“24: Live Another Day” off to a very STRONG start…

Yes, I did watch the premiere of “24: Live Another Day” last night and it was amazing. Fuckin’ incredible! It was intense and thrilling as expected. Most of the characters from the old series are back and there are some new faces.

Jack is badder and meaner than ever. The show kept the same filming style. Split screens, ticking clock, Bauer voice overs, etc. The show still has the intense violence and action scenes. You want to see plenty of gun shooting, explosions, and fighting? You’ll get all that. The show picked up from where the last season back in 2010 left off. Continues the story in real time.

They also made Chloe hotter as hell looking this season. Dark-hair and make-up… they made her sexy looking.

This new season looks to be more darker and more intense than the earlier seasons.

Such a great show. I’m happy it’s finally back!



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