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Hillary is not the only one with a health problem: what about Obama, Bill Clinton, Harry Reid???

It’s nice to see that Hillary’s health got out there but she isn’t the only one with a health problem. What about Obama, Bill Clinton and Harry Reid?

As for Obama: Looking really skinny and he seems to be getting skinnier. Speaking voice is getting worse. He used to be a good speaker admittedly but his speaking voice these days… uggghhhh. A lot of stuttering and mumbling. Plus his face doesn’t look too well either.

As for Bill Clinton: Both Hillary and Bill have a health problem. Look at Bill at his speeches and you can tell there is something wrong with him too. What is wrong with Bill’s skin? Does he have AIDS from banging too many women or his bad skin from doing too much coke?

As for Harry Reid: That guy have been having problems ever since his eye injury. He’s been in and out of the hospital quite a lot I hear.

Again, it’s great that Hillary’s health problem got out there but when will the health problem of the other three I talked about will get known?

Obama definitely has a health problem. He’s looking worse each time I see him too. That’s what Obama gets when he does too much hard drugs and too much gay sex over the years.


Why I believe Harry Reid getting injured during an exercise is a lie and he’s definitely hiding something…

I did a little research on what happened to Harry Reid’s eye and he is claiming that he got hurt by one of those exercise band things. You know those exercise bands? Those rubber things where you can do exercises with? I can understand that accidents can happen with those rubber exercise bands but those things are pretty harmless really. A rubber exercise band can hit someone in the face and hit you in the eye but the injuries won’t be that serious. It may hurt a little but not that much. I don’t see how a rubber exercise band can cause someone to have his or her eye to get close shut, have bruises on their face and have broken ribs. You really think a rubber exercise band can do all that?

I’ve worked out with rubber exercise bands before and have them snapped on me but I didn’t get sent to the hospital over those things.

This is why I find Harry Reid’s exercise injury is bullshit and he’s definitely hiding something from everyone. He won’t let us see his right eye ’cause why? Probably because it’s gonna look like that someone punched him in the face multiple times and he’s trying to hide that. I don’t see how a rubber band exercise equipment can cause someone to go to the hospital and have many surgeries.


This is why I believe he’s hiding something from us and I believe somebody did something to him. I would imagine that the reason he’s keeping his beating secret ’cause if he told the whole world what happened and who beat him up, his life would be in danger. Like if he said anything, he would suffer consequences.

I’m no fan of Harry Reid and not defending him but this whole thing is looking very suspicious and I wouldn’t be surprised that Barack is behind it. There’s no doubt in my mind that Harry was beat up pretty badly. Got punched in the face multiple times and possibly kicked him in the ribs too. An exercise band couldn’t have gave him all those injuries… it’s all crock of shit. Wonder what Harry did that pissed Barack off, something definitely did happen.


Harry Reid, you’re FIRED!!!

Even more exciting news that Obama’s lapdog, Harry Reid is terminated. In the words of Donald Trump, “Harry Reid, you’re fired!!!” Now that Harry Reid is officially done as Senate Majority Leader, it’ll be interesting to see how things go now that Obama’s protector is gone. Will all of Obama’s crimes like Benghazi, Operation: F&F, IRS, NSA, Obamacare, etc. start to unravel and will hopefully expose Obama the criminal that he is? We’ll have to wait and see what happens. Now that Harry Reid is done and Republicans took over Congress we should soon get more truths of all of Obama’s scandals. Just wait for it.

Here’s what’s gonna happen now that Republicans took over Congress, they’re gonna fight back at Obama’s illegal executive orders, they’re gonna try to get rid of Obamacare and they’re gonna try to force him to consult with Congress before trying something. They could also start working on trying to impeach Obama too.

This is a pretty exciting week. Obama’s days as president could be done very soon, that’s my next prediction.


Wanna take down Obama? Easy!!! Get rid of Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader… then Obama’s done!!!

The reason that nothing have been done to President Obama and why he hasn’t been held accountable for anything yet ’cause that scum bag, Harry Reid have been protecting Obama after all this time. It’s all Harry Reid who have been doing nothing but covering Obama on all of his crimes and scandals. That’s how Obama is getting away with everything ’cause Harry Reid is his right hand man.

Harry Reid has been the who have been helping Obama to protect him over Benghazi, Operation: F&F, IRS, NSA, Obamacare, the VA Scandals, the Bergdahl prisoner trade in, etc.

Harry said it himself back in 2012, “We would do whatever we can to protect the President of the United States”.

They have been doing just that. This is why liberal media like NBC, CBS, MSNBC and all the big ones haven’t been aggressive on Obama. It’s all because of Harry Reid have been protecting Obama over the media too.

In order to take down Obama from office, we need to get rid of Harry Reid somehow. Once Harry Reid is done, then Obama won’t have anyone to cover for him.

Hopefully, Harry gets voted out in November. If not, then we gotta do something about him in order to get rid of Obama.

Harry seems to know more about Obama’s crimes than anybody. They need to put Harry Reid in front of Trey Gowdy for the upcoming Benghazi hearings. If Trey finds out that Harry knows that Obama and Hillary were involved with the Benghazi attacks, then Harry will get prison too.

