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Netflix officially signs Barack and Michelle to multiyear deal… I don’t regret ditching Netflix at all then!

Well this is disappointing but not a surprise, though. After Netflix hiring Susan Rice as Board of Directors, you should have seen this one coming. Barack and Michelle have officially signed a multiyear deal with Netflix to work on all kinds of projects for TV shows and films… both scripted and unscripted. They can do whatever they want with Netflix.


Well, like the title says I don’t regret ditching Netflix at all and I don’t miss it. Will I ever return to Netflix sometime in the future? After the signing of Barack and Michelle, I don’t think I ever will now.

You should have seen all this coming ’cause like I said Netflix has always been a liberal biased streaming service. I haven’t seen much conservative content on there. Well, now that Netflix has got Susan Rice and the Obamas working for them, be ready for even more liberal content. I can see the Obamas making documentaries about gay rights, gun control, Climate Change and the usual stuff they politicize about. No doubt that stuff will be coming. Plus the Obamas will probably make autobiographical documentaries about themselves too.

Well today, I’m sure Netflix will be witnessing even more people cancelling. It’s a shame ’cause I used to like Netflix too but not anymore! I don’t want to spend money a month for people who worships criminals and corrupt people!

Susan Rice and Barack Obama are two people that belong in a federal prison and hopefully Pres. Trump will soon send them there. They may not even get to work for Netflix anyways.


Yesterday I cancelled my Netflix membership and felt really good doing that. Do not feel ashamed at all!


Yesterday morning, I actually did it. Cancelled my Netflix membership. Yeah, I know it’s gonna piss off some liberal snowflakes, but I don’t give a flying two fucks. My life, my decisions and my opinions. They don’t like it? I don’t give a shit!

Like most conservatives I cancelled Netflix due to them hiring the corrupted Susan Rice as Board of Directors and agreeing to work on projects with the ultra-corrupt Barack Obama. I can’t put my money toward criminals and can’t put my money toward a company supporting criminals. Can’t do it.

I know my decision of quitting Netflix is gonna question some but that’s their problem. Some are gonna be like, “Oh Kev, you shouldn’t leave Netflix over politics”. Keep in mind, these are the same people who calls for boycotts on Chick-Fil-A and the NRA. These are also the same people who refuses to support Trump supporting celebrities like Ted Nugent, Scott Baio and others. These are also the same people who refuses to watch FOX News, reading the Breitbart News site and anything that has to do with right-wing. They accuse the “right-wing” community of boycotting things over politics when the left does the same thing. Liberal hypocrisy like usual. Nothing to see here.

Ah well, who needs Netflix right? It was getting pricey anyways ’cause they keep raising the price and I can’t find much good stuff to watch on there anyways so fuck Netflix.

The question you have ask now is, would I sign up for a replacement of a streaming service for Movies and TV shows? No. Probably not. I did briefly look at Amazon Prime and I wasn’t so impressed with Prime so I opted out of that as well. I won’t sign up for another streaming service for movies and TV shows ’cause they’re all pretty pricey really. Netflix is the most expensive.

The only streaming service I’m gonna keep is WWE Network ’cause I love my wrestling and I’m probably gonna watch that a lot more often.

Instead of streaming services for movies and TV shows, I am going to sign up for the full version of Spotify. Spotify is pretty cheap too, it’s like 9.99 a month for an individual member. I’ve always wanted Spotify so I’m going to go for that. That way I can listen to any albums I want without ads and I can play Spotify on any device. I’ll be able to listen to Spotify on my Ipad and play it through my stereo system.

As far as streaming services for movies and TV shows go, you don’t really need ’em anyways ’cause they can be too addicting. If I wanted to watch a movie or a TV show, I’ll probably buy them on DVD and BluRay. I think that’s a lot better. Binge watching isn’t really good for ya anyways. There’s better things to do in life.



I may have to ditch Netflix soon simply ’cause of their team up w/ Susan Rice and Obama… no thanks…

You shouldn’t have been surprised that Netflix was gonna team up with former president Barack Obama and former Obama officials sooner or later ’cause why? Netflix has always been a liberal-bias streaming service. To those who have Netflix or to those who don’t have it anymore, have you ever seen any movies, TV shows and documentaries that were aimed more toward a conservative audience? The obvious answer to that one is no. I haven’t seen anything on Netflix aimed toward a conservative audience. Most everything you see on Netflix has liberal politics everywhere. Check out the documentaries for starters.

Now that Netflix is about to team up with Obama and now that Susan Rice has been named Board of Directors, liberalism on Netflix is about to get much worse. Barack has already appeared on a Netflix show which was David Letterman’s show and the Obama/Michelle biopic “Southside With You” is streamable on Netflix. Also, Netflix did an original film about Obama called, “Barry” which is also streamable.

There are Trump documentaries on Netflix but sure enough, there’s nothing positive about Trump on Netflix. Mostly documentaries trashing Trump. So Netflix treats Obama positively and treats Trump negatively. That’s all you need to know about Netflix.

It’s looking like that Obama is now in charge of Netflix ’cause I’m willing to bet Obama recommended Reed Hastings to hire Susan Rice to be Board of Directors. Conservatives in America are outraged about this ’cause Susan Rice is a criminal. Ya know, she’s in a lot of controversy due to lying about Benghazi 6 times about a video and she’s in trouble for unmasking Trump associates. This is a woman who belongs in prison, not working for Netflix. She’s a criminal and a liar. That’s why you see a lot of conservatives boycotting Netflix.

