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Will Paul Ryan get dumped for primary election in Wisconsin today???

I still love Donald Trump and all but I disagree with him endorsing Paul Ryan as Congressman for re-election of House of Rep. today. I understand that Trump is trying to unify the GOP but endorsing Paul Ryan is not the way to go especially when Ryan is all for TPP. Ryan is also for open borders. He’s too friendly with illegal aliens and Muslims. Ryan is all for the things that Trump is fighting so hard for so it doesn’t make any sense for Trump to endorse Ryan especially when Ryan doesn’t seem to be a Trump fan.

I’m not the only Trump supporter who was disappointed in Trump endorsing Ryan, there are some other Trump supporters who are disappointed as well. I still love Trump and still on the Trump Train, though! There’s a pretty good chance that Ryan is gonna get dumped as Congressman today. If Ryan does lose the re-election as member of House of Rep. does that mean he will no longer be Speaker of the House as well? I’m not sure how that works. We could dump Ryan as House of Reps. member today but he will probably still remain as House Speaker.

Nobody likes Paul Ryan ’cause he’s Obama’s bitch and corrupted like the rest of them. Speaker Ryan needs to go.

If Speaker Ryan gets dumped today then there is hope for America.


BREAKING NEWS: John Boehner to resign as House Speaker! About freakin’ time!!!

Over the years, I realize that both liberals and conservatives hate John Boehner the House Speaker so there is one thing that we both can agree on that Boehner is horrible. I never liked Boehner ’cause he has always been Obama’s protector and lapdog.

Is the reasoning for Boehner’s sudden resigning is because he’s finally realized that he isn’t that popular? I know calls for him to resign has been on the rise as of late and that’s probably the reason. He couldn’t take all the pressure of people calling him to resign and finally threw in the towel.


Now lets hope they elect a Speaker who has the guts to take down Obama ’cause it would be cool.


Wow, how long have John Boehner been on the tanning bed???

There’s John Boehner at the House on Capitol Hill. Yep, he predictably makes a surprise appearance… getting lots of handshakes and hugs. Unfortunately, he still gets a lot of support on the House floor so will he get fired today? Hopefully!!! I’m crossing my fingers and praying he goes today!!!

John is looking like a creep, though. Dark skinned and way too tan. Wow! When the results are in, I’ll post about it asap.


The Republican fight begins… Rep. Louie Gohmert throws hat in the ring to challenge Boehner for Speaker position…

Great news! In order to get rid of Obama as president, gotta rid of Boehner first. If you wanna know why nothing has been done to Obama over the years is ’cause Speaker John Boehner is Obama’s protector and lapdog. Get rid of Boehner as House Speaker, then getting rid of Obama can be possible.


I wish Louie good luck and I stand behind him totally.


I’m happy that Speaker Boehner is finally doing something about Obama but why is he so afraid of impeaching him???

It’s great news to hear that Speaker Boehner is finally doing something about Obama but a lawsuit is not good enough. A lawsuit is pretty cowardly and weak, in my opinion. I still don’t trust Boehner ’cause I think he knows more about Obama’s crimes and scandals better than anybody. I’m starting to think that Boehner is on the move as a way to help get him re-elected as House Speaker. A lawsuit won’t solve anything ’cause Obama’s gonna do whatever it takes to win the dismissal anyway. Obama is gonna get himself a good lawyer. I’ll ask again, why is Boehner so afraid of impeaching him? Somehow this is his little trick of protecting him even more.



Republicans promise Benghazi investigation will not be a circus…

While the Republicans are making plans on how the Benghazi investigation is gonna start, they promise that the investigation is not gonna be a circus. They promise that the investigation will NOT be a Republican vs. Democrat war. They promise that both sides will seek the full truth of Benghazi so it’s looking like that the Dems will cooperate after all.

While that’s good news to hear, I still don’t trust Elijah Cummings. That guy is a liar and a criminal… he’s a piece of work for sure so I have a feeling he’s still gonna give Trey Gowdy a hard time.

The left maybe planning to seek the truth too but they’re truth maybe slightly different than the right, though. I don’t think so. I think both sides are gonna come up with the same conclusion.

Here’s hoping this will be a peaceful investigation without any fights, arguments and drama at Capitol Hill. I am confident they will do a good job. I hope the Dems will be honest even if it turns out that Barack and Hillary were totally responsible.



John Kerry agrees to testify on Benghazi…

Wonder what made John Kerry change his mind??? He wasn’t gonna do it at first but I bet Obama talked him into it behind the scenes. Obama gave him instructions on how to protect him.


All you’re gonna get from him is more lies and playing innocent victim. He may not even talk at all and may just be doing this to plead the 5th like Lois Lerner.

I would put John Kerry in front of Trey Gowdy instead of Darrel Issa. Gowdy doesn’t fuck around, man. He’s the master at forcing the truth out of people no matter how difficult it is.


Justice is coming, Obama will be finished!!!

Get ’em Trey Gowdy!!!


Trey will show those liberals/democrats that 4 deaths is no phony scandal. Benghazi was the real deal and it matters ’cause Ambassador Stevens was an important figure to our country.

