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Speaker Boehner will get my respect for this one time, he actually did a good thing for once!!!

I’m definitely looking forward to hearing the Netanyahu speech and can’t wait to hear it! I’m sure Netanyahu will have a lot to say about Iran, radical Islam, Obama, terrorism, and I’m sure Netanyahu will have a lot of good things to say about us Americans.

Of course, Obama is not liking Netanyahu coming to Washington and Obummer is gonna do whatever it takes to stop him. Netanyahu should be protected with bodyguards ’cause Obummer is a very dangerous man and you never know what Obummer has planned for Netanyahu. Netanyahu’s life could be in danger.

I’m sure Netanyahu will make the speech safely. Obummer is such a coward, can’t you see that?

The speech is scheduled in March and Congress will probably stream it live on the web. I’m probably gonna watch it too. I hope Netanyahu destroys Obama. Obama deserved this and he had it coming. Speaker Boehner will get my respect just for this one time but I still don’t trust him, though. This was pretty ballsy for Boehner to do.


The House reauthorizes Trey Gowdy’s committee for Benghazi investigation…

The Republican controlled House convened yesterday and what was one of the first things they did after Boehner got re-elected as House Speaker? Yep, you betcha. They reauthorized Trey Gowdy’s Select Committee on Benghazi. They extended the investigation to make it go through 2015.


Well, this is one thing that Republicans and Boehner did right.

This is for sure gonna upset those delusional libtards. I don’t know why libtards are so scared of Benghazi. I think the only reason is that they are scared to learn the truth that Barack and Hillary are murderers and they hate hearing it. They are just scared that prison might be coming for them.

The truth of Benghazi deserves to get known. I really wanna know the truth myself.


Wow, how long have John Boehner been on the tanning bed???

There’s John Boehner at the House on Capitol Hill. Yep, he predictably makes a surprise appearance… getting lots of handshakes and hugs. Unfortunately, he still gets a lot of support on the House floor so will he get fired today? Hopefully!!! I’m crossing my fingers and praying he goes today!!!

John is looking like a creep, though. Dark skinned and way too tan. Wow! When the results are in, I’ll post about it asap.


Benghazi investigation is really moving forward, can’t believe this is really happening!!!

Trey Gowdy releases statement on being picked as chairman for select committee:


Speaker Boehner releases names of Republicans who are officially select committee members:


As expected no Democrats named for select committee. Who cares. Let them cowards go. I’m sure the Republicans will do a great job without them.

It’s going to be difficult to get all of those documents and other evidence (’cause I’m willing to bet the Obama admin. is hiding them all) but I’m sure they’ll find some stuff and they’ll find a way to get everything.

A lot of people mistakenly believe that nothing will happen to Obama and Hillary even if the truth comes out but I disagree. I think they will be held accountable once too much info and evidence gets out there. They shouldn’t get away with something like this at all. If it turns out to be murder after all and that’s what they wanted… I think it’s worthy to be handed over to law enforcement and F.B.I. That’s what Congress will do.

Mr. President, WE’RE COMING FOR YOU!!!!

Never forget Benghazi.



House Committee subpoenas John Kerry over Benghazi documents… FINALLY!!!!

It’s time, guys…. Darrel Issa has set a May 21st hearing date for John Kerry to come forward with the Benghazi documents that this administration kept hidden from us. John Boehner actually went on to it, too!!!


Boehner is also “seriously considering” a select-committee to move forward with the Benghazi investigations so it’s definitely looking like that Boehner haven’t been protecting the Obama administration at all. Boehner wants answers just like a lot of us.


Like I said, that latest Benghazi e-mail that exposed Susan Rice is good enough to get the full investigation going. It is now time to act. Now time to respond.

There’s gotta be a reason why this administration kept the documents from us. I think they are stuff on it they don’t want us to see. The documents will probably show that Obama and Hillary planned the attack together.

I don’t think Kerry will come forward with the documents, though. You can betcha, he’ll continue to lie and protect Obama so talking to him or anybody in the administration would be like talking to a brick wall.


Welp, here we go… Obama playing world police again with something that has nothing to do with us…

Yep, Obama is just too predictable. It was only a matter of time that Obama was going to respond to the Nairobi mall attacks at his home country of Kenya. Obama’s already at work, sending out Navy Seals, raiding a seaside home in Somalia which is where the leader of Al-shabaab lives. While the Nairobi mall attacks was tragic and heartbreaking, once again that has nothing to do with us much like with the Syria gas-attacks. The only reason Obama is responding to the Nairobi mall attacks ’cause Obama stands behind his home people of Kenya. YES, HIS HOME! Is this not a good enough clue that Obama could be born there?

This is our fifth day of Government shutdown. A woman shot dead by police in D.C. and a man dies by setting himself on fire at the National Mall. We also have all kinds of memorials and national parks getting closed ’cause of shutdown. Five fucking days of shutdown… Obama is not talking and yet he goes raiding in Somalia in response to the Nairobi mall attacks?

Is this not good enough to see that Obama is nothing but a fuckin’ tyrant and dictator? People want to blame Harry Reid and John Boehner for the shutdown, when the real blame should go to no one other than Obama himself… why do you think he’s not talking? Funny how the shutdown happened when they were just about ready to make a decision on Obamacare.

I wonder how much longer the shutdown will go on? It could go on for the rest of Obama’s presidency. We had many shutdowns before but this could be the longest shutdown in history. We had two deaths in D.C. during the shutdown and people will do more crazy things.

While it’s nice that both the right and the left see that the government overall are a bunch of evil pricks; however, the left still has a problem that they think Obama is still a good guy. They think the shutdown is not Obama’s fault. HA! Which is typical ’cause the liberals will defend Obama no matter what happens. Some of them even side with Harry Reid and they blame Boehner for the shtudown since he’s republican.

This should be no surprise that Obama wouldn’t negotiate with the shutdown just like he doesn’t negotiate with everything else. Least transparent president.