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Flashback: MSNBC mistakenly posted photo of Trayvon’s body…

Back in 2013, it was MSNBC that first posted the photo of Trayvon’s body but they did it by accident. Yes, MSNBC has gotten into a lot of trouble for it too.


The reason that people go after others for posting Trayvon’s dead body is not because it’ll upset the family and friends. It’s because it’ll prove that Trayvon wasn’t a little boy.

The media goes around showing this photo of Trayvon at 8 years old:

… but when you see the photo of Trayvon’s body you can see that he was way older. I think people should see the body so people could see that he wasn’t a little boy. That’s why the media gets all upset each time the photo of Trayvon’s body surfaces ’cause they can’t take the truth that he wasn’t a little boy. They’re trying to stop the truth from getting out. That’s why twitter took down George Zimmerman retweet of Trayvon’s body ’cause twitter is trying to protect themselves from a potential lawsuit by the family.

It’s real sad that liberal America can’t accept the fact that Trayvon was a monster and a little punk. He was the one who started this whole thing to begin with. George had every right to be suspicious of this kid named Trayvon.

Again, no matter what gets proven or what kind of evidence gets put out there liberals will always side with Trayvon. No matter what you think of this is, people are innocent until proven guilty. Well George was proven innocent. Time to accept it and move on.

I’m pretty sure George didn’t want to kill the kid but he had no choice. This is why we need our guns to protect ourselves from situations like this. If I was getting my ass kicked by somebody, I’d do the same thing if I had a gun with a legal permit.


Zimmerman deserves peace & freedom, he doesn’t deserve all of this hatred…

What will it take to defend George Zimmerman? I don’t care what anyone thinks, I’m standing with him 100%. So the media is going off about George retweeting a pic of Trayvon’s body and they think George retweeted that ’cause he’s proud of the killing? Well, to be honest with you, George should be proud. I really mean that ’cause Trayvon was a little punk and a trouble maker. He’s not some sweet innocent kid like the libtard left is trying to make him out to be.

The left is accusing George of following Trayvon and confronting him. Not true. It was Trayvon who confronted George. Go to youtube and watch the reenactment with George and the police. Listen to all the dispatcher calls and you would see. Trayvon was on drugs or something listen to what George says on the dispatcher calls, “He looks like he’s up to no good.” And then George says Trayvon had his hand in his “waistband” which might look like that Trayvon maybe carrying a weapon so I can’t blame George for being suspicious about that. Trayvon was walking around that neighborhood, walking through people’s yards and looking through the windows of people’s homes as if he was planning to break in so I think Trayvon deserved to get checked out. If I saw someone walking around someone’s yard and looking through the windows, I would check it out too.

Think about it, if George didn’t kill Trayvon and let him live… Trayvon probably would have killed George instead. Then it would be Trayvon who would be getting some prison time for murder. So yeah, once again, George should be proud of killing that little punk.

All the facts and evidence of George’s innocence is all out there but sure enough, people will never believe anything. Once again, they only believe what the media tells them. I think the media destroyed George’s life thanks to race baiter Obama with his, “If I had a son” speech. All of this hatred toward George is due to Obama’s race baiting. This is how this “Black Lives Matter” movement started.

Trayvon wasn’t an innocent little kid at all. Get over it and learn to accept it.

George should have been awarded some kind of medal for his heroism but instead people treat him like a monster thanks to race baiter Obama.

I don’t care about Trayvon. He was a little punk who got what he deserved. Like I said, if Trayvon wanted to live, he shouldn’t have attacked George in the first place.


Want more proof that Trayvon violently attacked George? Even George’s medical records proves it…

If Trayvon wanted to live, all he could have done was cooperated with George and walk away.



George’s broken nose is all the proof you need that Trayvon was the first to react violently against George.

I’ve said many times before a long time ago that when your head is being slammed against concrete, you have no choice but to pull the trigger just to save your own ass.

I’m standing by what I say that Trayvon deserved what he got. Trayvon defenders are a bunch of losers… they’ll never believe anything no matter what kind of evidence that gets put out there.


