Jack Bauer returns tonight, “24: Live Another Day” premiere…

New season of “24” starts tonight at 8 and I’m pretty stoked! I fuckin’ love “24”. It’s one of my favorite shows ever. I’m sure the new season won’t disappoint at all and it’ll be just as good as the original series. I’m sure tonight’s premiere will be action-packed and exciting.

I’m really looking forward to Jack Bauer’s return to the small screen. It’s been a few years since he’s been gone and I’m sure tonight’s episode will be very successful in the ratings. “24” has always been the highest rated show in history which is why the show is still around.

I’m still hoping this new season will lead to a big screen “24” movie and it probably will. I’m glad Kiefer didn’t give up on playing Jack. He seems to love playing the character himself and he’s passionate about it so I don’t think he does it for the money at all. Kiefer is loyal to “24” fans and that’s what he’s doing it for.

Can’t wait to see Jack back in action. \m/ \m/


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