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Why couldn’t Obama himself be in France instead of John Kerry and James Taylor? What an embarrassment!!!

Is this the best the US can do to apologize to Americans and France for missing the rally??? What’s wrong with Obama himself apologizing and sending his condolences to the families & friends of the 12 victims in France? I’m talking about Obama HIMSELF! Not John Kerry. Not James Taylor. Not someone else from the government.

Ah well… I guess it’s better not to have Obama there ’cause all he’s gonna do is spew out a bunch of bullshit and continue refusing to call the Paris attacks “radical Islam” anyways.

Yeah, I’m sure dumbass and ignorant losers will continue to defend on why Obama couldn’t be there but yes, Obama can absolutely be there. He’s president of the United States, all he have to do is jump on board Air Force One, spend our tax money and fly over there.

A real US president WOULD HAVE been there. Bush and Reagan would have flown over there asap to show their respects.

A no-show from Obama HIMSELF proves even more that he just doesn’t give a shit. Wake-up America. Obama is anti-America and Muslim sympathizer… that’s why he didn’t go.


John Kerry agrees to testify on Benghazi…

Wonder what made John Kerry change his mind??? He wasn’t gonna do it at first but I bet Obama talked him into it behind the scenes. Obama gave him instructions on how to protect him.


All you’re gonna get from him is more lies and playing innocent victim. He may not even talk at all and may just be doing this to plead the 5th like Lois Lerner.

I would put John Kerry in front of Trey Gowdy instead of Darrel Issa. Gowdy doesn’t fuck around, man. He’s the master at forcing the truth out of people no matter how difficult it is.


House Committee subpoenas John Kerry over Benghazi documents… FINALLY!!!!

It’s time, guys…. Darrel Issa has set a May 21st hearing date for John Kerry to come forward with the Benghazi documents that this administration kept hidden from us. John Boehner actually went on to it, too!!!


Boehner is also “seriously considering” a select-committee to move forward with the Benghazi investigations so it’s definitely looking like that Boehner haven’t been protecting the Obama administration at all. Boehner wants answers just like a lot of us.


Like I said, that latest Benghazi e-mail that exposed Susan Rice is good enough to get the full investigation going. It is now time to act. Now time to respond.

There’s gotta be a reason why this administration kept the documents from us. I think they are stuff on it they don’t want us to see. The documents will probably show that Obama and Hillary planned the attack together.

I don’t think Kerry will come forward with the documents, though. You can betcha, he’ll continue to lie and protect Obama so talking to him or anybody in the administration would be like talking to a brick wall.