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Elly Maye on the “right vs. left” thing in politics…

This post is right on. I’m so tired of this “right vs. left” in politics when it shouldn’t be like that. Whatever happened to being honest and realistic? Nobody does that anymore. Politics isn’t “left vs. right” at all.

I may have “right-wing” views but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna support all of the GOP. I won’t deny that there are a lot of scum bags and corrupt people in the GOP but YOU need to feel the same for Democrats. If they are a scum bag and corrupt, you should be real about it instead of supporting them just because they are on your team.

That’s the problem with left-wingers. The liberal-left never wants to be realistic with politicians on their own party which is why they have a big problem in defending Hillary and Barack Obama just because they have a D by their name. There is so much evidence and proof that Hillary and Barack O’ are both corrupted and criminal people but those freakin’ liberals never want to be real about it.

There are so many corrupt and criminal people in the Democrat side but everyone wants to defend them just because they have a D by their name. It is getting ridiculous and wish people would knock it off!

Thought that was a good post and thought I would share it.


Elly Maye “10 Reasons Why Hillary Shouldn’t Be President” (Dinesh D’ Souza exclusive)…

Hmmmmmmm… it seems that viral video star, Elly Maye, somehow got Dinesh D’ Souza’s attention… congrats! Once again another great top 10 by Elly Maye! Another video that liberals are gonna hate but oh well. They’re gonna learn that freedom of speech works both ways.

Hillary is unfit for president and it’s really pissing me off that people support her anyway. If libtards wanna support criminals and corrupted people, be my guest.


Elly Maye’s “Top 10 Reasons I’m Not a Democrat” part II…

Since Elly Maye’s first “Top 10 Reasons I’m Not A Democrat” video became a huge hit and went viral, here’s part II. I think she’s doing a great job of how bad the Democrat party really is and so far she’s nailing everything on the head.

I loved it when she said that if you write in a long comment about George W. Bush, you’re probably a liberal and she’s exactly right. Only liberals would blame Bush on everything.

On twitter, I went looking for her so I can follow her tweets but oddly enough, I discovered that she already followed me on twitter a long while back so I’m like, “Cool!”.

I hope she makes a part III and keeps these going. Her channel is entertaining stuff.

We really need more people waking up about the democrat/liberal side of politics. It’s incredible how blind and ignorant a lot of people are about the liberal party.

I’m sure Elly is pissing off a lot of liberals with these videos, HA! Enjoy.