Why the Democrat party may have turned their back on Obama… power grab for upcoming Elections????

It seems like that the Democrat party and liberals have finally turned their back on Obama, it’s looking like. The GOP refused to do anything about Obama but now the Democrat party is getting on him. The left is getting on him over this trade thing and I’m noticing that the liberal left is now questioning the death of Bin Laden since Seymour Hersh put that story out. Also, it looks like that Bernie Sanders have joined the Obama bashing bandwagon.

Ummmmmmm… wait… let me get this straight… after all this time that the liberal left gave us so much shit bashing Obama… they’ve seem to have joined the bandwagon? I think it’s definitely a power grab for the upcoming elections for sure.

Ya know, I’m not liking any of the GOP candidates to be honest with you… that includes Rand Paul, Carly and Ted Cruz. Not a big fan of any of them. I’m not a big fan of any of the Democrats; however, if Bernie Sanders gets the nomination… I’ll vote for him ’cause he’s better than Hillary and the corrupt GOP.

I’m real disappointed in the GOP… so from this point on, I’ll never refer myself as Republican but I’ll still have “conservative” views, though. The Republican side in Congress have been really weak and they’re a bunch of cowards.

You see career politicians don’t care about Americans as they claim. They only care about one thing: power. That goes for both sides. Instead of helping the American people, they help each other gain power. We got guys like Speaker John Boehner and Mitch McConnell leaning to the left even though they are GOP aka RINOS. Republicans are quiet about emperor Obama while the Democrats are on the attack of Obama all of a sudden.

What happened? Why did Democrats turn their back on Obama? It definitely seems that Harry Reid and Obama aren’t getting along behind the scenes ’cause remember he’s the Senate Minority Leader. That’s probably part of it.

The Democrats should be careful, though. Obama likes to play revenge and if you piss him off any of them could be on his “hit list” aka mystery death victim.

I don’t like Obama’s Asian trade deal either ’cause anything that Obama touches is gonna be bad. It’s pretty insane that the GOP backs the trade deal. Proves how cowardly the GOP are and how they are afraid of Obama.

Anyway, like I said before, part of the reason the Dems turned their back on Obama is part of the upcoming elections. Dems hoping to get more votes in from conservatives, ya know? That’s probably what it’s all about.

I hate the GOP, man. I’ll confess it. They refuse to do anything about King Obama and his lawlessness. I remember last year in 2014 Democrats were talking about impeaching Obama more than the GOP. So Democrats turning their back on Obama goes way back. It seems that the GOP supports Obama more than the Democrats and it’s disgusting to me. What’s with the switch up? First the GOP got all over on Obama for a while and Democrats supported him… now it’s the way around.

If it’s gonna be the Democrats that will bring down Obama then that would be cool and kudos to them. I’ll never switch my views to the left but I’ll give them my respect if they can take down Obama. Politics can get really weird and crazy for sure.


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