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Midterms results thoughts… Republicans didn’t get the House and Cuomo won third term NY governor but we still did well…

It was an interesting Midterm election yesterday. I was watching the results on C-Span last night and watching the results on the internet. Did we get the Red Wave like we were hoping? Not really. The election was so and so. Both Dems and Republicans were winning all over. There were some things about the election last night that I was happy and wasn’t happy about.

Things I weren’t happy about were Andrew Cuomo winning third term which was kind of predictable and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez winning her Congres seat. Of course, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren getting re-elected, I was pissed off at those as well but what do you know? This is politics.

I think there really was a “Red Wave”… it’s just that Democratic voter fraud is still a problem. Politicians are still committing voter fraud out there especially Andrew Cuomo. I believe the NY elections are totally rigged.

It’s really hard to beat liberals ’cause they are still a dominating force in America whether you want to admit it or not. Liberals are everywhere. I’m surrounded by liberals everywhere I go. NY is still a blue state and it’s probably gonna be a blue state for a long time. NY is a mostly liberal state. It pisses me off but what are you gonna do? Just gotta deal with it, I guess.

I maybe pissed Cuomo got re-elected but I’m not going to beat people up for supporting him and I’m not going to verbally attack those who voted him. It was the same with Obama when he got elected and re-elected, I dealt with it. You learn to accept it and move on with life. Liberals should take that advice.

I must be honest though is that it’s real scary that liberals do support people like Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. I can’t stand that nutjob. She’s a real nutjob and insane just like most liberals are so I can see why they love her. I think she’s the most annoying female politician I’ve ever seen. She’s not pretty to look at either and can’t stand looking at her face. She’s a freak for sure and the left loves her? LMAO! No surprise really ’cause libtards are always supporting weird people. Those politicians that libs support are never a likeable person so go figure.

Anyway, I’m not worried about liberals taking back control of the House now. We have a mostly conservative SCOTUS, we have a mostly Republican Senate and we have Donald Trump as president so we’re good, thank you.

One thing I’m happy with the election last night is that Elise Stefanik got re-elected third term like I predicted and glad Tedra Cobb lost. I’m also glad Ted Cruz won so liberals gotta be upset with that one.

I gotta say though that Donald Trump is the master at getting people to go out and vote. A lot of politicians are bad at it, some are good at it but Trump is the best at it. Trump sure knows how to get people all fired up on voting and he does the best job getting people out of their homes to go out and vote. Why is he the best at that? Well him being the CEO of a major empire, he probably got all that from doing his masterful negotiations in the past. The man really knows how to talk to people.

It was a pretty interesting election.


Just voted for the midterms early this morning, voted all Republican…


Yes, I did vote for the midterms today. Went real early first thing in the morning. It wasn’t raining out this morning and while the weather was halfway decent, I decided to ride the bike into town and headed down to the polls. I voted real early like 7 in the morning or something like that ’cause I wanted to get it out of the way.

I voted all Republican. I had to. It was the best thing for me to do ’cause why? The Republican party is the Trump party. It’s also the party of Israel. It’s also the party of supporting the 2nd amendment. It’s also the party of supporting law enforcement and the military. It’s also the party of affordable health care and more jobs. It’s also the party of lower taxes. It’s also the party being a patriot and loving the country. It’s also the party of “no open borders”.

The Democrat party is the exact opposite of all those things. That’s why we got to say “no” to the left today. I think there’s a very big chance we’re going to win BIG tonight once the polls closes at 9 p.m. I’m going to be watching the election results all night, I think.

Some of you may ask. Who did I vote for governor? I voted for Marc Molinaro, of course. I’m not really a fan of Larry Sharpe. To be honest, I don’t really care who wins governor as long as we get Gov. Cuomo out. One thing that the left and the right can actually agree on is that Andrew Cuomo is nothing but a piece of garbage which is really good to know. I’m hoping Cuomo will get voted out tonight and there’s pretty good chance he will get voted out. The mainstream media are definitely going to try and scare us and make lies that Cuomo is winning but don’t be intimidated by the media. I think we got this… voting out Cuomo ’cause no one likes him. There’s a pretty good chance that we’ll say goodbye to Cuomo tonight.

