Why I believe Harry Reid getting injured during an exercise is a lie and he’s definitely hiding something…

I did a little research on what happened to Harry Reid’s eye and he is claiming that he got hurt by one of those exercise band things. You know those exercise bands? Those rubber things where you can do exercises with? I can understand that accidents can happen with those rubber exercise bands but those things are pretty harmless really. A rubber exercise band can hit someone in the face and hit you in the eye but the injuries won’t be that serious. It may hurt a little but not that much. I don’t see how a rubber exercise band can cause someone to have his or her eye to get close shut, have bruises on their face and have broken ribs. You really think a rubber exercise band can do all that?

I’ve worked out with rubber exercise bands before and have them snapped on me but I didn’t get sent to the hospital over those things.

This is why I find Harry Reid’s exercise injury is bullshit and he’s definitely hiding something from everyone. He won’t let us see his right eye ’cause why? Probably because it’s gonna look like that someone punched him in the face multiple times and he’s trying to hide that. I don’t see how a rubber band exercise equipment can cause someone to go to the hospital and have many surgeries.


This is why I believe he’s hiding something from us and I believe somebody did something to him. I would imagine that the reason he’s keeping his beating secret ’cause if he told the whole world what happened and who beat him up, his life would be in danger. Like if he said anything, he would suffer consequences.

I’m no fan of Harry Reid and not defending him but this whole thing is looking very suspicious and I wouldn’t be surprised that Barack is behind it. There’s no doubt in my mind that Harry was beat up pretty badly. Got punched in the face multiple times and possibly kicked him in the ribs too. An exercise band couldn’t have gave him all those injuries… it’s all crock of shit. Wonder what Harry did that pissed Barack off, something definitely did happen.


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