How Obama and Hillary got away with Benghazi… just an observation…

Like I said in the past, Barack and Hillary both covered their tracks on Benghazi pretty well which is how the Benghazi attacks stayed unanswered after all this time. Some of you may ask… how did they get away with it successfully???

Here’s a short list on how I think they did it:

  • Controlling the media – Benghazi would have been a huge news story if the White House wasn’t controlling the media. It is why you don’t see Benghazi being reported on major news stations like CBS, NBC, and others. FOXNews is the only station doing the work on Benghazi. Why ? Because the White House allows FOXNews to report on Benghazi and they know that Benghazi isn’t the left’s favorite news network. Obama lets FOXNews work on Benghazi so Obama can have an excuse to blame them. Blaming FOXNews is just a sneaky way for Obama to make him look good. That NYTimes article on Benghazi is another good example, they wrote that article to make Hillary look good.
  • Barack sending out people to make him look good – Susan Rice, Hillary, Jay Carney, etc. Susan blaming it on the video, Hillary saying “What difference does it make”, and Jay Carney saying stuff like, “It happened a long time ago”. People bought into that stuff and actually believed in them. Obama administration is probably paying these people to keep it quiet.
  • Obsessive lying and controlling the American people – Barack was successful at controlling the left getting them thinking that he’s innocent. When Barack says stuff like Benghazi was an act of terror and it was a “phony scandal”, the left actually believed him. They bought into his lies and stuff. Barack was also successful at getting Republicans/conservatives to look bad over Benghazi. This is all mind control and manipulation which is what Barack is good at.
  • Obama administration hiding important evidence – Hiding important documents, e-mails, witnesses, survivors, etc. They hid everything. Well, except for the Ben Rhodes e-mail that got released that was the only mistake they made so far.

Well, I think that pretty much covers it.

It’s pretty insane that nobody can be honest in the White House and it’s crazy that nobody comes forward with information at all. It’s all lies, lies, lies.

America is fed up with that. That is why the House have no choice but to move forward with the investigation.

I think Barack should really give up and come forward with a confession ’cause if he doesn’t, the truth is gonna come out on it’s own anyway. I don’t think Barack will get an impeachment ’cause he will probably end up resigning once too much information about Benghazi gets out there.

The truth WILL come out. The full truth. The Ben Rhodes e-mail was only the beginning.

Trey Gowdy will be the guy to take Barack down.