I’m about to do the same. I’ve been a loyal subscriber to Netflix for several years now. I’ve had Netflix for a pretty long time. Over the years, I’ve tried not to ditch them over politics but I think I’m gonna do it this time. I think I’m gonna cancel Netflix and go to a different streaming service instead. I’m probably gonna go to Amazon Prime ’cause that looks way better.

Netflix ramming Obama and liberal politics down our throats will get even worse now that Susan Rice is board of directors. There will be much more Obama movies, Obama TV shows and Obama documentaries. There will be more documentaries trashing Trump. There will be more streaming content about gun control, LGBTQ, Climate Change and blah blah blah… you get the deal.

Netflix could continue to be a successful streaming service if they stop getting political but they can’t get the the hint. I was thinking about going to Hulu instead but now they stopped working with Laura Ingraham as sponsors, I’m not gonna go to Hulu now. Amazon Prime is the way to go.

I used to love Netflix, but I’ve been disliking them more and more the more they keep getting political. I gave them plenty of chances but now that they hired Susan Rice and about ready to work with Obama, that’s the last straw. They’re done with me and I plan on cancelling them this weekend. Probably tomorrow.

If all Netflix wants is a liberal audience then that’s their prerogative. No doubt, they are alienating their viewers. They live in a delusional world that they think we love Obama but we don’t. Only liberals love Obama. I’m disgusted with Netflix like everyone else.

If they change their mind about hiring Susan Rice then I might stay with Netflix, but it’s pretty unlikely they’ll change their mind about her ’cause it’s looking like Netflix is under the Soros payroll. Sad.

I might as well cancel Netflix ’cause there’s nothing but mostly garbage on there anyways. I can never find anything good to watch and I’ve been watching WWE Network more which is even better. WWE Network freakin’ rules. Screw Netflix. I think I’m done with them.


How Obama and Hillary got away with Benghazi… just an observation…

Like I said in the past, Barack and Hillary both covered their tracks on Benghazi pretty well which is how the Benghazi attacks stayed unanswered after all this time. Some of you may ask… how did they get away with it successfully???

Here’s a short list on how I think they did it:

  • Controlling the media – Benghazi would have been a huge news story if the White House wasn’t controlling the media. It is why you don’t see Benghazi being reported on major news stations like CBS, NBC, and others. FOXNews is the only station doing the work on Benghazi. Why ? Because the White House allows FOXNews to report on Benghazi and they know that Benghazi isn’t the left’s favorite news network. Obama lets FOXNews work on Benghazi so Obama can have an excuse to blame them. Blaming FOXNews is just a sneaky way for Obama to make him look good. That NYTimes article on Benghazi is another good example, they wrote that article to make Hillary look good.
  • Barack sending out people to make him look good – Susan Rice, Hillary, Jay Carney, etc. Susan blaming it on the video, Hillary saying “What difference does it make”, and Jay Carney saying stuff like, “It happened a long time ago”. People bought into that stuff and actually believed in them. Obama administration is probably paying these people to keep it quiet.
  • Obsessive lying and controlling the American people – Barack was successful at controlling the left getting them thinking that he’s innocent. When Barack says stuff like Benghazi was an act of terror and it was a “phony scandal”, the left actually believed him. They bought into his lies and stuff. Barack was also successful at getting Republicans/conservatives to look bad over Benghazi. This is all mind control and manipulation which is what Barack is good at.
  • Obama administration hiding important evidence – Hiding important documents, e-mails, witnesses, survivors, etc. They hid everything. Well, except for the Ben Rhodes e-mail that got released that was the only mistake they made so far.

Well, I think that pretty much covers it.

It’s pretty insane that nobody can be honest in the White House and it’s crazy that nobody comes forward with information at all. It’s all lies, lies, lies.

America is fed up with that. That is why the House have no choice but to move forward with the investigation.

I think Barack should really give up and come forward with a confession ’cause if he doesn’t, the truth is gonna come out on it’s own anyway. I don’t think Barack will get an impeachment ’cause he will probably end up resigning once too much information about Benghazi gets out there.

The truth WILL come out. The full truth. The Ben Rhodes e-mail was only the beginning.

Trey Gowdy will be the guy to take Barack down.


Benghazi hearing happening in Oversight committee at the House right now…

This is pretty cool. I love how Congress is quick in responding to the Ben Rhodes e-mail about Susan Rice and the Muslim video. That e-mail is pretty serious stuff and it should be taken seriously. The House is not gonna rest until Benghazi gets answers and hopefully they’ll be successful at getting a full investigation going. The oversight committee in the House have started the Benghazi hearing today on Capitol Hill.

I don’t really trust House Speaker, John Boehner at all ’cause he blocked the investigation the first time and hopefully he doesn’t do that again. Boehner is one of those in Congress protecting the Obama administration although it seems like Boehner is searching for Benghazi answers too. Boehner is no different than Susan Rice, Hillary and Barack.

Like it or not, Barack is going down and we’re gonna get him.


Benghazi e-mail sparks push for Congress investigation and impeachment proceedings…

As expected that Ben Rhodes e-mail that proves that the White House ordered Susan Rice to protect them sparks push for Congress Investigation and impeachment proceedings.

A Republican lawmaker renews push for select-committee:


Gen. Paul Vallely thinks the new Benghazi revelation is good enough to get the President Obama impeachment proceedings rolling and I agree:


It was expected that people in government would try to get the investigations going again and it was expected that the impeachment campaign would start.

Obama really needs to be investigated, guys. I think it’s time and long overdue.