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Even Dinesh D’ Souza is worried about Trump…

Ever since Trump’s shocking announcement that he has no plans to prosecute Hillary, some are now trying to make you understand that it’s the DOJ & FBI’s job to jail her.

Since Jeff Sessions will be the new Attorney General, that means he’ll be in charge of DOJ and FBI. Will Jeff Sessions prosecute Hillary if the FBI finds some stuff about her? If the new FBI director who ever that may be finds some hard enough evidence to indict Hillary, will Jeff Sessions go for it?

Radiohost Bill Mitchell is trying to make you believe that Trump is trying to make the FBI and AG independent.

Sorry Bill but I disagree. This means that Trump will be boss of Jeff Sessions. If Sessions finds some stuff about Hillary then he probably needs to pass it along to Trump. It seems that the president is in charge of FBI now really.

Something definitely did happen between Trump and Obama during that 1 and a half hour private meeting that made Trump go soft on her. Trump even strangely went soft on Obama after years of knocking him too. The NYTimes reported that Trump said he likes Obama a lot. That’s another WTF and scratch your head moment.


See? Told ya so!!! Dinesh D’ Souza not mentally ill…

I predicted that psychologists were gonna find nothing wrong with Dinesh D’ Souza and I was right.


Sorry to disappoint you again, libs. I wonder what they’re gonna try on him next? Dinesh is not insane and delusional.

He’s a very smart and intelligent guy. Libs can’t stand it.


Really, who is trying all they can to bring down Dinesh D’ Souza? Now they want him to seek counseling…

The Obama admin. failed at desperately trying to imprison, Dinesh D’ Souza but instead he gets smaller punishment like probation, confinement (which he just finished) and other things. Now the judge is adding psychological counseling to the list.



The way I see it, there is nothing wrong with Dinesh D’ Souza. He’s perfectly fine and sane to me. Just another guy who is not afraid to tell the truth and tells things like they are. Just like what’s going on with Donald Trump, the way liberals attack him for the truth. Liberals do the same to Dinesh. Liberals can’t stand Dinesh ’cause he tells the truth of Obama’s goal with America. Now I believe, Obama is doing whatever he can to take him down and he’s not stopping. Dinesh doesn’t need counseling at all. It’s Barack Obama who needs the counseling and he needs it badly. I think the judge is just secretly following orders by a certain somebody and you know who I’m referring to.

Obama is trying to do whatever it takes to make Dinesh suffer for the rest of his life. Liberals hate Dinesh ’cause they can’t take the truth. Dinesh is just another honest guy who is being realistic about America like what Donald Trump is doing.

Keep it going, liberals. All you’re doing is showing even more that you can’t take the truth from people and it upsets you. It’s why liberals do all they can do smear Dinesh. Now liberals have their opportunity to call him a “criminal” while they blindly worship criminals like Hillary and Barack.

Nothing wrong with Dinesh at all and those psychologists will find that there is nothing wrong with him, give it time.


Elly Maye “10 Reasons Why Hillary Shouldn’t Be President” (Dinesh D’ Souza exclusive)…

Hmmmmmmm… it seems that viral video star, Elly Maye, somehow got Dinesh D’ Souza’s attention… congrats! Once again another great top 10 by Elly Maye! Another video that liberals are gonna hate but oh well. They’re gonna learn that freedom of speech works both ways.

Hillary is unfit for president and it’s really pissing me off that people support her anyway. If libtards wanna support criminals and corrupted people, be my guest.


A tweet by Dinesh D’ Souza worth re-sharing…

It really is sad what America have come to.

Yes, us conservatives know that violent cops can be a problem in America. We do know that police brutality and excessive force exists, we’re not denying that at all. However when there’s proof and all kinds of evidence out there that the black person was violent when confronted by police and there’s evidence that the police killed him out of self defense, America needs to learn that it’s okay to defend yourself regardless of your skin color.

Sadly, America has officially made the police look like violent bad guys. America have made the police look like power hungry animals and tough guys. Yes, the police CAN be power hungry animals and tough guys… some of them can be out of line but NOT ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

That’s the problem with the left. They can’t seem to think that all police officers are different. Some are good and some of them are bad. Some officers are great at their jobs and some are just horrible. Like I said before, the media and people like Obama, Sharpton, Holder have taught the liberal left to hate cops.

It’s just sickening. All of it. I’m sick of all the cop hating in social networking. I see too much anti-police posts in facebook and twitter everyday and people pointing their fingers at how bad the police are and I almost deactivated my facebook account ’cause of it all.

It’s real sad, ya know? What if you walk out in the street at night and you successfully defend yourself from some black dude trying to beat you up, you’ll be looked at as a racist and your life could get destroyed even if you saved yourself from getting killed. You could get media backlash and everyone around you will hate you. This is the new America we’re in. This is the new America that Obama made.


Dinesh D’ Souza calls out Obama and Holder on video…

Film maker and author, Dinesh D’ Souza, rants about Ferguson and as you can see, he’s not afraid to call out Holder and Obama on it.

