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CJ Pearson just lost my support, that kid was a fraud all along, I knew it!

CJ Pearson, who was once called a “conservative” superstar, seems to have turned his back on the conservative community and now supporting another fraud, Bernie Sanders. Honestly, I think CJ grew tired of all this liberal backlash so now he’s siding with liberals.

Honestly, I think CJ is one of those misinformed and uneducated punks. He was a liberal pretending to be conservative all along.

I think he’s intentionally trying to get himself known so he can hopefully get himself into politics sometime in the future. When he’s old enough, he’s probably gonna run for Congress as a Democrat.



Video: CJ Pearson “#ThugsDontMatter”… oh man, this is one of his best videos!!!

Uh oh…. I think CJ Pearson here is gonna set a firestorm with liberals and the MSM with this one. Out of all the videos he has in his channel this is his best one.

This is what we’ve been trying to tell liberals all along that all those thugs: Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray, etc. aren’t innocent at all and never were. There’s tons of evidence proving it but of course “Black Lives Matter” activists and liberals will always deny no matter what kind of proof is shown.

It’s a real shame that Al Sharpton and the Obama admin. wants to make them look like poor innocent kids who didn’t deserve it. Wake up, America. It’s how they are trying to divide the country and start a war against cops. It’s how they politicize gun control.

Get out of your fucking delusions for once and look at reality.

Black lives matter, hey? There are black on black crime everyday in America but nobody seems to give a damn about that.

I’m tired of the leftist hashtags. When will we ever get hashtags that will show American patriotism like: #WakeUpAmerica, #ImprisonObama, #Trump2016, etc. You get the deal but instead we get bullshit like, #BlackLivesMatter, #BringBackOurGirls, #LoveWins, etc. *sigh*


CJ Pearson blocked from Obama’s @POTUS account but Obama hasn’t blocked me yet, HA!!!

It’s obvious that Barack Obama himself has been paying close attention to CJ Pearson, the youtube superstar. CJ should be flattered that he’s got Obama’s attention and I’m sure he is.

CJ should be careful though, he could get a visit from the Secret Service, get his computers hacked or worse CJ could get put on Obama’s mysterious deaths list.

I admire that CJ Pearson kid as I’m a fan of his youtube channel. That kid knows how to get the media going which is awesome.

If I could get Obama’s attention like that, it would be great!


CJ Pearson already getting death threats for telling the truth about Obama…

The viral video star, CJ Pearson who is a 12 year old conservative is already getting death threats by someone on twitter under the fake anonymous name, Mona Hussein Obama. The fake user name, Mona Hussein Obama is appearing to be an obsessive Obama supporter.



I’m pretty sure that Mona may not even be a woman running that account. It could be some obsessive Obama supporter but I don’t think so. I think there’s a possibility that Mona Hussein Obama account could be by somebody at the White House. That twitter account is kind of like that user “smrstrauss” who goes around the internet defending Barack Obama’s birth certificate. I think the White House has a group of people at their computers anonymously attacking conservatives hoping to silence them. Ya know, paid Obamabots.

CJ should be careful ’cause he could soon be on the list of Obama’s mysterious deaths. I’d hate to see CJ in the headlines that he’s become a victim of a mysterious accident.

I’ve been trashing Obama for the past several years and I’ve never gotten any death threats. If I did, I would have just ignored them and kept trashing Obama. Trust me, I’m pretty tough.


CJ Pearson’s facebook got locked out after posting viral video…

CJ Pearson, the 12 year old conservative who agreed with Rudy Giuliani that Obama doesn’t love America got his facebook page blocked for a little while ’cause of it.

My theory is that I bet Obama himself probably saw CJ’s video and is trying to do whatever it takes to get CJ off the web. Obama probably contacted Mark Zuckerberg to get CJ’s facebook shutdown. CJ’s facebook is back up, though.


In case you haven’t noticed over the years, Obama is all for freedom of speech; however, he can’t take any kind of criticism against him. That’s why people like Gov. Rick Perry was indicted. Dinesh D’ Souza is now a criminal felon. Obama went after Dr. Ben Carson. Why do you think Sharyl Attkisson’s computers got hacked when she did stories on “Operation F&F” and “Benghazi”? Also, why do you think people like Andrew Breitbart and Michael Hastings are dead?

If you tell the truth about Obama, he’ll come after you and put you on his enemies list. He’ll retaliate if you tell too much about him. Whether he’ll get you audited by the IRS, get you in trouble by the law or even worse he could murder you by making your death look like a mysterious accident.

If Obama himself ever discovered my blog and youtube videos, if he put my life in danger ’cause of it… I won’t be upset. I’ll be honored and flattered if I ever get on his enemies list someday ’cause this is part of why I do what I do. I wouldn’t be surprised if Obummer is already watching me through the NSA and shit. He’ll be watching me even more through the “Net Neutrality” crap. If I ever get put on Obummer’s enemies list, I’d say bring it on. I won’t be afraid of that asshole at all. If I get put on his enemies list, then my work is done. I’ll be happy to be on it.


Cool Video: CJ Pearson agrees with Rudy Giuliani that Obama doesn’t love America…

Are you gonna call CJ here a crazy conspiracy theorist or a right-wing nut job for speaking the truth about Obummer? Are you gonna accuse him of watching too much FOX News or listening to too much Rush Limbaugh?

I love it when black people call out Obama. When they do libtards can’t find a way to call them “racist” since they are black so they find other ways to insult them.

CJ Pearson looks to be a new youtuber ’cause this is the only video he has and I have a feeling his youtube channel is gonna be very popular. I hope he puts up more videos.