Justice is coming, Obama will be finished!!!

Get ’em Trey Gowdy!!!


Trey will show those liberals/democrats that 4 deaths is no phony scandal. Benghazi was the real deal and it matters ’cause Ambassador Stevens was an important figure to our country.

I’m willing to bet that it’s gonna turn out that Benghazi was a gun running operation and they killed Ambassador Stevens ’cause he knew about it and he was going to report to the military about it to stop it from happening. That’s why the Obama administration never sent military help ’cause if the military went there to save lives… they would’ve discovered that a gun running operation was going on. That is why that Navy Seal who was one of the 4 was killed there ’cause he knew about the gun running operation too. Those 4 guys tried to defend us ’cause they knew about the gun running operation. The left should be treating them like heroes but instead the left treats them negatively and they don’t care a bit.

It’ll also turn out that Ambassador Stevens was beaten, raped, sodomized and paraded around town by Muslim people… there’s photos and youtube footage of that all over google showing that incident where Muslims were carrying Chris Stevens. They weren’t taking him to a hospital at all.

As expected, Trey Gowdy is getting a lot of death threats from liberals which is predictable. I pray for his safety and praying that he gets to the truth without getting himself killed by angry liberals or the Obama administration. Trey could get assassinated if he got too close to the truth and I hope nothing like that happens to him. I mean, isn’t that how Ambassador Stevens got killed ’cause he knew too much? Same thing could happen to Trey Gowdy. Trey could be next on Obama’s “mysteriously killed” list. Lets hope nothing like that happens.

Liberals and democrats really need to stop protecting criminals. They do it for their own political agenda and to help save their careers. Liberals are scared of Obama going to jail. It’s fucking nuts, man. If they want to support their murderer president, by all means, go for it. I really can’t wait to see how liberals are going to respond once the full truth finally comes out. Be ready for this one folks.

I’ll keep the Benghazi comments open but I’ll continue to delete your shit if I don’t like what you post.


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