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Video: CJ Pearson “#ThugsDontMatter”… oh man, this is one of his best videos!!!

Uh oh…. I think CJ Pearson here is gonna set a firestorm with liberals and the MSM with this one. Out of all the videos he has in his channel this is his best one.

This is what we’ve been trying to tell liberals all along that all those thugs: Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, etc. aren’t innocent at all and never were. There’s tons of evidence proving it but of course “Black Lives Matter” activists and liberals will always deny no matter what kind of proof is shown.

It’s a real shame that Al Sharpton and the Obama admin. wants to make them look like poor innocent kids who didn’t deserve it. Wake up, America. It’s how they are trying to divide the country and start a war against cops. It’s how they politicize gun control.

Get out of your fucking delusions for once and look at reality.

Black lives matter, hey? There are black on black crime everyday in America but nobody seems to give a damn about that.

I’m tired of the leftist hashtags. When will we ever get hashtags that will show American patriotism like: #WakeUpAmerica, #ImprisonObama, #Trump2016, etc. You get the deal but instead we get bullshit like, #BlackLivesMatter, #BringBackOurGirls, #LoveWins, etc. *sigh*


Cop helps black woman finish her 10k run… why isn’t this story all over the mainstream news???

How come you don’t see this story all over the mainstream liberal news? The mainstream media wants to treat the police in a negative way and finally we get a positive police story.

Read on, y’all…


Do you see that story on CNN, NBC, CBS, Washington Post, NY Times, etc.???

I bet the Obama administration and Al Sharpton are mad at People magazine for publishing that article.

Cops are good people and they can have heart. They are not evil as the media is making them out to be. We definitely need more positive stories like this!!!


A tweet by Dinesh D’ Souza worth re-sharing…

It really is sad what America have come to.

Yes, us conservatives know that violent cops can be a problem in America. We do know that police brutality and excessive force exists, we’re not denying that at all. However when there’s proof and all kinds of evidence out there that the black person was violent when confronted by police and there’s evidence that the police killed him out of self defense, America needs to learn that it’s okay to defend yourself regardless of your skin color.

Sadly, America has officially made the police look like violent bad guys. America have made the police look like power hungry animals and tough guys. Yes, the police CAN be power hungry animals and tough guys… some of them can be out of line but NOT ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

That’s the problem with the left. They can’t seem to think that all police officers are different. Some are good and some of them are bad. Some officers are great at their jobs and some are just horrible. Like I said before, the media and people like Obama, Sharpton, Holder have taught the liberal left to hate cops.

It’s just sickening. All of it. I’m sick of all the cop hating in social networking. I see too much anti-police posts in facebook and twitter everyday and people pointing their fingers at how bad the police are and I almost deactivated my facebook account ’cause of it all.

It’s real sad, ya know? What if you walk out in the street at night and you successfully defend yourself from some black dude trying to beat you up, you’ll be looked at as a racist and your life could get destroyed even if you saved yourself from getting killed. You could get media backlash and everyone around you will hate you. This is the new America we’re in. This is the new America that Obama made.


Your Thought For The Day: Stop Labeling…


Yes, I understand that some police officers can be bad people but not all of them. Most cops are real good people and professional. I’m not denying that some can get carried away with excessive force. Some cops do go to far with excessive force like they did with Eric Garner (I’ll have to agree now that was pretty excessive) but some cops have every reason to shoot and kill to save their own lives and others, ya know? I’m not denying that some cops can be assholes and think they’re tough guys but all cops are different, ya know? Some cops are good and some are bad.

I do know that not all black people are criminals either. I love black people. Once again all black people are different. Some are good and some are bad. If they do something bad, we’re not gonna sit back and smile about it. If a black person is a criminal, they are a criminal… they should be equally as criminal as the whites can be. It shouldn’t matter the skin color. Everyone should be held accountable and take responsibility if they commit a crime.

Yeah, not all white people are racists as well. I know some are still out there but not everyone. It seems like in this day and age when a white person wants to call out a black person’s bad behavior they are automatically racist. That’s not always true. I know from experience ’cause I’ve been called a racist many times when I try to speak out my views on Obama and stuff like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, etc. If it wasn’t for Obama, Holder, Sharpton, Jackson… then this country wouldn’t have been this way.

It’s real sad that this country have to be this way. This is not what MLK Jr. would have wanted. The whole goal of his 1963 march was that he wanted blacks and whites to get together and love each other. I’m sure MLK Jr. is rolling in his grave right now. MLK Jr. would have been disgusted that Obama and Sharpton have divided this country again. I know MLK Jr. wouldn’t have agreed with it.


*sigh* Here we go again… Police shoots and kills 18 year old armed man near Ferguson…

Police officers should be heroes for this kind of stuff. Not evil monsters. If you pull a gun, try to charge after the officer or resist arrest… chances are you’re getting wind up getting yourself killed. That’s what cops are supposed to do. Even if this young 18 year old black man was “armed” this time… still though, the media and libtards in America will try to paint this guy as a sweet little innocent child who didn’t deserve it. Ignorant people will still claim excessive force no matter how dangerous and evil these young little black thugs are. The best argument that the libtards and the black community can come up with is that instead of using guns to stop black criminals, why not shoot them in the leg or use a taser instead?


Wait for it… soon the White House are gonna take guns away from police officers and they will only be allowed to use taser guns. Their lives will be in even more danger.

I hate how this country is so divided. This is Obama’s America. You wanted change? Well, you fucking got it. Congratulations.This is part of the hope and change that Obama visioned.


