RIP: Bob Hoskins 1942 – 2014

I haven’t seen too many films with actor, Bob Hoskins… the only two I’ve seen of his were “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and “Super Mario Bros”. I have seen “Roger Rabbit” too many times. It’s one of my favorite films and one I could never get tired of watching. “Roger Rabbit” is definitely an essential classic and Hoskins was great as Mr. Valiant, he killed that role. Of course, “Super Mario Bros.” was a horrible film but I’m sure Hoskins inspired us all with his role as Mario. Despite the negative reviews of “Super Mario Bros”, I thought he made a great Mario. Just wished that film could have been written better.

Even though I haven’t seen that many films of his, I respected him for his work in “Roger Rabbit”. I know Rob Zemeckis have been planning a sequel to “Roger Rabbit” for years now and there is no chance of Hoskins returning as Mr. Valiant. Shame. They might have to kill the sequel now ’cause the film wouldn’t work without Hoskins.

RIP BOB and thanks for the entertainment.