sure tonight’s episode will be very successful in the ratings. “24” has always been the highest rated show in history which is why the show is still around.

I’m still hoping this new season will lead to a big screen “24” movie and it probably will. I’m glad Kiefer didn’t give up on playing Jack. He seems to love playing the character himself and he’s passionate about it so I don’t think he does it for the money at all. Kiefer is loyal to “24” fans and that’s what he’s doing it for.

Can’t wait to see Jack back in action. \m/ \m/


Jack is back and ready to kick some serious ass!!!

Oh man, this trailer gave me freakin’ goosebumps! I’m psyched for May 5th. I love “24”. When I first watched it on Netflix, I couldn’t stop watching. The show was addicting so I watched every episode and every season back to back.

As expected, “Live Another Day”, will have the same format as the original TV series. Lots of split screens and action… except the action looks even more intense in this one.

Jack is back and badder than ever!


In other “24” news… the big screen movie may still be planned despite return for the show…

Kiefer Sutherland wants to clear the confusion that the new “24” show, “Live Another Day” will have nothing to do with their big screen movie that they have been planning for many years. Since the announcement of this show, fans have wondered if they’re still planning their big screen movie and I wondered that myself. Now we know! Kiefer says that they still have the script for the big screen movie and he also says the story is very different from “Live Another Day”. So don’t rule out the big screen movie just yet! It’s still a possibility. “Live Another Day” could open doors for a big screen film and a possible reboot.

Read this interesting article on where the guys give brief hints on the plot for “Live Another Day” as well.

Does Kiefer ever get tired of playing Jack Bauer? Apparently not. He seems to have no problem spending most of his life playing the same character ’cause he maybe a big fan of Jack Bauer just as the rest of us.

And like I’ve been saying, this “Live Another Day” show is just a test to see if it does well enough for them to do the big screen movie. If this show does well in the ratings then they’ll go ahead with the big screen film or reboot. I prefer the big screen film over the reboot, though.


“24 – Live Another Day” will premiere May 5th on FOX!!!

FOX just announced the premiere date for the return of Jack Bauer in, “24 – Live Another Day”. The “24 – Live Another Day” will premiere on May 5th @ 8 p.m. on FOX and will be a two hour premiere. It will also make it’s time period premiere on May 12th @ 9 p.m. The show will run for about 12 episodes and will bring back the original team who made the original series. We will see some familiar faces from the original series and there will be some newcomers as well.

They don’t go into details on the plot yet but the show will be set in London. The show “Live Another Day” will be in the same style as the original show: lots of action, split-screens, and intense story lines.

Read the FOX press release on the show, here….

I’m happy to see the character James Heller (William Devane) coming back but kind of disappointed that Tony Almeida and Kim Bauer aren’t returning. Oh well, I’m sure this will be a great show as usual ’cause I fucking LOVE “24”. It’s one of my favorite shows of all time. I watched all of “24” on Netflix. Watched every episode and every season back to back. Jack Bauer is a freakin’ bad ass.

I’m sure we’ll get a teaser trailer of the show real soon which I can’t wait to see!!!



Report: A surprising cast member is coming back for “24: Live Another Day”… who is it???

Another 24 original cast member is set to return to the new “24: Live Another Day” mini-series. Mary Lynn Rajskub is set to reprise her role as Chloe O’brian. Who is she, you may ask? Well, if you’ve seen 24, she’s that weird looking woman who sits at the computer talking to Jack on the phone while he works on his missions to hunt down terrorists.

More on the story, here.

Sounds like the original “24” gang is coming back. The cast and the crew! All we need next is for Tony Almeida and Kim Bauer to return… then we’re set!

I love “24”! When I first got Netflix, “24” was the second TV show I watched on it. “LOST” was the first TV show I watched on Netflix, then all of “24”. As soon as I saw the first episode of “24”, I was completely hooked! Watched every episode and every season back to back.

I really do think this mini-series is a test for a hopeful big screen movie. I think they want to see how this new TV show will do. If it gets a lot of ratings and does well… then they’ll get to work on the big screen film that we’ve been wanting for years!


Another thought about the new “24” show, is it a test for the big screen movie??? I would say absolutely!!!

Some may wonder why FOX has decided to do another new “24” show instead of the big screen “24” film that they have been planning for years. I might of figured it out. I think it’s a test to see what kind of response “24” will get to this day. The show ended about 3 years ago and I think the network just wants to see if “24” still has it’s large fan following. Some may have forgotten “24” and there are still plenty of people who don’t even know about the show. The show will indeed bring all of their veteran fans back and of course, will help make new ones. I’m sure that the people who have never watched the show before, will start watching it on Netflix before the new show comes.

I think this new show is just a test for the big screen film that might happen. If this new show is a huge success, then they may go ahead with the “24” theaterical release movie. This could be why they brought the show back for a short-run, I bet. “24” deserves big-screen treatment. It could help make the action scenes even more violent and gritty; that’s why everyone wants a “24” movie so badly.

I hope a “24” movie happens too. It’s a bad-ass show. Love it too much!