This is going to be an interesting election, though. I think the red side will do really well tonight. The left is gonna be upset once again, just watch. I predict that the Republicans are gonna kick ass and they already are.

I feel no regrets voting all Republican. I was very excited and proud to do it ’cause there’s no way in hell I’ll vote Democrat again that’s for sure. The Democrat party sucks and they are getting worse. Time to flush ’em out for good. A blue wave is not gonna happen. Trust me.


I’m tired of libtard media making the GOP look like bad guys, this has gotta stop…

I think all the so-called journalists in libtard media need to hang themselves and get a real job. Seriously. All of this is pretty disgusting to me.

Politico are the ones doing all the fabricating and here is more proof of that.


Once again, it’s pretty strange how everybody wants to get all over Ben Carson’s past but nobody gives Barack Obama any flak on his secretive past. Obama kept most of his past life hidden so he could do anything to get elected president. You never see the media getting all over Barack Obama about his shady past. When you question Obama’s past, you’ll quickly get labeled as a “conspiracy theorist”. You never see the media question Obama’s obsession with Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky. You never see the media question Obama’s association with Pentagon bomber, Bill Ayers. You don’t see the media bringing up Obama’s sealed college records and you don’t see the media questioning Obama about going to college as a “foreign student”. Instead you see the media reporting stuff about Obama’s spotify playlist and how he’s inviting the clock kid to the White House.

Now you can understand why I hate the news? Anybody that pays attention to the mainstream media and takes them seriously is an uneducated loser. You know how the media likes to make Democrats look like good guys and Republicans look like bad guys? Well it’s really the other way around, it really is. Something’s gotta be done about our mainstream media. The liberal bias in the media has gotta stop.

The media is messing with the wrong guy like Carson. You want to mess with a guy like Carson, prepare for the pitbull to be unleashed ’cause this guy will fight back hard and he doesn’t give a shit. You think he’s gonna cave in to the liberals and step out of the race? Not a chance. This guy is tough and is a fighter. Just like Donald Trump, Ben Carson is also in it to win it. Ben Carson isn’t gonna give up no matter what happens. Trust me, he’s a tough dude. I’ve been following this guy for years myself.


Dr. Ben Carson calls out Obama’s hypocrisy when accusing the GOP of being afraid of CNBC…


At a fundraiser in New York City, Obama calls out the Republicans and accusing them of not being able to handle a debate on CNBC. Which means that Barack is making fun of the GOP of being afraid of liberal media.

Ahem… kind of funny coming from a guy who is afraid of FOX News criticism. Barack can’t handle FOX News. Hypocrite Barack. Nothing new here.


Barack may have had a few interviews with Bill O’ Reilly on the FOX News channel but did Barack go to the FOX News studio to have it there? No, instead Barack usually invites Bill to the oval office. Not sure how many interviews Barack had with Bill… I think it was just the Superbowl interview from last year. Not sure if he had any others with Bill.

Anyway, Barack shouldn’t be criticizing the Republicans of being afraid of CNBC when he’s totally afraid of FOX News. Barack is always criticizing FOX News all the time and always complaining about how he is being unfairly treated by them. If I must say again, hypocrite Barack.

Barack has done interviews for other networks and appeared on late night talk shows, I’m sure he’s capable of doing interviews for FOX News shows but he hasn’t done any other than Bill O’ Reilly. The man is such a coward and a hypocrite.


After the CNBC debacle w/ GOP Debate no. 3, that’s good enough to show that the media is on one side…

I thought news journalism was supposed to be to help keep the government honest regardless of political views? Instead, the media seems to be siding with a political party and that’s the left. The liberal party. If you wanna know why a lot of people these days have “far left” political views, blame the corrupted media.

The Chairman of the RNC just wrote a letter announcing that the GOP are suspending partnership with NBC for the Feb. 26 2016 debate.


I’m tired of “one-sided” politics and the GOP Debate No. 3 should be good enough to prove that.

When Donald Trump gets elected in office, he’s probably gonna change the way the media reports its news. I’m not saying get rid of “liberal” politics from the news completely. They should bring some “conservative” news in the media too, ya know? Mix it up. Be honest on both sides of the spectrum. I appreciate the media being honest on the GOP but they should be honest on the liberal side too. If you can’t see that the media only stays on the left then you are out of touch of reality for sure. Wake the hell up.