You should read into the Jonah Cain and Micus Ward story…



The pic above claiming to be Michael Brown, the one with the gun and the money in his mouth is not him. The punk with the gun and the money in his mouth is Micus Ward and the other kid he’s hanging with is Jonah Cain.

What are they in trouble for? You betcha. They are in trouble for murdering a 71  year old woman who happens to be a relative of theirs. What skin color was the grandmother? You betcha. She was WHITE!!! Pretty ironic, right???

I wonder why liberals and the black community aren’t protesting and rioting for Micus and Jonah to be freed? Is it because the local media in Oregon isn’t making these two looking like sweet innocent little kids? Is it because a 71 year old woman is incapable of defending herself???

Maybe if their victim was young and male, things would have been a little different. Those two punks would have been dead and the victim who killed them out of self defense would be looked at as a racist. Just an observation is all.

This story should be good enough to prove that young kids can be thugs and troublemakers. How come the national media isn’t all over this story?

Where’s the media outrage of the 71 year old mother being murdered by those two punks? Oh that’s right!!! DUH!!! There would be no media outrage unless Micus and Jonah were killed, then everyone would feel sorry for ’em.

Remember, just because they are young and black doesn’t make them innocent and sweet. Young teenagers can be criminals and troublemakers. They party hard, do hard drugs, drink heavily and commit crime. I’m sure a lot of you out there have had some of that experience when you were kids, right? Don’t lie about it!




Why I continued the Trayvon discussions…

I was gonna give up the Trayvon discussions but up until the point where George saved a family from an overturned truck… I just had to post that story just so that I can show people that George is not the monster that the media makes him out to be. I also wanted to show a few useful facebook memes to bring up a point about a few things. I may have given up the Trayvon discussion in facebook but I think I will continue it here. I feel that this topic should not be ignored and I need to voice my feelings about this. I need to let my voice heard.

It’s interesting how people react to this story

In facebook, I’ve gotten too many complaints of people saying that I shouldn’t say stuff like, “You would do the same thing if you were in this situation”. Well, it’s true if you think about it, right? If some punk kid or even a full grown adult was in your face and all of a sudden this person starts kicking your ass… what else are you going to do? You have to kill that person in order to survive; otherwise, you would be dead if you don’t do anything. You can’t just let this criminal kill ya. It’s gonna make him win and let him go free. Most importantly… you have too many family & friends who love and care for you. You have a whole life ahead of you… you can’t just let the criminal kill you. When people gets offended when I say things like, “You would do the same thing if you were in this situation”… that means people are afraid to admit that they would do the same thing. They know I’m telling the truth and they hate hearing it.

If you had some guy slamming your head against the sidewalk, beating you with a baseball bat or smashing your head against glass or something drastic as that… there is no other way to escape from that stuff. The only way to escape from the brutal beating alive is to kill your opponent. Whatever it takes with a gun, knife or whatever weapon you could find. If you’re good at fighting yourself… you can even kill your opponent with your bare hands if necessary. Do whatever it takes to survive. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s completely okay.

These things happen all the time in America. It’s been happening for years. People kill other people for self defense. They usually don’t get arrested but even if they do get arrested — they are usually acquitted in trial.

There are also too many people who still see that Trayvon was a sweet innocent little boy and they think he was never a thug. That’s what the media and Trayvon’s family wanted you to believe. Have you ever noticed that Trayvon’s family never released that much photos to the media publicly? The only photos they released of him were ones of him that were younger than 17… back in the days when he did look innocent and harmless. They didn’t release any pictures of him wearing gangsta kind of clothing or anything like that.

Yes, there is a race war going on. In the media and out on the streets in various cities in the USA with different protests/riots going on. Obama just made the topic of race going even more with his last speech about Trayvon. His speech was pretty racist toward the white people.

People just hate hearing the truth that Trayvon started it all. That’s why people get upset and that’s why they go after people who side with G.Z.

Kids aren’t always good kids. They can be a bunch of punks and they can be little brats. I know — I’ve dealt with them myself when I was in school — they can be pretty violent. I’ve gotten bullied quite often and even almost gotten into fights with them myself. Kids aren’t always angels and people need to stop thinking they are. If you want kids to be “good” kids… they can be… it requires good parenting skills if you want them to behave as they get older.

After all the gun shootings and other violence over the years from Gabby Giffords, the Aurora movie theater shootings, the Boston Bombings, etc. What was the age range of the suspects of those crimes? Yes, that’s right… they were young kids, go figure. You have every good fucking reason to kill these violent little pricks. So don’t sit there and tell me that these kids don’t deserve to die.

If George didn’t kill Trayvon Martin and let him live… think how many more criminals acts he could have done that day. Trayvon could have killed someone or start a house on fire or something of that sort. Remember, kids aren’t always little angels. If you don’t want your kid to turn out that way, you need to be a good father and mother if you don’t want them to grow up to be a violent criminal.

If your life was being threatened by some kid… yep, they deserved to be killed. When there is nothing else you can do… there is no other choice and I’m sticking with it.


Hmmmmm… where’s the outrage in this, hey???



Stealing this useful facebook meme for this blog! Roderick Scott was part of a Neighborhood Watch. This incident happened in New York State in a small town called, Greece. Shot a kid out of self defense after catching him doing criminal acts. There is no Stand Your Ground law in New York either and he was found not guilty anyway.

Where is the outrage in this? Do you see the white community being angry… starting riots and protesting justice for Christopher? I’m willing to bet the blacks will hail Roderick a hero for this too.

These things happen all the time.

Read the full story, here.

This case very similar to the Martin/Zimmerman story but slightly different.

I don’t hate Roderick for what he did, though. What he did was very heroic too, and I applaud anybody who defend their own lives from dangerous people no matter the age.