Republicans promise Benghazi investigation will not be a circus…

While the Republicans are making plans on how the Benghazi investigation is gonna start, they promise that the investigation is not gonna be a circus. They promise that the investigation will NOT be a Republican vs. Democrat war. They promise that both sides will seek the full truth of Benghazi so it’s looking like that the Dems will cooperate after all.

While that’s good news to hear, I still don’t trust Elijah Cummings. That guy is a liar and a criminal… he’s a piece of work for sure so I have a feeling he’s still gonna give Trey Gowdy a hard time.

The left maybe planning to seek the truth too but they’re truth maybe slightly different than the right, though. I don’t think so. I think both sides are gonna come up with the same conclusion.

Here’s hoping this will be a peaceful investigation without any fights, arguments and drama at Capitol Hill. I am confident they will do a good job. I hope the Dems will be honest even if it turns out that Barack and Hillary were totally responsible.


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