Liberals think Trump surging in the polls is gonna give Hillary Clinton a guarantee win, can I say delusional???

Honestly, libtards do seem to enjoy the fact that Donald Trump is doing well in the polls, I have been noticing that ’cause the reason is they think it’s helping the Democrat side. Hillary maybe at 58% and the Donald maybe at about 20% but I think pretty soon Trump will go higher than Hillary… give it time. If Trump keeps up the good work, telling the truth and all… he could get higher than Hillary in the polls. More people will get turned off by Hillary and stop supporting her when more info about Benghazi and other of her scandals come out.



Honestly, I believe the media and Hillary are cheating this election ’cause I believe Hillary’s high poll numbers are fake at best. Lies by the mainstream media for sure.

I’m pretty confident that the Donald is gonna kick ass in this election. Hillary or Bernie won’t stand a chance.

The media also like to make lies that both candidates the Donald and Hillary can’t be trusted. Really? From what I’m seeing Americans don’t trust Hillary at all and it’s quite clear people trust Donald Trump more. The media doesn’t care what the people want at all. The media is doing whatever they can to destroy Hillary & Donald so they can ram Jeb Bush down our throats. Donald Trump surging in the polls is actually helping Jeb Bush surge, it’s not helping the Democrats at all. Media is desperately trying to get Jeb Bush to win the nomination. They don’t want Trump or Hillary as president if you’ve been paying attention. Media wants Jeb Bush, that’s who they’re trying to help.

Hillary’s not gonna make it anyway ’cause at some point, I think pretty soon she’s gonna be held accountable for Benghazi. So hopefully Trey Gowdy will soon prove her guilty and throw her in prison before 2016 even happens.

I’m confident that Donald Trump is gonna win this election all the way. I don’t care what libtards think. Everybody wants Donald Trump to be the next president. Don’t listen to the media’s lies ’cause they can’t be trusted at all.


Elly Maye on the “right vs. left” thing in politics…

This post is right on. I’m so tired of this “right vs. left” in politics when it shouldn’t be like that. Whatever happened to being honest and realistic? Nobody does that anymore. Politics isn’t “left vs. right” at all.

I may have “right-wing” views but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna support all of the GOP. I won’t deny that there are a lot of scum bags and corrupt people in the GOP but YOU need to feel the same for Democrats. If they are a scum bag and corrupt, you should be real about it instead of supporting them just because they are on your team.

That’s the problem with left-wingers. The liberal-left never wants to be realistic with politicians on their own party which is why they have a big problem in defending Hillary and Barack Obama just because they have a D by their name. There is so much evidence and proof that Hillary and Barack O’ are both corrupted and criminal people but those freakin’ liberals never want to be real about it.

There are so many corrupt and criminal people in the Democrat side but everyone wants to defend them just because they have a D by their name. It is getting ridiculous and wish people would knock it off!

Thought that was a good post and thought I would share it.


See? Politics isn’t a “left vs. right” thing… some in the GOP are slamming their own party…

I don’t like Rand Paul anymore but what he said is spot on…


The GOP have been helping Obama arm our enemies like Syria, Isis, etc. Terrorists have gotten much stronger is not because of Democrats in Congress… Republicans have been on it too. John Boehner, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, etc. All helped terrorists get stronger. We have a lot of war mongers in the GOP for sure. I’m not denying that at all.

Plus, many in the GOP are attacking Rand Paul saying that he is unfit to serve the White House and I sort of agree.

Who do I want for president next time? I think I already have decided on somebody but I’m not gonna publicly endorse somebody yet until this person makes the announcement. No it isn’t Rick Santorum although I supported him the last election. I won’t support him this time. I have someone else in mind for president and it isn’t who you think it is.


More and more conservatives are getting turned off by the GOP… here’s why…

Have you noticed that more and more conservatives or “right-wingers” are getting turned off with their own party, the GOP (or Republican)? It’s true. We’re all getting turned off by the GOP. It’s happening more and more. We’re all getting fed up with both, the left and the right in Congress. Why are we getting fed up with the right?

Well, first of all, they refuse to do anything to get Obama held accountable. They won’t do anything to impeach him. They’re not aggressive enough on Barack Obama when they should be. There are a few Republicans who fight back at Obama aggressively but there’s not enough of them. We’re all coming to a realization that the GOP in Congress that they are actually helping Obama’s goal in destroying America. That’s pretty much it, really. Think about it, right.