Also, not only Obama and Holder are responsible for all this… all the dumbass libtards out there who joined in the cop hating bandwagon are responsible too. Obama and Holder taught liberals how to hate cops and all of this is really sad too. I know for a fact that liberals hate cops ’cause I see liberals making posts in facebook ripping into cops everyday. Liberals making hateful rants toward cops, posting articles about white cops shooting black people and posting a lot of articles on police brutality. They would also post a lot of memes disrespecting cops. It’s all a shame. I hate all of this going on. Liberals made “cop hating” okay.

I think there is a reason that Obama and Holder started all of this ’cause it’s just Obama’s way of declaring “martial law” as a way for him to continue his presidency after 2016. Remember in order to declare martial law either “civil unrest” or a war must be going on in order to continue his presidency and cancel elections. Well, this Ferguson stuff is “civil unrest” and it will go on for a long time so Obama can still be president after 2016. I think that is why all of this protesting and rioting was started.

Give it time. Soon it will be completely legal to kill cops.


So Dinesh D’ Souza gets prosecuted but Rev. Al Sharpton gets nothing… liberal double standard like usual???

When Dinesh says the word, “progressives”, I think he’s referring to liberals. Just his way of talking about the “left”. I agree with him, though.

It’s unfair that “conservatives” are always busted for their crimes and liberals never get held accountable for anything. Definitely hypocrisy and double standard.

I understand that “conservatives” can break the law and are criminal too but when will liberals ever be looked at the same way??? It shouldn’t matter the political party… if you break the law, you break the law. You’re still a criminal either way. You shouldn’t be able to get off scot-free just because you have liberal political views. I’m tired of the left having so much power and thinking they can get away with everything.


Dinesh D’ Souza’s movie, “America: Imagine The World Without Her” brief review…


So last night, I finally saw Dinesh D’ Souza’s latest film, “America: Imagine The World Without Her”. I must say that man… this movie must be seen by every American. It shouldn’t matter whether you’re left or right. Everyone needs to see this film if you want to know the truth of what’s going on. The left refuses to watch it ’cause they mistakenly believe that the film is gonna be nothing but criticism at Obama. The film does call out Obama a little bit but the film is way more than that. The film has more important stuff. I don’t want to give too much away.

If you wanna know how Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton happened… this film will tell you. You ever wonder why those two are so radical and corrupted??? That happened because of one man, Saul Alinsky. Saul Alinsky was the one who wanted the left to be radical and corrupted. It was all because of his book, “Rules For Radicals” which was the book that made Hillary and Barack for what they are today. Hillary’s ties with Saul Alinsky is nothing new… she’s been looking up to him ever since she was a young girl. She even met the guy too. Saul Alinsky taught ’em how to commit crimes and not go to prison for it. That is how Hillary and Barack are able to get away with their scandals ’cause they learned their stuff from Saul. That is why there is so much mystery surrounding Barack Obama.

Like I said, the film is more than just that stuff I explained above. I think liberals should watch it too although, I know they won’t even get near it.

I thought this was a pretty amazing film. Definitely my favorite film this year. There are so many fictional movies coming out this year and I wish everyone in America would watch something more important and more serious like this film here. Love Dinesh D’ Souza or hate him, he is a very successful man and this film is a hit. A lot of conservatives look up to this guy ’cause they admire his brave work and respect him for speaking the truth. This man has a lot of balls.

Sure, he’s a convicted felon but that doesn’t make him a bad man. His crime wasn’t that big of a deal anyway so I’m still gonna support him. I’m a huge fan of his work and he seems like a good guy. It’s funny how the left is worried about this guy being a criminal when the real criminal here is none other than, Barack Obama.

You should really check this movie out. The film was really well made. So far, it’s the best movie this year. It should get an Oscar nomination for Best documentary for sure.


Want proof that the Obama administration desperately tried to get Dinesh D’ Souza imprisoned? Here ya go…

Eric Holder and the prosecutors desperately tried to give Dinesh D’ Souza some prison time but they failed miserably obviously. The prosecutors left out facts of other cases similar to Dinesh’s case. Eric Holder and the Obama administration couldn’t prove a case for Dinesh’s imprisonment. Why? If you look at the chart in the link below, while Hou and Pan were accused of similar cases of Dinesh… Hou and Pan were also accused of wire fraud which is how they got some prison time. That’s what the prosecutors left out. Dinesh D’ Souza wasn’t accused of wire fraud; therefor, that’s not enough to give him prison time.


Just deal with it, Obama lovers and defenders… Obama desperately tries to take down his critics but he failed with Dinesh. Since Obama failed on trying to take down Dinesh, he’s gonna fail trying to take down Gov. Rick Perry too.

Liberals don’t like Dinesh ’cause he tells the truth of how Obama is transforming America and now Dinesh is a convicted felon for that. Now those delusional and ignorant liberals have the opportunity to call Dinesh a convicted felon.

It’s real sad that Dinesh had to go through this. He came to the USA from India to have a better life and he enjoys and loves America… this is what he gets.

Liberals are all for freedom of speech up until somebody disagrees with them. This country doesn’t revolve around you… you freakin’ liberals. Once again, liberalism is a disease.