It wasn’t just skittles & Arizona iced tea Trayvon was carrying, he was high on DXM syrup…

It’s funny how many still believe that Trayvon Martin was just some innocent sweet little kid who didn’t deserve what he got ’cause he was walking back home to grab a snack. He may have been grabbing a snack but it was way more than that.

The dumb kid was high on DXM cough syrup. He had an addiction with that. Yes, he did buy skittles and Arizona iced tea but the only reason he bought that stuff was that he could mix the DXM with the Arizona and skittles. It was part of his recipe for his DXM cough syrup.


The evidence of that is right here in his autopsy report, look under Hepatobiliary system:


And Trayvon Martin wasn’t some little kid, he was 17 at the time which is pretty much a full grown adult. He wasn’t some innocent little kid at all.

The media tried to make Trayvon look good and George Zimmerman a monster ’cause the media is corrupt and dishonest.

Really, stop reading garbage news such as the NY Times and the Washington Post ’cause all they do is feed ya “one-sided” views. You’re gonna keep continuing to get brainwashed if you continue to read them.



Video: CJ Pearson “#ThugsDontMatter”… oh man, this is one of his best videos!!!

Uh oh…. I think CJ Pearson here is gonna set a firestorm with liberals and the MSM with this one. Out of all the videos he has in his channel this is his best one.

This is what we’ve been trying to tell liberals all along that all those thugs: Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, etc. aren’t innocent at all and never were. There’s tons of evidence proving it but of course “Black Lives Matter” activists and liberals will always deny no matter what kind of proof is shown.

It’s a real shame that Al Sharpton and the Obama admin. wants to make them look like poor innocent kids who didn’t deserve it. Wake up, America. It’s how they are trying to divide the country and start a war against cops. It’s how they politicize gun control.

Get out of your fucking delusions for once and look at reality.

Black lives matter, hey? There are black on black crime everyday in America but nobody seems to give a damn about that.

I’m tired of the leftist hashtags. When will we ever get hashtags that will show American patriotism like: #WakeUpAmerica, #ImprisonObama, #Trump2016, etc. You get the deal but instead we get bullshit like, #BlackLivesMatter, #BringBackOurGirls, #LoveWins, etc. *sigh*


Cop helps black woman finish her 10k run… why isn’t this story all over the mainstream news???

How come you don’t see this story all over the mainstream liberal news? The mainstream media wants to treat the police in a negative way and finally we get a positive police story.

Read on, y’all…


Do you see that story on CNN, NBC, CBS, Washington Post, NY Times, etc.???

I bet the Obama administration and Al Sharpton are mad at People magazine for publishing that article.

Cops are good people and they can have heart. They are not evil as the media is making them out to be. We definitely need more positive stories like this!!!


A tweet by Dinesh D’ Souza worth re-sharing…

It really is sad what America have come to.

Yes, us conservatives know that violent cops can be a problem in America. We do know that police brutality and excessive force exists, we’re not denying that at all. However when there’s proof and all kinds of evidence out there that the black person was violent when confronted by police and there’s evidence that the police killed him out of self defense, America needs to learn that it’s okay to defend yourself regardless of your skin color.

Sadly, America has officially made the police look like violent bad guys. America have made the police look like power hungry animals and tough guys. Yes, the police CAN be power hungry animals and tough guys… some of them can be out of line but NOT ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

That’s the problem with the left. They can’t seem to think that all police officers are different. Some are good and some of them are bad. Some officers are great at their jobs and some are just horrible. Like I said before, the media and people like Obama, Sharpton, Holder have taught the liberal left to hate cops.

It’s just sickening. All of it. I’m sick of all the cop hating in social networking. I see too much anti-police posts in facebook and twitter everyday and people pointing their fingers at how bad the police are and I almost deactivated my facebook account ’cause of it all.

It’s real sad, ya know? What if you walk out in the street at night and you successfully defend yourself from some black dude trying to beat you up, you’ll be looked at as a racist and your life could get destroyed even if you saved yourself from getting killed. You could get media backlash and everyone around you will hate you. This is the new America we’re in. This is the new America that Obama made.