The GOP backed Obama’s shady TPP deal when they know nothing about it and haven’t even read it. They had behind closed doors and secret meetings with Obama and all that stuff. It seems that the GOP and Obama are on the same team these days and that’s what we’re all getting tired of. We have guys like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell who seems to be Obama’s lapdog.

You see, the liberal left accuses the GOP of being enemies with Obama but they aren’t. They never were. They refuse to go after Obama on Benghazi but instead they go after Hillary. They also refuse to investigate Obama’s past and childhood. They refuse to investigate his birth certificate as well.

If you think today’s politics is a “right vs. left” war, you’re so wrong on that. I despise both parties now. I don’t support any of the GOP candidates ’cause most of them backed Obama’s trade deal. All the trade deal does is gives Obama more power to destroy America. Anything that Obama touches is gonna be bad.

This is further proof that career politicians don’t care about you at all. They don’t care about us. All they care about is more political power and getting votes so they can keep their careers. I really hate both parties: Democrats and the GOP. They’re both messed up and corrupt. It’s turning out that Republicans wanna destroy America too and they’re working with Obama to make that happen.

We’re in big trouble, America. If we don’t wake up soon and get our country back, career politicians are gonna get us all killed and that’s what they want.


Why the Democrat party may have turned their back on Obama… power grab for upcoming Elections????

It seems like that the Democrat party and liberals have finally turned their back on Obama, it’s looking like. The GOP refused to do anything about Obama but now the Democrat party is getting on him. The left is getting on him over this trade thing and I’m noticing that the liberal left is now questioning the death of Bin Laden since Seymour Hersh put that story out. Also, it looks like that Bernie Sanders have joined the Obama bashing bandwagon.

Ummmmmmm… wait… let me get this straight… after all this time that the liberal left gave us so much shit bashing Obama… they’ve seem to have joined the bandwagon? I think it’s definitely a power grab for the upcoming elections for sure.

Ya know, I’m not liking any of the GOP candidates to be honest with you… that includes Rand Paul, Carly and Ted Cruz. Not a big fan of any of them. I’m not a big fan of any of the Democrats; however, if Bernie Sanders gets the nomination… I’ll vote for him ’cause he’s better than Hillary and the corrupt GOP.

I’m real disappointed in the GOP… so from this point on, I’ll never refer myself as Republican but I’ll still have “conservative” views, though. The Republican side in Congress have been really weak and they’re a bunch of cowards.

You see career politicians don’t care about Americans as they claim. They only care about one thing: power. That goes for both sides. Instead of helping the American people, they help each other gain power. We got guys like Speaker John Boehner and Mitch McConnell leaning to the left even though they are GOP aka RINOS. Republicans are quiet about emperor Obama while the Democrats are on the attack of Obama all of a sudden.

What happened? Why did Democrats turn their back on Obama? It definitely seems that Harry Reid and Obama aren’t getting along behind the scenes ’cause remember he’s the Senate Minority Leader. That’s probably part of it.

The Democrats should be careful, though. Obama likes to play revenge and if you piss him off any of them could be on his “hit list” aka mystery death victim.

I don’t like Obama’s Asian trade deal either ’cause anything that Obama touches is gonna be bad. It’s pretty insane that the GOP backs the trade deal. Proves how cowardly the GOP are and how they are afraid of Obama.

Anyway, like I said before, part of the reason the Dems turned their back on Obama is part of the upcoming elections. Dems hoping to get more votes in from conservatives, ya know? That’s probably what it’s all about.

I hate the GOP, man. I’ll confess it. They refuse to do anything about King Obama and his lawlessness. I remember last year in 2014 Democrats were talking about impeaching Obama more than the GOP. So Democrats turning their back on Obama goes way back. It seems that the GOP supports Obama more than the Democrats and it’s disgusting to me. What’s with the switch up? First the GOP got all over on Obama for a while and Democrats supported him… now it’s the way around.

If it’s gonna be the Democrats that will bring down Obama then that would be cool and kudos to them. I’ll never switch my views to the left but I’ll give them my respect if they can take down Obama. Politics can get really weird and crazy for sure.