Hopefully we get lucky and Harry gets voted out in November. This guy is a piece of shit and he needs to go.


What Cliven Bundy did was very heroic and inspiring…

What Cliven Bundy did was very heroic and inspiring. This man didn’t do this for himself. He did it to make a difference in America and fight for Constitutional rights. He had every right to own those cows and they were completely “legal”. Cliven Bundy and his team fighting back and was successful at getting the Feds to leave was pretty amazing stuff. He was also successful at getting the BLN to release the cows back to him.

This man deserves a Noble peace prize. I’m sure liberals and other people will have a different opinion on this. Some would think those cows were illegal for him to own and some would think he got away with it but no matter what you think of him… Cliven Bundy won. This man was very brave and had a lot of balls to fight back at our government. He couldn’t take no shit so he stood up for himself and the American people.

This felt like the Wild West. Like those Western movies… John Wayne or Clint Eastwood. I can absolutely see Hollywood making a movie based on this just like they did with Tom Hanks and Captain Phillips.

This incident is VERY similar to other incidents like the Benghazi attacks and Operation: F&F. So hopefully this is good enough to see that the government were responsible for Benghazi and Operation: F&F after to what they did with Cliven Bundy. You’re just working and living your daily lives and suddenly you get surrounded by armed men in a very quick time. That’s what happened on all of these incidents.

I’m glad the Cliven Bundy incident ended positively ’cause it could have been worse. There could have been deaths out of this and glad people weren’t hurt or even killed.

I’m afraid this isn’t over yet, though. I’m feeling the Obama administration and the Feds aren’t gonna give up on him. They’ll find other ways to get him. I feel for Cliven’s safety now, though. He could be next on Obama’s “mysterious” accident list.


Welp, here we go… Obama playing world police again with something that has nothing to do with us…

Yep, Obama is just too predictable. It was only a matter of time that Obama was going to respond to the Nairobi mall attacks at his home country of Kenya. Obama’s already at work, sending out Navy Seals, raiding a seaside home in Somalia which is where the leader of Al-shabaab lives. While the Nairobi mall attacks was tragic and heartbreaking, once again that has nothing to do with us much like with the Syria gas-attacks. The only reason Obama is responding to the Nairobi mall attacks ’cause Obama stands behind his home people of Kenya. YES, HIS HOME! Is this not a good enough clue that Obama could be born there?

This is our fifth day of Government shutdown. A woman shot dead by police in D.C. and a man dies by setting himself on fire at the National Mall. We also have all kinds of memorials and national parks getting closed ’cause of shutdown. Five fucking days of shutdown… Obama is not talking and yet he goes raiding in Somalia in response to the Nairobi mall attacks?

Is this not good enough to see that Obama is nothing but a fuckin’ tyrant and dictator? People want to blame Harry Reid and John Boehner for the shutdown, when the real blame should go to no one other than Obama himself… why do you think he’s not talking? Funny how the shutdown happened when they were just about ready to make a decision on Obamacare.

I wonder how much longer the shutdown will go on? It could go on for the rest of Obama’s presidency. We had many shutdowns before but this could be the longest shutdown in history. We had two deaths in D.C. during the shutdown and people will do more crazy things.

While it’s nice that both the right and the left see that the government overall are a bunch of evil pricks; however, the left still has a problem that they think Obama is still a good guy. They think the shutdown is not Obama’s fault. HA! Which is typical ’cause the liberals will defend Obama no matter what happens. Some of them even side with Harry Reid and they blame Boehner for the shtudown since he’s republican.

This should be no surprise that Obama wouldn’t negotiate with the shutdown just like he doesn’t negotiate with everything else. Least transparent president.


About the Capitol Hill car chase and shootings…

Today, a tragic incident happened in D.C. I didn’t hear about it yet ’cause I was gone most of the day. I went to the mall for the day and didn’t hear about the Capitol Hill tragedy until I got home earlier this evening.

A young woman named Miriam Carey who is 34 (she was black too) crashed her car into the White House barricade and police chased her through Pennsylvannia Avenue where Congress was in session. Police did a lot of shooting and shot the woman dead in her car with her child in it.

Wow! Un-fucking-believable! First the Navy Yard shooter and now this happened!

While I agree that it was wrong for this woman to resist the police after crashing into the White House barricade… it was wrong for the police to kill this woman. I’m actually with everybody on the internet on this one. They could have easily stopped the car and arrested her! Not shoot her dead with a child in a car. Is this police brutality? I would definitely say so! This poor child is going to live with this and that’s what sad about it.

I don’t know if this woman intentionally tried to crash into the White House as if it’s her way of protesting the government but these things will happen more and more if our government doesn’t straighten up. These things will get worse in D.C., trust me, folks. You can betcha Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will get themselves into this since a black person was involved.

We’re in our third day of Government shutdown and it’s all because of that asshole Harry Reid and Obama himself had a huge hand in the shutdown. They’re trying to save their precious Obamacare, that’s why they did it. Obama hasn’t negotiated yet and don’t expect him too.

Welcome to America, folks!