Benghazi hearing happening in Oversight committee at the House right now…

This is pretty cool. I love how Congress is quick in responding to the Ben Rhodes e-mail about Susan Rice and the Muslim video. That e-mail is pretty serious stuff and it should be taken seriously. The House is not gonna rest until Benghazi gets answers and hopefully they’ll be successful at getting a full investigation going. The oversight committee in the House have started the Benghazi hearing today on Capitol Hill.

I don’t really trust House Speaker, John Boehner at all ’cause he blocked the investigation the first time and hopefully he doesn’t do that again. Boehner is one of those in Congress protecting the Obama administration although it seems like Boehner is searching for Benghazi answers too. Boehner is no different than Susan Rice, Hillary and Barack.

Like it or not, Barack is going down and we’re gonna get him.


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