I’m willing to bet that it’s gonna turn out that Benghazi was a gun running operation and they killed Ambassador Stevens ’cause he knew about it and he was going to report to the military about it to stop it from happening. That’s why the Obama administration never sent military help ’cause if the military went there to save lives… they would’ve discovered that a gun running operation was going on. That is why that Navy Seal who was one of the 4 was killed there ’cause he knew about the gun running operation too. Those 4 guys tried to defend us ’cause they knew about the gun running operation. The left should be treating them like heroes but instead the left treats them negatively and they don’t care a bit.

It’ll also turn out that Ambassador Stevens was beaten, raped, sodomized and paraded around town by Muslim people… there’s photos and youtube footage of that all over google showing that incident where Muslims were carrying Chris Stevens. They weren’t taking him to a hospital at all.

As expected, Trey Gowdy is getting a lot of death threats from liberals which is predictable. I pray for his safety and praying that he gets to the truth without getting himself killed by angry liberals or the Obama administration. Trey could get assassinated if he got too close to the truth and I hope nothing like that happens to him. I mean, isn’t that how Ambassador Stevens got killed ’cause he knew too much? Same thing could happen to Trey Gowdy. Trey could be next on Obama’s “mysteriously killed” list. Lets hope nothing like that happens.

Liberals and democrats really need to stop protecting criminals. They do it for their own political agenda and to help save their careers. Liberals are scared of Obama going to jail. It’s fucking nuts, man. If they want to support their murderer president, by all means, go for it. I really can’t wait to see how liberals are going to respond once the full truth finally comes out. Be ready for this one folks.

I’ll keep the Benghazi comments open but I’ll continue to delete your shit if I don’t like what you post.


As expected, Speaker John Boehner’s select committee voting announcement upsets the liberals…

It was too predictable that today’s Benghazi announcement from Speaker Boehner was gonna upset the liberals. The liberals are raging mad about it. WOW! I think I’ve pretty much proven my point that the left can be more hateful and aggressive than the conservatives. I think the only reason that liberals are upset is ’cause they don’t want to see their hero president, Barack Obama get into trouble. They know that’s coming for him and they aren’t liking it. The full Benghazi investigation could lead to Obama impeachment and they don’t want it to happen. If you really think an Obama impeachment will NEVER happen, you’re fucking delusional. Of course it can happen and it will. If you don’t like Obama getting into trouble over Benghazi, well… that’s too bad.

I’m reading comments from liberals in facebook and they are calling republicans in Congress all kinds of hateful things like bigots, racists, etc. Nothing new. Liberals want the republicans to stop and move on from this. Why? Because they don’t wanna see Barack Obama get into trouble.

People also mistakenly believe that people won’t do anything to Barack Obama ’cause they are afraid of being called racists. Well today’s official announcement that the full investigation has been confirmed is proof that the people at Capitol Hill don’t care what color the skin someone is, they are gonna get held accountable if they do something bad.

Like it or not, John Boehner did the right move and I’m actually happy for him that he did that. When you get an e-mail like the Ben Rhodes and Susan Rice thing… it should be looked into. Something like that can’t be ignored and needs to be investigated, ya know? That e-mail seemed like they were planning something criminal… that’s why the House had to do what they had to do today.

I am predicting the Benghazi case will be solved this year and Barack Obama will be out of office in 2015 or even sooner. I’ve been saying it for days that it could happen. This could be it, guys. Barack Obama will be finished. He’s going down.

This is why I had to stop all debates and responses on my Benghazi and anti-Obama stuff ’cause I don’t need liberals attacking me. So I’m gonna keep all Benghazi comments closed until the whole thing is over ’cause I don’t need you guys acting like Obama is innocent.

It has been confirmed that Obama wasn’t in the Situation Room during the Benghazi attacks so he had to be somewhere else.

The reason the Obama administration have been covering themselves up is because they don’t want people finding out that they have been sending guns to terrorists. That’s why they killed Ambassador Stevens ’cause he found out about it.

Trey Gowdy is the one leading the select committee and he’s the perfect choice to do so. I’m glad Boehner picked Gowdy. Gowdy will give the Obama administration the smackdown. Gowdy will be the one to get the truth out of them.

I’m betting your money that Barack and Hillary will be found responsible for Benghazi. They planned the attack. They knew exactly what they were doing and know exactly what they wanted. It doesn’t matter how long ago it was. Benghazi is pretty serious and it does “make a difference”.

It’ll be good for America if Obama will get impeached and arrested. We deserve our country back. You liberals don’t realize what he’s doing to our homeland.


Just announced from Speaker John Boehner, the House will vote to establish a select committee!!! YES!!!

Pretty exciting news!!! It’s about fucking time too! Like I said 2014 will be the year that we will get to the bottom of Benghazi and we will finally have a closure. It’s time for those to be held accountable.

This administration is going down. Not just Obama, all of them: Kerry, Biden, Rice, H. Clinton, Carney, Holder, etc. Time to get rid of them all and throw ’em in prison where they belong.

Never forget Benghazi!