More and more conservatives are getting turned off by the GOP… here’s why…

Have you noticed that more and more conservatives or “right-wingers” are getting turned off with their own party, the GOP (or Republican)? It’s true. We’re all getting turned off by the GOP. It’s happening more and more. We’re all getting fed up with both, the left and the right in Congress. Why are we getting fed up with the right?

Well, first of all, they refuse to do anything to get Obama held accountable. They won’t do anything to impeach him. They’re not aggressive enough on Barack Obama when they should be. There are a few Republicans who fight back at Obama aggressively but there’s not enough of them. We’re all coming to a realization that the GOP in Congress that they are actually helping Obama’s goal in destroying America. That’s pretty much it, really. Think about it, right.

The GOP backed Obama’s shady TPP deal when they know nothing about it and haven’t even read it. They had behind closed doors and secret meetings with Obama and all that stuff. It seems that the GOP and Obama are on the same team these days and that’s what we’re all getting tired of. We have guys like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell who seems to be Obama’s lapdog.

You see, the liberal left accuses the GOP of being enemies with Obama but they aren’t. They never were. They refuse to go after Obama on Benghazi but instead they go after Hillary. They also refuse to investigate Obama’s past and childhood. They refuse to investigate his birth certificate as well.

If you think today’s politics is a “right vs. left” war, you’re so wrong on that. I despise both parties now. I don’t support any of the GOP candidates ’cause most of them backed Obama’s trade deal. All the trade deal does is gives Obama more power to destroy America. Anything that Obama touches is gonna be bad.

This is further proof that career politicians don’t care about you at all. They don’t care about us. All they care about is more political power and getting votes so they can keep their careers. I really hate both parties: Democrats and the GOP. They’re both messed up and corrupt. It’s turning out that Republicans wanna destroy America too and they’re working with Obama to make that happen.

We’re in big trouble, America. If we don’t wake up soon and get our country back, career politicians are gonna get us all killed and that’s what they want.



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