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I’m tired of libtard media making the GOP look like bad guys, this has gotta stop…

I think all the so-called journalists in libtard media need to hang themselves and get a real job. Seriously. All of this is pretty disgusting to me.

Politico are the ones doing all the fabricating and here is more proof of that.


Once again, it’s pretty strange how everybody wants to get all over Ben Carson’s past but nobody gives Barack Obama any flak on his secretive past. Obama kept most of his past life hidden so he could do anything to get elected president. You never see the media getting all over Barack Obama about his shady past. When you question Obama’s past, you’ll quickly get labeled as a “conspiracy theorist”. You never see the media question Obama’s obsession with Karl Marx and Saul Alinsky. You never see the media question Obama’s association with Pentagon bomber, Bill Ayers. You don’t see the media bringing up Obama’s sealed college records and you don’t see the media questioning Obama about going to college as a “foreign student”. Instead you see the media reporting stuff about Obama’s spotify playlist and how he’s inviting the clock kid to the White House.

Now you can understand why I hate the news? Anybody that pays attention to the mainstream media and takes them seriously is an uneducated loser. You know how the media likes to make Democrats look like good guys and Republicans look like bad guys? Well it’s really the other way around, it really is. Something’s gotta be done about our mainstream media. The liberal bias in the media has gotta stop.

The media is messing with the wrong guy like Carson. You want to mess with a guy like Carson, prepare for the pitbull to be unleashed ’cause this guy will fight back hard and he doesn’t give a shit. You think he’s gonna cave in to the liberals and step out of the race? Not a chance. This guy is tough and is a fighter. Just like Donald Trump, Ben Carson is also in it to win it. Ben Carson isn’t gonna give up no matter what happens. Trust me, he’s a tough dude. I’ve been following this guy for years myself.